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symbolism christmas

symbolism christmas

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Published by heroig

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Published by: heroig on Sep 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SYMBOLISM OF CHRISTMASThis is certainly a marvellous event to be profoundly meditated. Every year, the Sunmakes an elliptical journey which begins exactly on December, 25, returning to the SouthPole up to Antarctica; for exactly this reason it is worth our reflecting on its greatsignificance.At this time the cold begins here in the north, because the Sun leaves for the southernregions and on December 24th, it will have reached its utmost southern position. If theSun did not head northwards again after December 25., we would freeze to death. Our whole planet would become a block of ice and all living creatures would perish.Therefore, it is worth thinking about the event of Christmas. The Sun-Christ must moveto provide us with life, and, in the vernal equinox, He crucifies himself on Earth - this iswhen grape and wheat get ripe. It is precisely in Springtime that the Lord should gothrough his life, passion and death, to soon resurrect. Holy Week is in Springtime (in thenorthern hemisphere).The physical Sun is nothing but the symbol of the Spiritual Sun, the Sun-Christ. Whenthe ancient civilisations worshipped the Sun, when they bowed themselves to it, theywere not revering the physical Sun, but the Spiritual Sun, the Midnight Sun, The Sun-Christ. No doubt it is this Sun-Christ which must guide us in the Upper Worlds of CosmicConsciousness. Every mystic, who learns how to travel at will outside his physical bodyis guided by the Midnight Sun - by the Cosmic Christ.We need to learn about the symbolic movements of the Midnight Sun. It is He whoguides the Initiate, who orientates and indicates what should be done or not. I amspeaking in the deepest esoteric meaning, taking with understanding that every Initiateknows how to leave his own body at will - that those who do not know how to do this areonly beginners, people who are taking their first steps in these studies.If you are following this path, you must know how to be guided by the Midnight Sun, bythe Sun-Christ. You must learn how to recognise His signs and His movements. If we seeHim fading in the sunset, what does it mean? It simply means that something inside usshould die. If we see Him rising in the East, what is the meaning of this? Somethingshould be born within us.When we are successful in the esoteric trials, He shines in His fullness on the horizon.The Lord guides us in the Upper Levels, and we need to recognise His signs.Dupuis and many others studied the marvellous happening which is Christmas,undoubtedly - and according to Dupuis- all the ancient civilisations celebrated Christmas.
As the physical Sun moves northwards to bring life to all creation, so does the MidnightSun, the Spiritual Sun, the Sun-Christ, providing us with life if we learn to follow Hiscommandments.The solar event is obviously mentioned in the Holy Scripture and one has to know to read between the lines. Every year we go through the Solar Cosmic Drama in the wholeMacrocosmos; I repeat, every year. Take into consideration that the Sun-Christ mustcrucify himself every year, enact the whole drama of His life, passion and death, soon toresurrect in everything that is, was and will be, that is, in all creation. Therefore, this ishow we all are granted life from Sun-Christ. It is also certain that the Sun every year,when He moves southwards, saddens us in the North, because He is then giving life toother regions. The long Winter nights are hard. At Christmas time, the days are short andthe nights long.Let us reflect on all this and try to understand the Cosmic Drama. The Sun-Christ needsto be born in our hearts, He must be born in us. In the Holy Scriptures they mentionBethlehem and a barn where He is born; this barn in Bethlehem is inside each of us, hereand now; and to be precise, it is in the interior of this barn that the animals of desirereside, all these passionate "Is" which we carry in our psyche, that is clear. "Bethlehem"itself is an esoteric name; when the great KABIR lived on Earth, the village of Bethlehemwas inexistent, so this makes it entirely symbolic. BET is a Chaldean radical whichmeans Tower of Fire. So we can say that BET is Tower of Fire. who can ignore that Betcorresponds to Tower of Bet, Tower of Fire ? Thus, the term Bethlehem is entirelysymbolic.When the initiate works with the Sacred Fire, after totally eliminating