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Top Priority ALPFA FIU Spr2011

Top Priority ALPFA FIU Spr2011

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Published by ALPFAatFIU

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Published by: ALPFAatFIU on Apr 25, 2011
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ALPFA Florida International University / Spring 2011
(From left to right): Consulting Officer: Ayman Al-Abdullah; Special Events Coordinator:Alfredo Reynoso; Webmaster: Antonio Benitez; Parliamentarian: Patrick Noel;President: Catherine Peña; Secretary: Eric Erdvig; Treasurer: Yasnay Montalvo;Vice President of Finance: Arianna Monserrat; President-Elect: Paola Lacouture;Vice President of Accounting: David RiberaLourdes AbosaidDavid AcostaAyman Al-AbdullahGustavo AlgerStephanie Alvarez Jessica AlvarezVicente AmengualLaura ArboledaDiana ArdilaEvelyn AvilaCamila BarrancoYosbel Barranco Johanna BarrigaStephanie BasantaAntonio BenitezFranz BerdugoPaula BernalRodrigo BonvinFrank BrownMabel BuitragoKurt BulginNatalia CabanillasDaian CardonaAlexander CardonaKatherine CastroCarlos ChavezMendy ChowErnesto De CortadaAnabel De la RosaMaria DeknegtArmando Del CorralYoandry DelgadoMicaela Di LucaSteven DiazMarc DiazLisandra Diaz De VillaMario DurangoCarl EmilcarEric ErdvigDaniela EscarraMarcell FeijooFatima FernandezAndrea FranzoneVirginia FuentesEduardo FusteElsania GaleanoCarlos Garcell Justin Garcia Jose Garcia Jonathan GeorgeYamile GilFrank Ginebra-GroeroYasmany Gonzalez Julian GonzalezStephanie GutierrezCarmen AdrianaHalabiAlyson HaywardStephanie Hocke John HoyesMaria JaenShaun JohnstonEmilio KachlerMahreen KhanPaola LacoutureAli LakhaniMarie Lang Johnson Le Jessica Le TorrePatricia LebrunMegan LeeUrsula LeonPatricia LopezAndres LopezFelipe Lopez Janette LopezMarco LopezYvette MartinezBayardo MedranoPeggy Mejia Jennifer MendozaArianna MonserratYasnay Montalvo Jose MortimerPatricia MouroCindy MuhinaChristine MuhinaTeddy NaboaYegor NadvornyyCristopher NewmanPatrick NoelLamont NowlinAngelmar OrtegaA. Arturo Pacheco-ParedesCalvin PaquetteCharmaine ParedesCatherine PeñaAnais PerezVirginia PerezSylvester PerezAnastasiya PiashkovaGrecia PiconZandra PuenteDarleen PulidoCarlos Quijano Jorge RamblaYan RanFernanda RandallTheresa RenaudAlfredo ReynosoIvan RezvoyDavid RiberaLuis Rincon Janet RodriguezStefany RodriguezAnny RodriguezAna Isis RodriguezWilliam Rodriguez Joel RodriguezStephanie Rodriguez Jose RomeroYenia Sainz Jose SalazarAriel SalazarSveva Sbarra Javier SerpaRebecca ShermanMaryia Shkaradzanak Stephanie SixtoVictor TovarMelissa TrianaLuis TrinidadRoberto Valdes Javier ValdesQuy VanPiero Velarde Johana VillamizarArtem VolosPatrick WallerBryan Wiggins Jackie YimVivian YuAlexis ZaldivarKevin Zamora
ALPFA FIU Spring 2011 Members
Spring 2011 Executive Board Members
"We believe in developing you as aprofessional and growing togetheras one family."
