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Bmw (Автосохраненный)

Bmw (Автосохраненный)

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Published by Jealous Farhat

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Published by: Jealous Farhat on Apr 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BMW (Bavarian Motor Works)
Early history of BMW
For better understanding Bavarian Motor Works today, it is important to know history andtraditions of BMW. The last century gives the ³flavor´ of today¶s BMW cars, the ingredient thatmakes them so special. This ³special´ can be almost seen as the soul of a person. BMW carshave an unmistakably personality and an obsessive care about the feeling of driving, thus their slogan "the ultimate driving machine". This creates a bond between the car and the driver thatmay last for a lifetime.The first BMW was oriented on producing aircraft engines. But during the history of thecompany BMW had to produce almost everything, starting from kitchen appliances to jetengines, which was one of the causes of crises in the work of the famous vehiclesmanufacturer. In October 1913 Karl Friedrich Rapp founded a small company called ³Rapp - Motorenwerke´and started to work on the northern outskirts of Munich. His goals were not cars. His goals wereairplanes. He had desire and enthusiasm, but unfortunately, he had not good fortune with him.In 1916, the company has signed a contract for the production of V12 engines for Austro-Hungary. Later when the company was in financial troubles, Rapp gets support of Camillo Castiglioni and Max Fritz, the company was renamed as Bayerische Motoren Werke.Sudden extension caused a lot of difficulties and Karl Rapp left the company. After thatthe management of the company was owned by the Austrian industrialist Franz Josef Popp in1917. The company was named BMW AG in 1918.BMW began producing cars in 1928. Heinrich Ehrhardt organized the production of carsin Germany. Thus, he became the third person in the country who did it. Moreover, hehad a factory that produced big cars under the ³Wartburg´ name. This type of car comes off theassembly line in 1927 and has no time to save the company from bankruptcy. Later,BMW purchased the plant and license of Dixi cars. It was the moment of newhistory of BMW. The first model 3/20 was released in 1932, which already had the emblemof BMW's propeller.In many difficult situations, survival was very difficult. Nevertheless, today BMW Companyrepresents high quality products of the German automotive industry on a par with Porsche andDaimler-Benz. Its major production facilities are located
in Germany (Dingolfing, Regensburg, Leipzig, Munich) and USA (Spartanburg). Moreover, carsare being produced in factories of Thailand, Malaysia, India, Egypt, South Africa, Russia andVietnam.The main markets of the company are: USA (300,000 cars per year), Germany (about 280,000),England, France, Italy, Japan, China, Russia, Canada and Spain.
ybrid Technologies
 And in 2008, after Mercedes-Benz introduced S400 BlueHYBRID model, BMW haspublished few photos and the initial characteristics of the model with the same drive under the name 7-Series ActiveHybrid. Hybrid systems are able not only reduce the fuel consumptionand environmental pollution by exhaust fumes, also they can transmit maximum torque fromzero speed virtually.Hybrid comes from the Latin and describes something of mixed origin or comprising differentelements. So the car can be called ³Hybrid´ if its "heart" consists not of one, but of twoor more power combustion engines and electric motors. In a mild hybrid, the electric motor onlyassists the internal combustion engine. In a full hybrid, an internal combustion engine iscombined with a relatively large electric motor. This motor is powerful enough to drive the car onits own, at low speeds.For BMW, the term hybrid represents something more than simply integrating an electric motor. And that¶s why BMW engineers have created a new package of intelligent technologies for BMW ActiveHybrid, which most effectively controls all the flows of energy vehicle.The first BMW hybrid was created in 1985. The model was based on the BMW 5 Series. Everyyear BMW is trying to perfect its technology and it created not just a hybrid power train, thecompany produced the model system of a hybrid drive, which is personally chosen for each typeof vehicle and adapted for different purposes. The model system of BMW ActiveHybrid includesnot only an internal combustion engine and drive unit with one or two electric motors, but also ithas batteries, power electronics and electronic control system.BMW ActiveHybrid system embodies all the advanced hybrid technology of BMWCompany, which is one of the key elements of the BMW EfficientDynamics program. BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 became the peak of the hybrid art group today. 

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