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April Edition v0.4.1

April Edition v0.4.1

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Published by Kan Wai Choong

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Published by: Kan Wai Choong on Apr 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Board of Editors
Tuan Haji Mohamed Noor Roslibin Baharom
 Advisors: Advisors: Advisors: Advisors:
Muhamad Syazwan AmarjitJuli Murshidah binti AhmadMunassorKan Wai Choong, PE Yr. 2 Sem. 2Redha Fadzil, PE Yr. 3 Sem. 2
HOT Board:HOT Board:HOT Board:HOT Board:
:Timmy Ong, ICT Yr. 2 Sem. 2
 Co-editor 1:
Steward Baba, CE Yr. 3 Sem. 1
Co-editor 2:
Mellissa Lee Ai Lin, BIS Yr. 2 Sem. 2
Muhamad Faiz Ishak, CE Yr. 3 Sem.2
Jeremy Low, ME Yr. 2 Sem. 2Ong Yu Han, CE Tr. 2 Sem. 2Chan Tien Zyee, UTP alumnusLim Chia Wei, PE Found. Sem. 1
For any feedback, reach us via:heartoftronoh@gmail.comAlso, find the HOT group onFacebook.
Inside Stories
ColumnsColumnsColumnsColumns pg. 2pg. 2pg. 2pg. 2
A Simple Life!Age Vs. Video GamesGoodwill Trip to Cambodia
Spotlight Spotlight Spotlight Spotlight pg. 8pg. 8pg. 8pg. 8
Happenings pg. 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7Happenings pg. 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7Happenings pg. 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7Happenings pg. 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
Internship Preparation ForumA Visit to the StarAppreciating Sports and Co-curriculumFESCO 2011Red Sonata Fiesta 2
Editor’s ForewordEditor’s ForewordEditor’s ForewordEditor’s Foreword
At UTP, whether people come andgo, or go and come—it depends onhow you look at it. As an example, Iam about to go for my industrial in-ternship, which means I shall be leav-ing this bulletin very soon. But, some-one else will come and take over torun the publication. So, in a way,amidst all these changes, nothingmuch will be changed.Whether people come and go, or goand come, there is one thing thatremains the same: the dynamics of the campus. Faces change, butclasses will still go on; tenantschange, but the dorms will still beused. People change, but events willstill be held.Applied to us, our personnel changes,but HOT will continue to bring to youall the happenings at UTP—andbeyond. Perhaps the way things arerun will be different, but regardless of that, the bulletin will go on.Symbolic “60” that did not extinguish even though challenged by the strong night wind.
Focus on HSE 
By Kan Wai Choong, PE Yr. 2 Sem. 2Tronoh, 23 March:
The annual ‘Health,Safety and Environment (HSE) Week2011’ organised by the Residential Col-lege Support Unit (RSCU) in collaborationwith the HSE Department of UniversitiTeknologi PETRONAS (UTP) was heldfrom 15 to 27 March 2011. Bearing thetheme ‘Towards Sustainable Campus’,various competitions and sub-eventswere conducted, such as the HazardHunt, Pop Quiz, Fire Drill, PhotographyCompetition, Bye-bye Rubbish, BloodDonation, Worst Case Scenario and Inter-School Debate Competition.An exhibition was held at the ChancellorComplex, with participating exhibitorsfrom
Majlis Kanser Nasional 
Perbadanan Pengurusan SisaPepejal Dan Pembersihan Awam
 (PPSPPA) and
Det Norske Veritas
(DNV)among others. The officiating ceremonywas held at the Chancellor Hall, whereUTP Rector, Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin HajiKasim, signed on the board to mark thesolemnization of HSE Week 2011. A shortlecture regarding HSE Management Sys-tem (HSE-MS) was presented by Mr.Johan Andak from DNV, a UTP alumnus.Prizes were given to winners of the com-petitions; tokens of appreciation wereawarded after the lecture.The event was led by the Project Man-ager, Muhammad Zulhilmi Adnan andSupervisor, Mr. Muhammad MuzammilAbdul Munir. The main objective of con-ducting HSE Week was to educate stu-dents and staffs of UTP on the impor-tance of practicing HSE. It also high-lighted the vitality of HSE and upheld theHSE policy.First prize winner of the PhotographyCompetition.