Executive Board Farewell Letters
Catherine Peña -
Where do I begin? I have so many people and opportunities to be grateful for and not enough space to mention it all.First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who believed in me. Just a few words of confidence and encouragementcan make all the difference; it did for me. I stepped up for the challenge and it has been the most rewardingexperience. I have grown as a student, professional, and as an individual. I could never express enough gratitude foreverything ALPFA has offered me. Thank you to everyone who served on the board with me. Ayman “Casper” Al-Abdullah: If it was not for your constant coaching, mentoring, and pushing me off the edge of the cliff, I would not havebeen able to soar and reach my true potential. You are incredibly successful in everything you do, and it is no surpriseyou have achieved greatness. Paola “PLaco” Lacouture: You are an incredibly talented young woman with passion anddetermination. I believe in you and I know you can take this organization to the next level. You now have my shoes tofill, and I know that they will wear them with honor and pride. David “Mr. GQ” Ribera: You are an amazing person andfriend. I commend you on your success in executing the mock interview and keeping your professional coolthroughout the whole process. I will never forget our memorable experience together. Arianna “Smiley Face”Monserrat: thank you for all of your hard work this semester with our Finance sector of ALPFA. I am extremely proudof you; you began a legacy and made history. Your easy-going and cheery attitude helped remind us that there is arainbow after every rain shower. Keep working hard and I know you will be successful. Yasnay “Willy Wonka”Montalvo: I know how hard you have worked this semester. Working every fundraiser, maintaining our finances, and still managing a job and school is not easy. Yetsomehow you’ve been able to bring a level of professionalism to all of these responsibilities and helped ALPFA grow tremendously. Eric “Mr. Rubic’s Cube”Erdvig: Thank you for your tireless effort to help keep this organization functional. You did a phenomenal job with our community service projects and planningthe ALPFA Regional Symposium. You are no longer the unsung hero; now, everyone knows how truly remarkable you are. Patrick “Chocolate Rain” Noel: It ishard to believe I have known you throughout my college career, beginning in ENC 1102. Your work may be behind the scenes, but it has always been accurateand timely. You remind me to always stay grounded and humble. Thank you for always entertaining us with your musical selections and putting a smile on my faceall the time. Antonio “The Stig” Benitez: You are such an amazing person that taught me to always be on time, despite being Cuban. I know you will achievegreatness and land that perfect job. You are super smart and it is no wonder you passed the CPA exam in 3 months. Your work ethic is unmatched as you arealways striving for perfection. Remember to always smile, keep your head up, and keep your BMW in mint condition. Alfredo “Iron Chef” Reynoso: Every partywas run with exacting precision and everyone had a great time. We will miss your Argentinean asado skills and you as our events coordinator. We can only hopenext semester’s parties are half as fun. You are an incredible person that taught me many valuable life lessons: how to grill food on a mini barbeque; juggle a full-time job, school, and a family; save money fixing up your home; how to play Catch Phrase and Angry Birds; and use an iPad2. Although the following did notofficially serve on the board, I would like to recognize them for always supporting my every decision, offering me advice, and for being a great friend: DanielZamora, Christopher Houseman, William Rodriguez, Stephanie Basanta, and Yosbel Barranco. I cannot thank everyone enough. I have made countless amounts of friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I will continue to serve our organization as much as I can; it is the least I can do after everything it has offered me. Ithas been a humbling experience.
Paola Lacouture -
This year I truly landed in the stars with the opportunities given to me as your President-Elect. Luckily, Ihave the chance to be able to come back this next semester having learned much this last semester. This isnot my farewell to you, the members, but an opportunity to once again reiterate my main objectives as Iwill serve you: pushing for the recruitment of new members and to increase the innovation and theopportunities that ALPFA FIU brings its members. Once again, I will spearhead with the incomingpresident-elect the very effective presentations to classes about this fantastic organization. My second goalwould be to expand the finance portion of our organization, so that this may be the support that we all maygo to, accounting and finance majors alike.
I thank all the officers I was able to grow with and grow from. Ican perfectly define with a single word what each of you have taught me in this organization I love to call"family.Cathy, I won't let you down! It's impossible to describe how much I have learned this pastsemester thanks to you. Words can not describe how thankful and static I feel at this moment. I can't wait to fit those big shoes and increasethose standards to make ALPFA FIU bigger, better and stronger. With you I learned "responsibility." David and Alfredo, thanks for bringing asmile to my face with the least of the intentions; you both taught me "fun.” Yasnay, I have never seen a woman with such a strong commitmentand dedication to ALPFA; I thank you for introducing me to "hardwork.Patrick, your word represents who you are and what you stand for,"familia.Eric, your hardwork and love for this organization made me realize that life itself its full of "sacrifices." Antonio, I admire you as afriend and as an outstanding student; I look up to you to be as "dedicated" and studious as you are. Ariana, my sister, you have no idea of howproud I am of you: thanks for teaching me to trust myself and to never limit my dreams and thank you for always being there unconditionallywhen I needed you the most; you taught me "self-confidence.Ayman, your words of support have accompanied me in this amazing trip the lifeoffers to me; you introduced me to "professionalism." Daniel Zamora, my coach, you have guided me with your wisest advices in this star I fellin two semesters ago; you taught me that life is not about how hard you fall but how much you work for to stand up. You taught me"leadership.Lastly, the members, ALPFA FIU is an amazing organization thanks to all and every single one of you.
