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the secret doctrine of anahuac

the secret doctrine of anahuac

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Published by heroig

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Published by: heroig on Sep 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac Samael Aun Weor1
The Secret DoctrineOf AnahuacBySamael Aun Weor
The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac Samael Aun Weor2
Chapter 1The Seven Celestial Caves
For the benefit of the Great Cause, I will start this treatise by transcribing somethingmarvelous.It is significant for me to refer to a quote by Don Mario Roso de Luna in his Book ThatKills Death, of an account by friar Diego Durán’s remarkable work on the history of Mexico.As I do not wish to take credit for other people’s work, these paragraphs are quoted.
The History of the Indies and New Spain and Islands of Firm Land (a beautiful book written right after the Spaniard colonization of that vast empire) by friar Diego Duránrelates that emperor Moctezuma, then reigning in full wealth and glory, believed himself to be almost a god. The wizards and priests of his kingdom, much wiser and richer thanhim since they dominated their inferior desires, told him: “Our lord and king! Do not boast of what you reign over. Your ancestors, the emperors you believe dead, surpass youin their world the same way as the sunlight surpasses any firefly.”Then the emperor Moctezuma, moved more by curiosity than pride, decided to send ahigh commission loaded with presents to his ancestors’ land, that is, the blessed Dawning Mansion. This is beyond the seven Pacaritambo caves from where the Aztec peoplereputedly came from, and which is praised so much in their ancient traditions. Theobstacle consisted, however, in obtaining the proper means and the way to reachsuccessfully such an obscure and mysterious region. This way seemed to be known by noone.Then the emperor appointed Tlacaelel, his minister, and said: “You ought to know, O,Tlacaelel! that I have gathered a host of my best heroes and leaders to send them, fullyloaded and furnished with much of the wealth that the great Huitzilopochtli has decided to provide us for his glory, to carry all this and reverently deposit it at his majestic feet.We also have faithful news that the mother of our god, still living, may be pleased whenknowing about our greatness and splendor, which we, her descendants, have gained withour arms and heads.”Tlacaelel replied: “Powerful lord: by speaking the way you have spoken, your heart hasnot been moved either by mundane business or by its own majestic goals; rather, anexcelsior deity moves you to begin such a tremendous adventure as the one you intend.You must know, O great lord, that what you have determined to do is not for strong or valiant men, politicians, or cunning men; no, you must look for wizards and sorcerers,who will be able to find, with their art, the way that will lead us to those places. Because you must know, O great prince, that, according to our ancient history, such a path has been broken for a long time, and from this side, it is covered thickly with thornybushes and with great brambles, and these are full of invincible beasts. All of it is in themidst of deep lagoons and swamps, which are filled with reeds and rushes. Anyoneintending such a bold adventure will lose his life.Seek then, lord, as a solution to such impassable obstacles, those wise people I am telling you about; they, with their magical arts, will be able to overcome such human barriers,and will bring you accurate news about such a region. It is accurately said that when our 
The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac Samael Aun Weor3
ancestors lived there, before coming to the lakes of Mexico where they saw the prodigy of the cactus or burning bush, it was a marvelous and pleasant mansion. There, theyenjoyed peace and leisure, and everything was happiness as in dreams; they lived for centuries, never becoming old or weary. They knew not about sickness, pain, physicaland enslaving necessities that we suffer so much. But after our ancestors departed such a paradise to come here, everything became thorns and thistles: the bushes became prickly,the stones became sharp and wounded them, the trees of the land became hard, thornyand barren. Everything there turned against them so that they never would be able toturn back, and would then be able to fulfill their mission in this side of the world.” Moctezuma agreed to accept the advice of Tlacaelel, and called the royal historianCuauhcoatl, “Eagle Serpent,” (it means “Dragon of Wisdom,” and it is constantlymentioned by the “Right Hand” adepts or white magicians) a venerable old man whoseage no one knew. He went to his quarters in the mountain, and, after reverent salutations,addressed him: “O ancient and noble father, I desire to know the true story, theknowledge that is hidden in your books about the Seven Caves from which our ancestorscame forth. I wish to know about the place wherein dwelt our god Huitzilopochtli, and out of which he led our forefathers.”“O mighty lord,” answered Cuauhcoatl, “I, your unworthy servant, can answer you. Our  forebears dwelt in that blissful, happy place called Aztlan, which means Whiteness. Inthat place, there is a great hill in the midst of the waters, and it is called Coihuacanbecause its summit is twisted; this is the Twisted Hill. On its slopes were caves or grottoes where our fathers and grandfathers lived for many years. There they lived inleisure, when they were called Mexitin and Azteca. There they had at their disposal great  flocks of ducks of different kinds, herons, water fowl, and cranes. Our ancestors loved thesong and melody of the little birds with red and yellow heads. They also possessed manykinds of large beautiful fish. They had the freshness of groves of trees along the edge of the waters. They had springs surrounded by willows, evergreens and alders, all of themtall and comely. Our ancestors went about in canoes, and made floating gardens uponwhich they sowed maize, chili, tomatoes, amaranth, beans and all kinds of seeds, whichwe now eat and which were brought here from there. However, after they came to the mainland and abandoned that delightful place,everything turned against them. The weeds began to bite, the stones became sharp, the fields were filled with thistles and spines. They encountered brambles and thorns that were difficult to pass through. There was not a place to sit, there was no place to rest;everything became filled with vipers, snakes, poisonous little animals, jaguars and wildcats and other ferocious beasts. And this, O powerful king, is the answer I can give you to what you ask of me.”The king replied to the elder that such was the truth since Tlacaelel gave the sameaccount. He then ordered to be found, in all the provinces of the empire, as manysorcerers and wizards as could be found. Sixty men, old and proficient in the arts of magic, were brought to him. Once reunited, the emperor spoke to them: “Fathers, elders: I have determined to find the place were Mexicans lived long ago, and to know it, whoinhabits it, and to know our god Huitzilopochtli’s mother. Therefore, prepare to go therein the best way you judge and return here soon.” He then ordered to prepare many blankets, luxurious costumes, gold and rich jewels,cacao, cotton, teonacaztli, black vanilla flowers, rich feathers, and more. That is, the best 

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