Gathering for the Earth
By Ting Nguong Seng, EE Found. Sem. 3Tronoh, 26 March:
The whole world wasparticipating in Earth Hour 2011. So didUTP.The English Language Club held the gather-ing to promote environmental awarenessamong UTP students. Stepping into LectureHall 2, everyone was given a candle. Then,a series of trailers, comprising many mes-sages that the Earth was harmed andneeded to be protected, was shown to allthat were present in the hall. The ultimatemessage was: mankind was urged to play apart in preserving the resources of theEarth before they ran out.The countdown to switch off the lights at8.30 pm then began. Cheers echoed thehall and participants started to light up thecandles they held. The president of theEnglish Language Club, Mr. Kan WaiChoong then led the group, of about 30people, to walk to Pavilion, passing throughthe Main Hall. Reaching the destination, asymbolic “60”, formed using candles, wasunveiled, and later lit up by all the passion-ate participants! This was followed by agroup photo session.Participants then paraded back to the hall.Entering the hall, the countdown to switchon the lights at 9.30 pm began. The partici-pants played games to strengthen theirbond; a performance by Flaming Lips daz-zled the audience; and refreshment wasserved. The gathering ended with the pas-sion for Mother Planet sowed in the partici-pants’ hearts.
More pictures on page 4.
Contribute to us by sending in your articles to:heartoftronoh@gmail.com
, with the subject “Columns”,and your attached file named as the title of your article.Include your name, year and programme in the article file.
By Calvin Chong Chi Hung, EE Yr. 4 Sem. 1
As we trundle through life, sometimes we are so caughtup in the quagmire of work and responsibilities that welose our perspectives. We are after all, like most people,who whittle down their years slaving away trying tosearch for that elusive concept of happiness. They hoardwads and wads of cash, inanely thinking that the aggran-dizement of wealth and power would contribute to theirwell-being and happiness. The unending quest wouldusually end up in a lonely death.A fable went like this. A prolific Harvard economics pro-fessor once visited a quaint fishing village in Mexico andsaw a fisherman dozing in the shades. He accosted thefisherman and asked why he was not at sea since it was agood day. The fisherman merely replied that he hadcaught enough fish for that day and it was time to rest.The professor, shocked and bemused, retorted that hewas going to give the fisherman a pro-bono lesson in eco-nomics. He told the fisherman, “You should be out at seacatching fish three times the amount of what you arecatching now. You can sell them off and get more money,hire a helper, catch more fish, get more money and get abigger boat. Two years down the road, you can open upyour own factory, and five years down, you can get itlisted on the public trades. I can guarantee you this, tenyears from now you’ll retire as a millionaire.”The fisherman, without batting an eyelid asked, “Andpray I ask sir, what would I do with all the money.”“What?” asked the professor, “With all that money, youcan retire early with your family, move to a picturesquevillage, buy a small boat , catch some fish in the morning,have an afternoon siesta in the afternoon…” to which thefisherman replied, “That is exactly what I’m doing rightnow!”Ever so often we throw ourselves headlong into the ratrace of life without knowing the whole point of it. Some-times all it takes to be happy is to have a sip of hot greentea as the rain comes pouring down, dance in the rain asthe raindrops hit your face and feel the earth crunch asyour shoes fall upon the grassy patch. Drink in the sim-plicity of life. After all, happiness is much simpler thanwhat our convoluted minds make it out to be.
