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Finding Some Dates Without using Transits or Dasas
Finding Some Dates Without using Transits or Dasas

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Published by: SaptarishisAstrology on Sep 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bhrigu Maharishi’s Blessings
Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi-2
BySaptarishis Astrology
he system of timing events to the exact date with dasa is lost or maybe was neverthere, but with transits sometimes we are lucky to get results, that is once in a bluemoon and that too with no consistency. The system presented herein does notmean it is infallible or always one would get the exact date but at times we would be lucky,those would be the moments of the astrologer. This again is as per the rules of the 6
ring of Saptarishis, which states that normal astrologers (they say) cannot become extremely goodin their predictions, tough to believe in this age but this is what was written down.After we find out 2‐3 events of what would happen in a chart for a particular year of life.Note down the following points in the concerned sign. E.g. if say you get the current age of the native as the 28
year which means our‘Bhrighu Chakra Bindu’comes in the 4H theseare :‐
Trigger Points
 1. Note the degrees of planets placed in 4H2. Note the degree of the lord of that house (4H)3. Note the degrees of the various other planets conjoined with the 4L4. If any planet aspects the 4H or where the 4L is then note down the degrees of thoseplanets5. Note down the degrees of the Upagrahas6. Note down the degrees of the arudha points in both houses.
To gain more please start reading this during Sukhla Paksha, on a Friday with left nostril flowing inthe hora of Venus.
7. Note down the dispositors dispositor (we are still testing this point)8. Note down the degrees of the sahams9. Do not ignore the Asc degree in any house.There are many more points but let’s keep it simple in the examples below.Chart 1:97 yr old native, time of birth roughly 3 pmIf one spends too much time on the net forums then one gets vary to touch charts where theclient has said it’s not too sure. Some of us infact get into an obsessive habit of correctingperfect birth times. In 2007 this chart was being studied which belongs to the mother of avery good Canadian Astrologer who does western astrology.Bhrighu Chakra Bindu:2007‐1910=97
year=97‐96=1H of the chart where Rahu, Mandi/Gulika & retro Saturn isthere, which means a disastrous year for her as so many malefics and Asc Lord in the 8H of chronic disease and accidents & badhak Saturn in Lagna. Natal Jupiter protects the 1H whichmeans the native can escape death though were sure she would die but as the daughter putsits every time we feel she will not survive this fighter survives. So as we have so manyplanets in the 1H we note the degrees of the planets.One House =30 degrees= 1 year = 365.2425 daysso 1 degree=12.17 days (approx)Now calculate the days for each planet that you got above in the 1H and its lord Mars, youwould get 4 dates, something on these 4 dates would happen. Do not forget transits but forthe sake of focusing more on the core technique transits are not touched here.
The badhak lord is Saturn or Rahu for that year, which means badha will come in this yearfrom 18
Dec 2006 to 18
Dec 2007 i.e. her 97
year (1H), now note the degrees of Rahu in1H it is 24Ar32, multiply by 12.17= 24.32 x 12.17= 298.89 days. Add this to the last birth date 18
Dec 2006 and we get Rahus Trigger Point as
Oct 2007
, as Rahu is the badhak & also GK(Gnyati Karaka – accidents karaka ‐ 8 karaka) hence she had a very serious accident
on 5
Oct 2007.
 As you can see our date is 7 days away, what has been observed over many more horoscopesis that this Trigger Point acts as Before or After. Remember how village astrologers predict‘Yeh Tariq ke pehle hojaye ga or Yeh Tarig ke badh mein hoja ye ga (Before this date theevent will happen or after so and so date the event will happen)Note here that the time of birth is not accurate but still one can predict in retrospect to theParasari System of Vargas.Chart 2: Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma GandhiDeath:He died at the age of 40 which is 4H, the 4L Mercury has gone in the 12H of exit from theworld, so note the degrees of Mer which is 14.15, convert this into days which is 14.15 x12.17=173 days, now add this to the last birth day which was 19
May 1949 and you get
Nov 1949 and he was hanged on 15
Nov 1949,
 seven days later than Mer Trigger Point Date.
Gandhi Assasination:
 He assassinated Gandhiji on 30
 Jan 1948 because of which this man shot to worldwide fame(note word fame) for killing the man considered as a thorn in the British Empire. If we

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