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Published by baroReader

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Published by: baroReader on Apr 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I sat across the bar staring at you, tracing the outline of your body structure.Trying to decide if I should speak. I take another sip on my Georgia Peach and I wait.You walk past and I inhale your scent, it smells seductive like Egyptian Musk, but I just cant put my finger on it.You are tall and as I sip my drink I imagine you punishing my 5’4 frame with every ounce of energy you posses.I look over and our eyes meet.I quickly look away hoping you didn’t notice I was admiring your smile.You walk over to my side of the bar lean over towards me and whisper in my ear “Yes.”“Im sorry sir I didn’t ask you a question.”“You didn’t have to, you soul spoke to me when our eyes met, and I knew what you wanted without saying a word.”“Im sorry sir you must be mistaken, that’s not the type of girl I am.”“How do you know what im talking about unless you were already thinking it?”Damn he had me. His well defined features and flawless smile were like visual crack, I just couldn’t stop staring at him. I keptundressing him with my eyes. How could I want this man so bad and not even know his name? Nor did I care.Pleasantries exchanged and 3 Georgia Peaches later I am ready for this dark and handsome stranger to take me by the hand andlead me to his room.I step into the elevator and he slides right in behind me.He is very polite.“May I touch you?”“Yes, I don’t mind.”He cups my ass in his hands and grabs it firmly massagining it as we ride the elevator it stops at the 4
floor no one gets on heturns me to presses me so close to him I can hear his heart beating.He kisses me so deep that my panties are instantly soak and wet.I let him play around inside my mouth with his toungue, finding where he is most comfortable. He sucks on my bottom lip, it feelsreally good.I slide my hands up and down his strong back.I find my way under his shirt and rub my hands over his 6 pack, closing my eyes and preparing myself for the events that are tofollow.We arrive at his floor 9. I step off and follow him down the hallway.We stop at room 927….I anxiously await the sexual escapades that will begin on the other side of his door. You hold the door open for me I step in it’s dark and the room smells of inscense.Immediatley you bend me over right there in thefoyer of your suite.You hoist my skirt up and command me to place my hands on the table.It’s shocking for a man I don’t know to take charge like this. Im normally the one who is in charge, im a control freak what do youexpect.I do as you instruct and I feel you running your finger down my thong to see just how wet I really am.Getting down on your knees you begins to lap up my wetness through my panties. My clit is throbbing and begging to be takenadvantage of.I begin to shake as you pulls my panties to the side and go full on at my clit sucking and licking it like you had been dying to do thisfor years.I push you off me before I cum not wanting it to be that easy for you to make me climax.I grab you by your tie and lead you through the French doors of your suite to his bed. I push you down.
I smell your skin it is soft and smells of soap and oils. I kiss it.I undress you, with my eyes first and then with my hands.I can see your manhood pulsing in your pants, I free my new found interest and I begin to pleasure you.Being a little more then I can handle at one time it took me a minute to get him all in my mouth but I let you fill me up and showed nosigns of pain from you trying your best to take my tonsils out of commission. I gag.I lift your legs above your head, which you are reluctant to let me do and I place my lips right underneath your balls as I stroke your ever growing manhood.Feeling the need to be back in control my mystery lover backs up hurriedly climbs off the bed and is now behind me.You demand that I get a pillow and place it under me.I can see in the mirror that the sight of my fat juicy ass sitting up in the air is all but too much for you to resist. Immediately youspread my ass cheeks apart and I brace myself as you enter me from behind.I thought that you were going to give my pussy the beating it deserved but you went slow.In just a little at a time so that you didn’t hurt me, then once you were all the way in you laid there allowing my pussy to getaccustomed to your size.You kissed my back massaged my ass and held on to my hands as you pushed your way inside me.This felt different not at all like the man who had basically torn my panties off of me and dined on my exposed pussy in his foyer.You took slow deliberate strokes in and out, everytime attempting to make my pussy say your name,scream it and declare to all theworld that its yours.But how can I say a name I don’t know?I gasp for air You reach up and grabs my nipples, and play with my breastsYou tell me im beautiful, and perfect.It’s like you know my bodyYou didn’t have to search around for my GIt was as if you already knew where it was As you concentrated on that spot I felt my knees go weakMoans escape me and I want to scream but I open my mouth and nothing comes out.I cry instead, you wipes my tears.You remove the pillow and turns me over mid strokeYou look me in my eyes and say“I want to see the look on your face when you cum.”You kiss me again as if this is the last time and the last moment my lips will ever touch yours.Raising my hands above my head you rock slowly back and forth inside me, stirring something deep within my soul each time. Icum over and over again.You release and keep going it seems as if each orgasm gives you a renewed burst of energy.I am spent but I will not show you that I cannot continue.We shower together.You wash my body with as much time and care as you would your own, you raise my leg and enter me while the water is washingaway any remaining inhibitions I held.I brace myself against the shower wall You watch me cringe, you smile Damn your smile turns me on You are very considerate“Are you ok? Are you tired.”“No, keep going.”

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