I look forward to the nextsemester and all the accomplishments I know we all will be succeeding in.
Executive Board Farewell Letters
David Ribera -
Vice President of Accounting
After this past semester, the main thing I want to say to everyone is “Thank You.” Given theprivilege of serving on the board reassured me of the quality of members that we have. Manymembers went above and beyond and came through in times when others denied and I wantto thank those for doing that. One thing I have learned is that possibilities are endless onceyou set your mind to it. We are allotted many resources that when used and taken advantageof, we can excel and exceed at anything we set our minds to. We are faced with manychallenges and struggles, but together we can solve anything that arises. I believe we are trulyan eccentric organization that portrays a family atmosphere better than any other on campus.I personally have been able to count on members to be there for me in times of need andhave found many people to turn to. This is the organization we are and I want to once againthank each and every one of you for making this a truly unforgettable semester filled with many great memories. Thank you alland never look back for there are many challenges ahead.
Arianna Monserrat -
Vice-President of Finance
I want to say thanks to my wonderful e-board for everything, as cheesy as that sounds. Thissemester has been great, fun, and hard work. I have grown as a professional, challengedmyself, and achieved many things that I didn't know I was capable of. Thank you all forbelieving in me; it has been a roller coaster of events and emotions, but we have all manageto give it our all, support each other, and grow- as Patrick says - "La Familia.” I am thankfulfor every single one of you: Paola, Cathy, Antonio, Eric, David, Yasnay, Patrick, Alfredo, Ayman,Chris, Daniel, and every single ALPFA FIU member.
I want to say thank you because I knowhow much hard work we each have put into making this a great semester, and it has paid off.We have started the meetings on time thanks to Antonio. Alfredo is and always will beALPFA's "Mr. Fun Guy." Thank you Paola for always being there - like a good neighbor.
I will give Yasnay's gift card magictrick to my QMB professor. Thank you Ayman for all your moral support. Thanks to David's wise choice of words I cancommunicate to other cultures with no barriers. Thanks to Eric, I love Quizno’s more than ever. Thank you Cathy fordictating, I mean leading, this wonderful e-board, challenging ourselves, and believing in all of us. I want to keep it short, butthere are so many things that I want to say. I'm very proud and happy to be in ALPFA FIU, and given the opportunity to stepup, and be on the e-board. I will never forget any of you- too many memories, nicknames, and inside jokes to count. Thank you for all your help, support, and most importantly for believing in me. I love you all.
Yasnay Montalvo -
I’m grateful of being part of ALPFA and will never regret embarking such a fantastic journey.The selection of your Treasurer for the Spring 2011 semester, provided me the opportunityto give back and offer you what I was offered as an active member. I appreciate you trustedme in the election process and gave me the chance to apply my hard working, detailed-oriented, and entrepreneurship spirit. Team-work was the magic key to the success of ourfundraising efforts, and I truly appreciate your participation in the raffles, car washes, can-shakings, bake sales, chocolate/candy sales; am I missing anything? Excuse me if at some pointI overwhelmed you with so many fundraisings events, but I’m sure you had fun and it willmake the difference in the amount of students we are taking to the ALPFA NationalConvention this year. I have set a higher fundraising target for the upcoming Treasurers, but itcan be done if you are passionate about it. Thanks for the support of the members, e-board, professionals, and sponsors whocontinue making a positive impact in the success of ALPFA FIU. I truly appreciate the honor to serve you as Treasurer thissemester, but I’m not going anywhere. I will continue being involved and giving back to my ALPFA family!

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