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Published by Minakhi_Prasad_3358
Interior of Kognizant
Interior of Kognizant

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Published by: Minakhi_Prasad_3358 on Apr 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Warden’s Desk 
It gives me immense pleasure to see that the Kameng hostel magazine is nally ready tomake waves in the IITG community. My journey with Kameng started way back in January 2006 when the hostel was only taking shape. ose were dicult times for the residents aswell as for the administrators; the hostel, with only two blocks, was full of noises and rub-bles due to the ongoing constructions. ere was no functional mess and only a smallcanteen with a handful of items. Yet, it was the spirit of the students which made the com-munity to take a note of Kameng in all the campus activities. ings have continued togrow since then and today Kameng can boast of producing many a residents who haveoverwhelmed the IITG community with their skills not only in the professional area but,more importantly, also in the eld of art, culture and sports. It is this indomitable spiritwhich somehow grew among the people who came to stay in this hostel, that made theboarders of Kameng dare to scale new heights. e present initiative of this magazine is thelatest feather in its cap in this regard. It has given me enormous pride to be associated withsuch an institution where the students, in spite of the pressure of their professional respon-sibilities, invest substantial amount of their time and energy in the exploration of thebeauty and the subtleties in other forms of human expressions. I, therefore, sincerely acknowledge the magnanimous eorts being taken by the present HMC and the literary secretary, in particular, to make the magazine see daylight and wish that in coming daysmany such initiatives would be pioneered by the Kameng boarders.
Kognizant 2011
I am Kameng. For ve years I was silent – notbecause I had no opinion, not because I was shy. I wassilent for I let my actions speak the words. Now I realizethat actions, though great carriers of message, are very poor records of cognizance. My actions will be forgot-ten and my name will be lost, unless I put a voice tothem – a voice that will serve as a memento of my Self, a voice that will preserve my Essence, a voice that will beheard forever. And hence, I choose to speak.I am Kameng. My existence is real, but my manifesta-tion is abstract. I am not a building full of people; I amthe people. More appropriately, I am the spirit whichkeeps the re burning in their wills; I drive them topursue their beliefs. I am the bond that keeps themunited. I am the collective, yet I exist only through theindividual.I am Kameng. I recognize the right of each man to hisreason. I recognize the right of each man to associatewith any other through voluntary consent. I alsorecognize that a man’s right is not violated by any individual’s refusal to associate with him. But what Irecognize readily is an individual’s right to excellence.Within these rights, I operate to bring people closer. My only purpose is to provide individuals an environmentthey can grow in, with free exchange of ideas, voluntary consent to pursue excellence as a team and enjoy theirwork, regardless of the results. I am the ‘I’ in the ‘Team’.I am Kameng. I have found my voice in the emotionsof these individuals that make me. For my voice to beheard, their emotions have to be expressed. eirindividuality has to receive cognition for that is whatmakes up my credential. To preserve my essence, they have to become essential. I am, therefore, I will.I am Kameng. I have a voice. I am Kognizant.
What’s Inside
Kognizant 2011
I am Kognizant .
Front Cover 
Back Cover 
Front and Back Cover (inside)
Minakhi Prasad MisraHarshit AgrawalHarshit AgrawalK V Ketan Kain Tushar Chabra
(Visage Imaginé)
 Prabhat Kumar
Blending Horizons
e Small Hills...I Never Climbed Only If You Try
A Brief History of Saraighat 
Breaking the Cocoon
TruthFrom the Prop RoomMetamorphosisB-3 Lobby Bakar ClubTrek to Garo HillsIITG 115
Reliving ManthanMy tryst with Kriti
Flirtatious ExamsVideshi Intern
�बन बुलाई व्याकुलता 
पयार की दु�नया 
Kameng Pirate
Are You GameWelcome Aboard MateysMe and Anime
Only If You Try...
Came rolling down a hill quite rough,an eagle's egg which was equally tough.Aer the fall, which eggs could not stand,it nally reached the soer land.It then lay on a lonely way,sitting still throughout night and day.One day, It got caught in a hen's sight,which just could not stand its plight.e egg now was not alone,as she had put it with her own.All the eggs cracked one day,dormant lives got set into play.Faster than ever the time ew,along with it the chickens grew.Time,you see, spares no one,little eagle also grew like every one.One day, Little eagle saw an eagle in the sky.He asked everyone-"Why can't we y that high"?One of the chickens said in a high pitched voice,"we are just chickens we have no choice".So the little eagle never gave it a try,thinking that for a chicken,it is too high.He stayed on ground and never got any closer to sun,he lived a chicken's life and died like one.So be strong enough to give it a go,you may be the eagle you never know. 
Blending Horizons
Kognizant 2011
-Nitin Khola
Long aer the break of dawn,when I am nally my own,I look beyond my balcony towards a mystical colony of small hills hidden in mist.I wish I could climb them someday just to feel what the greens want to convey and to laugh and scream all the way. But my thoughts are shrilledwhen the alarm says "Oh man you're killed!!"Its half past eightand you aren't out of yor bed!!And then the daily chores beginon which I have ,but to dance and spin.and as the day passes by those thoughts wihin me slowly die. e lecturer's words whizz past me'coz I want the beautiful girl to admire me!!But the fun gets over rather too soonas the assignments are to be submitted by tomorrow noonI nd myself at the receiving endbecause this is the task I may not fend. with a heavy heart I start my long ridebecause the barrier seems far too wide.Slowly more events ash and hideabout the ght we hadand about the game...we lost so bad.I feel like crying ..when suddenly from the sky appears the mystical colony of small hills which I saw from my balcony 
e Small Hills...
I Never Climbed
I say "I shall climb them someday!!"Pointing at them with a sway of my hands,as the dying dusk fades them away ...the small hills I never climbed.
Sumeet Kumar Singh

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