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Published by Salil Mohan Sharma

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Published by: Salil Mohan Sharma on Apr 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Must Know GRE Wordlist 299
abate credulous fulminate mendacity pragmatic solventaberrant culpable furtive mercurial prattle soporificabscond cyni
cism garrulous meticulous precipitate sordidaccolade dearth germane misanthrope precursor sparseacerbic decorum glib mitigate predilection speciousacumen demur grandiloquence mollify preen spendthriftadulation derision gregarious morose prescience sporadicadulterate desiccate hackneyed mundane presumptuous spuriousaesthetic diatribe halcyon nebulous prevaricate squalidaggrandize didactic harangue neologism pristine squandealacrity dilettante hedonism neophyte probity staticalchemy disabuse hegemony noxious proclivity stoicamalgamate discordant heretical obdurate prodigal stupefyameliorate discretion hubris obfuscate prodigious stymieamenable disinterested hyperbole obsequious profligate subpoenaanachronism disparage iconoclast obstinate profuse subtleanomaly disparate idolatrous obtuse proliferate succinctapprobation dissemble imminent obviate prolific superfluousarchaic divulge immutable occlude propensity supplantarduous dogmatic impassive odious prosaic surfeitascetic ebullience impecunious onerous pungent synthesisassuage eccentric imperturbable opaque putrefy tacitastringent eclectic impetuous opprobrium quaff tenacityaudacious effrontery implacable oscillation qualm terseaustere elegy impunity ostentatious querulous tirade
avarice eloquent inchoate paean query torpidaver emollient incipient parody quiescence torqueaxiom empirical indifferent pedagogy quixotic tortuous bolster endemic inert pedantic quotidian tout bombast enervate infelicitous penurious rancorous transient bombastic enigmatic ingenuous penury rarefy trenchant bucolic ennui inimical perennial recalcitrant truculent burgeon ephemeral innocuous perfidy recant ubiquitouscacophony equivocate insipid perfunctory recondite unfeignedcanon erudite intractable pernicious redoubtable untenable

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