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Final Project[1]

Final Project[1]

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Published by jbrady8116

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Published by: jbrady8116 on Apr 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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iterature for The Soul 
- EGL 102Professor Mignano-BradySpring 2011
Final Project (20%)DUE DATE: THURSDAY MAY 5
 As part of a reading and writing community, this class has offered all of us the opportunity to grasp newconcepts, expand our ideas, and relate to the outside world. By doing this, we as a class have developed a love for thinking and discussing the literature as it relates to the world we live in and the people weinteract with. Going forward, we strive to inspire others to do the same.
Questions to Ask Yourself.
n what ways do
as a student and a scholar contribute something to the world based on my academicexperiences? What is the importance of self-concept?
reate a Portfolio!
A very well respected educator by the name of Kay Burke author of How to AssessAuthentic Learningmaintains that ³The personal discovery, of meaning by a student includes his or her feelings, attitudes, values, beliefs, hopes and desires´(79). Creating a portfolio that encompasses all of the hard work you put in this semester is a great way to achieve personal discovery. Your portfolio willnot only reflect your personal discovery, it will enable you to share this discovery with family andfriends. Even better, it will allow you to reflect upon these ideas in the future.
hat is a Portfolio?
A collection of student work gathered for a particular purpose that exhibitsto the student, teacher and others the student¶s efforts, progress and achievements in reading,writing, critical thinking and more.
hat is the Purpose of Creating a Portfolio
? Showcase your work. Connect several ideas fromthe class to your experience in the class. Provide an analysis of feedback. Document keyconcepts taught by the teacher, interpreted by you. You can share your portfolio at a jobinterview, promotion, college interview etc.
Create a Blog. Your blog is an expression of who you are as a student/writer and thinker.Your blog will be a portfolio of all of the work you have done over the semester as well as some of your favorite lessons, videos, poems, stories and more« This is a creative project that will require you torevise all of the papers you have written for this class in addition to write a reaction post. You will shareyour blog with class by posting your blog address on our class blog. Below,
have created a rubric tohelp you build your portfolio. Note: You must post your blog address by the date this project is due. Be prepared to discuss your blog in class.
What will your blog say? What purpose will it serve? This is entirely up to you. You will goabout adding content to the blog based on how you see yourself as a writer and the ways in which youhave experienced the literature. You must revise all of the papers you have written for this class and postthe final drafts on your blog. Your blog should have all three papers posted on the blog.
n addition, youwill be asked to post a response to at least three class lessons. What is the lesson about? What did youtake away from it? Overall, what is your analysis of the concepts presented? This will require you tostrategize ± Provide the concepts of the lesson, Clarify, Connect, Evaluate and Question.
Be sure to REV
SE AND PROOFREAD your papers. REMEMBER your papers will be amajor aspect of this portfolio. Post your revised papers in separate posts on the blog.
- Add your favorite videos, links to short stories, favorite poems (from class or outside class),and slideshows to further enhance your blog.
Reflect -
Write a 3-4 paragraph response to the class. What has changed in your writing? How have yougrown as a thinker, writer, speaker or poet? What did you like most about the class? What ideas trulyresonate with you? What will you take away and apply to your life outside the classroom? Where do yousee yourself as a thinker, writer etc. in 5 years.
Format / Organization
± Logical progression of ideas with a clear structure that enhances your writing.
Mechanics/ Language Use
± Writing is smooth, skillful, coherent (clear). Sentences are strong andexpressive with varied structure. Diction is consistent and words well chosen. Posts, paragraphs andreaction essay flows using transitional phrases.Punctuation, spelling, capitalization are correct.
reativity ± 
Design, Composition, Photographs, Font, Color, Creative Titles and Posts. Creativity isHUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Three revised papers.
Three lecture responses.
ne reflection essay
inks, videos, photos, color, creativity, creative titles

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