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How to Protect Tunisian Arabic French Latest

How to Protect Tunisian Arabic French Latest

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Published by Zab

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Published by: Zab on Apr 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dont post weapon related info.
 French & Arabic translations at the bottom of the page 
How to recover security in Tunisia:
You need to band together into squads of civilians:
Wear a white hand band so military can distinguish you - Be visible.
 Keep children inside!
(!)Do not let children outside unless you are SURE it is safe and do not let them leave your sight, EVER.(!)
Join forces with your
neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood would act as a squad, but must always beready to help eachother. Always on guard, as many men as possible. Ask the army to help re-enforceyour groups by adding soldiers to each group.
Collabrative mapping using google earth to track death squads and other threats. (dont use forsensitive information, anyone can view/edit the map)
Tunisian Tracker:
 => Shortened link:http://bit.ly/eLjlR8 Link:http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=204429933743412451505.000499e53c5acb4ba7229 (You must login to an account in order to edit, but you can view without logging in.)&&&A summarized translation of the users guide would be helpful to let people know how to edit the map.
using a google account and you can place location markers/routes onto the map which are thenviewable by anyone else who views the map. 
Instructions on how to edit the map:
 Users guide:http://maps.google.com/support/bin/static.py?hl=en&page=guide.cs&guide=21670&topic=21676Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TftFnot5uXw&feature=player_embedded=>Have a plan!! A meeting place and some sort of escape plan prepared in case something awful happens.=>Try and remain calm and focused. Remember to eat and sleep when you need to.
=>Stay away from gunfire and sounds of violence.=>Help who you can but do not endanger yourself and your family Find and collect fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Make sure everyone knows where they are kept. Donot steal fire fighting equipment if it is in a place where there are people.- Establish barriers and maintain watch of all entrances to the area you are housed in. form compounds withindividuals you trust and create a barrier of flat visible ground.- Make a barrier of cars, also always have a vehicle in case some one needs medical attention. refrigerators/washing machines/heavy equipment/etc.- if not allready obvious, do not trust boundaries against gun fire. Fill bags with sand for some protectionfattenrom gun-fire, but do not trust your life to it.- If you must fight, it is best to do it inside buildings where guns are less of an advantage - they can't justmove far away and keep shooting - DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT MEN WITH GUNS, AVOID IF POSSIBLE.- You are likely to be avoided if they suspect large amounts of resistance.- If in doubt retreat to another location.
Yet, don't be a hero. Dying in the frantic attempt to save 2 kills three. Try to stay level headed ananalyze situations before you intervene.
- Make noise. to alert other neibours. fireworks can be taken as gunfire for persons not used to the sound of agun as tunisians. Use a whistles or just whistle.*start by protecting yourself*stay in a place where you can see and be seen by your squad.
***Tell other what you are doing and share with them -
keep contact with other neighborhoods
=>>WRITE down car number and other vehicle that can be suspicious for later controls (otherinformation can be usefull : how many persons in it, ages, sex, ...)
- Stay calm and never try to provoke a fight- Organise a shift system to keep watch around the compound.- wear a white hand band so military can distiguish you - be visible*Make sure your cellphone's battery is charged and you have credit.**Trade contact numbers with other groups like yourself, so you may support eachother.***Always have emergency phone numbers. everyone must know what to do in case of problems and where
to go (nearest hospital, ...).****Some ot the emergency numbers 71 333 000 // 71 560 488 // 71 116 000 // 71 335 500 // 71 335 345 tocall military forces. police operations HQ 71 33 50 00
Moyens pour retrouver la sécurité en Tunisie:
Vous avez besoin de vous regrouper en escouades de civils:
Portez un bandage blanc sur la main pour être distingués par les militaires - Soyez visibles. Gardez les enfants à l'intérieur!(!)
Ne laissez pas les enfants à l'extérieur, sauf si vous êtes sûrs qu'ils sont en sûreté et gardez-les sous vosregards, TOUJOURS.
 Unissez-vous avec les gens de votre quartier. Chaque quartier agirait comme une équipe, mais doit toujoursêtre prêt à aider les autres quartiers. Soyez toujours sur vos gardes, regroupez autant d'hommes que possible.Demandez à l'armée de vous aider à renforcer vos groupes en ajoutant des soldats à chaque groupe.Utilisez la cartographie collabrative en utilisant Google Earth pour suivre les escadrons de la mort et lesautres menaces. (ne pas l'utiliser pour des informations sensibles, tout le monde peut voir et modifier lacarte)
Tracker tunisien:
 => Lien raccourci:http://bit.ly/eLjlR8 Lien:http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=204429933743412451505.000499e53c5acb4ba7229 (Vous devez vous connecter à un compte afin de modifier, mais vous pouvez consulter sans vous connecter)& & & Une traduction résumée du guide d'utilisation serait utile pour que les gens sachent comment modifierla carte.Connectez-vous en utilisant un compte Google et vous pouvez placer des marqueurs d'emplacement / routessur la carte qui sont ensuite consultables par n'importe qui d'autre qui consulte la carte.
Instructions sur la façon de modifier la carte:

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