the psychologicalaggregates from his inner nature, when he is in fact carrying out the Great Work, he willcertainly pass through the Venust Initiation. Christ’s descent to the heart of a man is atranscendental cosmic and human happening; such an event corresponds to the VenustInitiation.Unfortunately, the world has not really understood Christ. Many suppose Christ wassolely Jesus of Nazareth, and they are mistaken. Jesus of Nazareth, as a man - or better yet JESHUA BEN PANDIRÁ – received the Venust Initiation, he incarnated the Christ, but he is not the only one who received this initiation. Hermes Trimegistus, the ThriceGreatest God Ibis of Thot, was also an incarnation of the Christ. John the Baptist, whommany considered to be Christus, the Anointed, undoubtedly received the Venust Initiationand incarnated Him. The Baptist Gnostics in the Holy Land, claimed that the realMessiah was John and Jesus was an initiate who followed him. At that time, there weredisputes among Baptists, Gnostics, Essenes and other groups.We should understand Christ just as He is, not as a person, or an individual. Christ is beyond Personality, Ego and Individuality. According to the authentic esotericknowledge, He is the LOGOS, the Solar Logos symbolised by the Sun. Now we canunderstand why the Incas adored the Sun, the NAHUAS worshipped the Sun, as well asthe Mayas, the Egyptians and so on. It was not the worshipping of the physical sun but
what was hidden in it, naturally they adored the Solar Logos, the Second Logos. ThisLogos is the perfect multiple unity. Variety is unity. For the Cosmic Christ there is noseparate individuality; in the Lord we are all one...I can remember a certain, shall we say, esoteric experience, that I had several years ago.At the time, in deep meditation, I must have reached Sammadhi, the Mantéia state, theEcstasy, as it is called in western esoterism. On that occasion I was eager to knowsomething about the baptism of Jesus, the Christ. Since we know, he was baptised byJohn.I attained the perfect Dharana, that is, concentration, Dhyana, or meditation, and I finallyachieved Samadhi; I dare say it was a Maha-Samadhi, because I totally freed myself of the Astral, Mental, Causal, Budhic and even Atmic bodies. Thus, I was able to whollyreabsorb my conscience to the Logos.And so, in that ecstasy, like a Dragon of Wisdom, I carried out the followinginvestigation. I immediately saw myself in the Holy Land inside a temple, extraordinarilyI saw myself converted into John the Baptist, in a sacred gown; I saw when Jesus was brought in, clothed in His white garments - a white tunic. I addressed Him saying: "Jesus, remove Thy tunic, thine garments for I shall baptize Thee". After that, I took someolive oil out of a bowl, led Him inside the Sanctuary, anointed Him with oil, I pouredwater on Him and recited the mantrams and rites. After this, the Master sat down on achair, I put everything back into place and ended the ceremony. I saw myself turned intoJohn !Of course, once the ecstasy, the Samadhi was over, I thought to myself: "How is that possible, how can I be John, the Baptist? I am certainly not John the Baptist! I was very perplexed and decided: I will concentrate again, but this time I am not going toconcentrate on John, I will concentrate on Jesus of Nazareth". Then I chose toconcentrate on Jesus, the Great Master, It was a long and hard task. I went deeper anddeeper into concentration; I soon passed Dharana, the concentration stage; Dhyana -meditation, and from this state to Samadhi, or Ecstasy. I made a great effort to get rid of my bodies: Physical, Astral, Mental, Causal Bhuddic and Atmic, until my Consciousnesswas absorbed into the Solar Logos.And in this state, with a great desire to know about Jesus, the Christ, I saw myself turninginto Him, performing miracles and wonders in the Holy Land, healing the sick, restoringsight to the blind, etc, and lastly I saw myself dressed in the sacred garments in front of John inside the temple: "Jesus, take off Thine garments for I will baptise Thee." The roleswere changed, I was not John but Jesus, and I was baptised by John.When Samadhi was over, on returning to my physical body, I perfectly confirmed, asclearly as possible, that in the world of the Cosmic Christ we are all one. If I had wantedto meditate on any of you, in the world of Logos, I could have been transformed into anyof you, living your lives, since in the Logos there is no individuality, nor personality, nor Ego, there we are all Buddha, we are all one; in the Logos there is no separation nor 

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