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Comparison and Contrast of Shakespeare

Comparison and Contrast of Shakespeare

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Published by t1nspire

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Published by: t1nspire on Apr 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reduced Shakespeare works of Romeo and Juliet and the Baz Luhrman¶s work of Romeoand Juliet both displayed the tragedy of two love younglings. Although these two films bothdemonstrated the same plot, there were both differences and similarities in their setting,characters, costume, music, lighting, and language.The similarities between Reduced Shakespeare and Baz Luhrman are that both films presented characters which were humorous and romantic. For example, Mercutio in BazLuhrman¶s and the two actors in Reduced Shakespeare told numerous jokes and puns whichentertained the audience. In addition, the lightings in both movies were same in some ways. Inthe Baz Luhrman¶s of the Romeo and Juliet, there are much brighter lighting in the beginningand it is applied a bright lighting scheme. The Reduced Shakespeare version of Romeo and Julietused a brighter lighting in the beginning but dramatically shifts to dimmer when Mercutio startedthe fighting with Tybalt. Moreover, both films delivered similar language except that the BazLuhrman¶s works characters talked in a British accent while Reduced Shakespeare had a modernAmerican accent with very humorous choice of vocab. Lastly Reduced Shakespeare and BazLuhrman display music almost of the same style of the 15
century.Despite those similarities, there were also many differences. Even though both films presented similar characters, the characters from Reduced Shakespeare wore actual clotheswhich represented the Shakespeare¶s times. The dresses and the vests of the people wearing inthis version of the movie matched spot on with the time period. However, the Baz Luhrman¶sversion of the movie had clothing from the modern time and in result is more 20
century thanthe Elizabethan age. In addition, Reduced Shakespeare production was set at a theater while BazLuhrman setting took place in a big city in Verona, Italy. Finally, the Reduced Shakespeare production overall is a comedy and a teaser of all Shakespeare¶s works including Romeo and
Juliet but Baz Luhrman¶s Romeo and Juliet is a modern interpretation and drama of the tragedyof the two lovers.To conclude, both films, Reduced Shakespeare and Baz Luhrman had many similaritieswith differences in their lighting, characters, costumes, setting, and language. With all thesedifferences and similarities in the two films, the main similarity was the common plot of retellingthe tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

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