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Tutorial 10

Tutorial 10

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Published by kb_scribd

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Published by: kb_scribd on Apr 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A right regular hexagonal pyramid of 30 mm side of base and height 80 mm stands with its baseon HP and one of its base edges is parallel to the VP. A circular hole of 30 mm diameter is drilledthrough the pyramid such that the axis of the hole is perpendicular to the VP and intersects the axis of the pyramid 25 mm above the base. Draw the development of the lateral surface of the pyramidshowing the true shapes of the holes formed on it. [16]Q.2 An oblique cone of 60mm diameter of base and height 60 mm rests with its base on HP. Thefront view of the axis is inclined at 50
to the base and its top view is inclined at 45
to VP. A sectionplane perpendicular to VP and inclined at 45
to HP cuts the cone such that it passes through a pointon HP exactly below the apex in the front view. Develop the lateral surface of the lower part of thetruncated oblique cone. [16]Q.3 The projections of a built up duct by attaching semicircle and half square is shown in Fig.1. Anotch a
 b’c’ is made on the semicircle surface and a hole is cut along the rectangular 
lateral surfacesas shown in the FV. Draw the development of its lateral surfaces if the duct is to be opened along
Department of Civil Engineering
Tutorial Sheet #10: Development of Surfaces
Time: 180 minutesMaximum Marks: 100ME 111: Engineering Drawing (2009-10)

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