By Fazlee bin Felix, CE Yr. 3 Sem. 1
Video games have always been a part of me in life. WhenI first got my hands on Mario when I was 4, I was so mes-merized by the sheer joy of moving an Italian plumberthrough worlds to save a princess that my Mom had toliterally pull me away from the console. Seventeen yearslater, I still spend some of my time collecting creatures inball capsules and shooting away monsters to save animaginary world—and I enjoy every minute of it.However, I am well aware that some of the peoplearound me are perplexed by my rather ‘childish behavior’and could not understand how I can still play games at anage where things like securing a job and getting marriedseem more paramount. After encountering so many peo-ple with this point of view, even I started to ask myself,“Am I too old to play video games?”So, I did some research on the age demographics of gam-ers, and I was surprised at what I found. According to theEntertainment Software Association’s ‘2010 EssentialFacts about the Computer and Video Games Industry’,the average age of a gamer is 34 years old! The articlealso states that 42% of heads of households informedthat they play games on wireless devices such as hand-phones and 26% of gamers in the United States are overthe age of 50 years. A study conducted by PopCap Gamesin 2010 also reported some astounding conclusions: theaverage social gamer (those who play games like Bejew-elled or are active in Facebook games like Farmville) inUnited Kingdom and the U.S. is a 43 year old woman, andmost of these social gamers are either single or marriedwith children at home. From all these data, we can easilysay that you are not too old to play video games, andhardcore gamers are not necessarily men.If this is the case, then why is the social stigma amongstthe adult population towards gaming so prominent? Ac-cording to Micheal Drucker from Gamespy.com, some of the major reasons for this phenomenon are negative per-ception by the media, the mentality among non-gamersthat video games teaches extreme violence and move-ments beyond the realms of accepted physics, and theiracceptance of the common belief that games are for kids.Well, as we all know, we can only accept the ‘facts’stated by the media with a pinch of salt, since what theyreport may not necessarily represent the whole gamingcommunity. Also, if you take a moment to really thinkabout it, board games like Monopoly and even chess areessentially violence and cruelty in disguise, teaching cru-elty to the poor (exorbitant rents for lots with hotels inMonopoly forcing players to bankruptcy) and extremeapathy towards killing (sacrificing pieces of chess for thesake of winning). I would also like to point out that someof the more sophisticated video games out there actuallyrequire a deep understanding of the laws of physics andmotion to master, like the firing of projectiles in World of Warcraft or the trajectory of the football in PES. Afterreading up to this point, I am quite sure you can see thatgamers, as it turns out, are not all kids or even teenagers.We can also gain a lot of benefit from constantly bashingon the joystick buttons. The blog tastyhuman.com lists 10benefits of playing video games:1) It teaches children about empathy and understand-ing social cues and behaviour.2) It increases cognitive skills and decision-makingcapabilities.3) It is relatively better than passively watching televi-sion.4) It alleviates daily stress and perceived mood of play-ers.5) It improves hand-eye coordination (in this case,general surgeons).6) It is a possible remedy for intense pain among sickchildren.7) It improves visual skills like periphery vision andobject tracking.8) It is a good distraction from excessive eating andsmoking.9) It can be a new way of learning something.10) It helps develop our sense of creativity and imagina-tion.In the end, we cansafely conclude thatthe fear of becomingtoo old for videogames are totallyirrelevant, as thereare a lot more adultgamers out therethan we might think.Some of the reasonsfor abhorring videogames are un-founded, and we canactually gain some-thing from playingthem. Now, if youwould excuse me, Iwould like to con-tinue on with myquest to save theworld from evilghosts and monsters.
Age Vs. Video Games
 A Simple Life!
Goodwill TripGoodwill TripGoodwill TripGoodwill Tripto Cambodiato Cambodiato Cambodiato Cambodia
ByGrahamTan, the Director of International ServiceAvenue, RACUTP
Yes, Angkor Wat was amazing . Nevertheless, RotaractClub of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (RACUTP)’s Inter-national Goodwill Trip to Angkor, Cambodia on the 13 to20 December 2010 was not all about visiting the won-ders of the ancient world. The trip was about fellowshipand service, just as the Rotaract motto states,“Fellowship Through Service”.Over the years, RACUTP has successfully carried outnumerous international goodwill trips, each with its owngoals and aims. The trip to Cambodia, RACUTP’s6
international goodwill trip was aimed at helping TaPhang Primary School, in a rural village, KanchangkoyVillage, Cambodia.Stationery and many other learning materials are hardto come by in this rural area. Clean water and electricityare also not available. Through the support of the UTPmanagement, students , and also our mother club, Ro-tary Club of Kinta, RACUTP has managed to donate 300stationery sets and 10 bio-sand filters to the school andthe villagers respectively.Besides these simple donations, participants also taughtthe school children basic English utilizing the basicKhmer they had picked up in a day. It was truly an unfor-gettable experience for participants and the school chil-dren alike. Simple games like ‘duck duck goose’ and‘eagle and mother hen’ made the farewell a heartfeltone.Other than doing most of the goodwill in the school andvillage, participants also visited the Angkor Children’sHospital, an NGO which provides free treatment forchildren. Physical Rehabilitation Center of Siam Reapwas also on the itinerary. Through these few visits, par-ticipants learned how poor the country was and howpeople have suffered due to the absence of peace.Goodwill aside, there were rewards for the participantstoo. Participants got to visit the very famous AngkorWat. A wonder of the ancient world, Angkor Wat is aplace one should not miss when in Cambodia. Partici-pants got a good view of the sunset at Tonle Sap, thegiant lake of South East Asia that every Malaysian stu-dent reads in their textbooks.The trip was an eye opener to all the 13 partici-pants. Efforts done during the trip were amazing. Thus,we hope that this will be a ripple in the ocean for notonly the club members but all in UTP to follow and con-tinue to help people in need both far and near.Group photo: the participants having as much fun touring as promoting goodwill.
By Nabila Lau, ICT Yr. 3 Sem. 2
UTP, 26 February:
Cybergen brought a much welcomesensation to the campus through the Food Fiesta event,held at the main pathway between residential area Vil-lage 3 and 4. A total of four food companies participatedin Food Fiesta. The four companies were Gerai Pak Has-san, Rasa Mas, A& W and Pizza Hut. This event was heldfrom 24th to 26th February 2011. The Food Fiesta incor-porated both local and western cuisines.Overall, students were happy with the event as it gavethem the opportunity to taste a range of food options,rather than just eating in the cafeterias everyday. AyuAzmi, a final-year ICT student commented with a smile onher face,
"I like the Malay food from Pak Hassan. Exactly the kind of food that will satisfy my taste buds. The ser-vice is excellent too!
" Her friend, Farah Izzati felt thesame as well and heartily complimented Cybergen's goodeffort in conducting this event.However, the manager of the A &W mobile truck, wishedto have a more strategic location in the future so as toattract more students who are living in other residentialvillages. A representative from Rasa Mas shared the samehope.Meanwhile Rofans Hilisebua Beleam Manao, the projectdirector of Food Fiesta, hoped that in the future morefood companies will participate in the event in order toprovide a wider range of food selection so as to attractmore students and staff in the university. He also wantedpromotion efforts to be improved in order to bring thenext Food Fiesta to a greater success.
UTP Food SensationUTP Food SensationUTP Food SensationUTP Food Sensation
By Cha Yee Weng, PE Yr. 2 Sem. 2UTP, 17 February:
The Internship Prepara-tion Forum was successfully organised bythe Society of Petroleum Engineers - Uni-versiti Teknologi PETRONAS Student Chap-ter (SPE-UTP-SC) on 16th February 2011.The objectives of this event include expos-ing students to the preparation neededprior to going for an internship and the lifeduring an internship period, and promotingSPE-UTP-SC as a club in UTP that is opennot only to petroleum engineers but allaspiring oil and gas industry professionals.SPE-UTP-SC was honoured to have fourspeakers from different courses and back-grounds to give insightful information tothe students regarding their valuable ex-periences and knowledge in the oil & gasindustry as well as their internship workingenvironment. They were Mr. Abdelrah-man S. Ibrahim (Medco Energi Global PteLtd, Jakarta Indonesia), Mr. Lee Kuo Chun(Schlumberger KK, Japan), Mr. Javier TeoHan Seong (Baker Hughes, Kuala Lumpur& Kuala Belait, Brunei) and Mr. Dhanaraja/l Turunawarasu (General Electric Oil &Gas, Kuala Lumpur and Florence).The speakers shared tips on how to pre-pare a resume, excel in interviews andhow to deal with people in the industry. Inaddition, most questions from the audi-ence received satisfactory responses fromthe speakers.SPE-UTP-SC looks forward to organisingsimilar events in the future to continuallyexpose and educate UTP students aboutthe challenges, opportunities and work-ings of the oil and gas industry.
Internship Preparation Forum
Mr. Bishari (third from left), answering a question directed from the moderator.
Students waiting patiently for their foodto be prepared during the Food Fiesta.
 By Mostafa Mansour, EE Yr. 1 Sem. 2
UTP, 16 March:
The Association Internationale desÉtudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales(AIESEC) Fair was held at the Chancellor Complexfrom 15 to 16 March 2011. AIESEC members’ friendlysmiles and the warmth of the AIESEC family wasshown as they promoted AIESEC and its activities.The fair aimed to explain to UTP students whatAIESEC is truly about. They were also promoting theirmain events, the Model United Nations and the HIVAwareness Programme. A blood test and blood dona-tion services were available at the exhibition. Ex-change students from UTP as well as other countrieswere present to explain what student exchange is allabout besides sharing their experiences.Students enjoyed the simple activities at the fair, andeven competed to get a free lunch. The AIESEC Fairtruly reflected the association and its unique culture.
By Teh Sabariah Abdul Manan, ME post graduatestudiesUTP, 29 March:
Every January semester, SekretariatRakan Muda UTP organises the UTP Soccer League.This time, the fever is back with great matches fromfantastic teams in UTP. The first match was on 18 Feb-ruary 2011.The Project Manager is Mr. Zulhilmi Akmal bin Saipol-bahri. There were six referees for two separate games:Mohd. Asyraf, Nor Azizi and Jamaluddin for Field A;Nazri, Asu and Zainal for Field B. The referees werespecially brought from the Perak region of the FootballAssociation Malaysia (FAM). Rules and regulations arebased on the regulations of FAM and FIFA. 20 teamswere categorized into four groups; Group A, B, C, andD. Below is the latest scores by each team according totheir group.Group A consisted of teams named Diao, Facebook,Onitsuka Tigers, Zephyrs and East Coast. The highestscore in the group went to Facebook with 10 points,followed by Onitsuka Tigers with 7 points and Diaowith 5 points. Zephyrs and East Coast scored 4 pointsand 1 point respectively.Group B comprised teams named Chancito, Borneo,Blackhawk, Mecherz and Goliath. Chancito has 12points; Blackhawk scored 7 points; Borneo scored 5;Mecherz 2, and Goliath 1 point.Group C had teams named Azzuri, Cemac, Rasta, Kaiserand Halluuu. Cemac scored the highest with 11 points.Azzuri has 9 points; Kaiser scored 6 points, Rastascored 3, and Halluuu did not score any thus far.Group D consisted of teams Ace, Zain, Serius, Cantanaand Croconile. Croconile has 7 points; Zain, Serius andCantana each have 5 points, while Ace has only 3points.Let’s cherish the matches and root for your favouriteteam! Anticipate the finals on 29 April 2011.
Score references from:utpsoccerleague11.blogspot.com.
UTP Soccer League 2011UTP Soccer League 2011UTP Soccer League 2011UTP Soccer League 2011

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