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The Wall

The Wall

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Published by xxKallistAxx

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Published by: xxKallistAxx on Apr 25, 2011
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يحرلا نرلا  مس  ب
The committee of martyrs of 15 March Revolution
Note : * name not confirmed but death is** on the name : Date not confirmed** on the city : place not confirmedDate#NameCityRemark18 March
1Ayham AlhaririDaraa2Mohammad AljawabraDaraa3Monzer Momen AlmasalmehDaraa
11 years died due to inhailing tear gas
4Hussam AbdelWali AyashDaraa
19 March
5Adnan KradDaraa
Died from wounded sustained on March 1820 March
6Raed Alkarrad
23 March
7Mohammad Ali AbazeedDaraa8Mu'az Nayef AbazeedDaraa(Alsoura)9Nayef Hussein AbazeedDaraa10Omar AbdelwaliDaraa11Mohammad Abu'aonDaraa12Aziz Abu NabbutDaraa13Bilal Abu NabbutDaraa14Hameed Abu NabbutDaraa15Mohammad Abu NabbutDaraa16Ahmad Fawaz Abu SafiDaraa(Alhrak)17Mo'taz Abu ZayedDaraa(Kherbet Ghazalah)18Waheeb AladawyDaraa(Alhrak)19Abdelghani AlakradDaraa20Talal AlfadelDaraa(Alhrak)
21Wissam AlghulDaraa22Munzer Ahmad AlhamadyDaraa23Zakarya AlhamidyDaraa(Kherbet Ghazalah)24Ibrahim AlharyDaraa(Aatman)25Mohammad Abdelrahman AlhariryDaraa(Alsoura)26Omar Mohammad AlhariryDaraa(Elmah)27Rami Hassan Alhariry Daraa(Alhrak)28Salah Abdelrahman AlhariryDaraa(Alsoura)29Raed Ahmad AlhomsyDaraaHayyan Haj AliDaraa(Kherbet Ghazalah)
30Abdallah AljarradDaraa(Alhara )31Mohammad Rashrash AljarradDaraa(Alhara )32Issa Mohammad AlkurdyDaraa33Malek Mahmoud Mofdi AlkarradDaraa34Abass Saad AlmahameedDaraa35****** Abass Saad AlmahameedDaraa
Son of Abass Saad Almahameed
36Dr. Ali Ghassab AlmahameedDaraa37Ghassan AlmahameedDaraa38Hatem AlmahameedDaraa39Khaled Abdallah AlmahameedDaraa40Mus'ab AlmahameedDaraa41Abdulnasser AlmasalmehDaraa(Elmah)42Ashraf AlmasalmehDaraa43Hamed AlmasalmehDaraa44Ibtissam AlmasalmaehDaraa
Shot on her balcony
45Maher AlmasalmehDaraa46Taher AlmasalmehDaraa47AbdelKarim Khaled AlmasryDaraa
Soldier who comes from TalKalekh(Homs)
48Ashraf Abdelaziz Salah Almasry Daraa(Alhrak)49Fadi AlmasryDaraa(Kherbet Ghazalah)50Nawras Safwan AlmiqkdadDaraa51Thaer Yussef Manoukh AlmiqdadDaraa52Yussef Abdelraouf AlmiqdadDaraa(Elmah)53Ibrahim Alna'saanDaraa54Ali AlrawashdaDaraa(Tafs)55Mohammad Ahmad Alsalamat Daraa(Alhrak)56Mohammad Ali Alsalamat Daraa(Alhrak)57Munzer Rans Hawash Kunbus Al-ShummaryDaraa(Alhara )58Munzer AmroDaraa(Alhara )
22 years old
59Mahmoud Diab DagherDaraa(Elmah)60Mohammad Mustafa Dalu'Daraa
61Nidal FaresDaraa(Kherbet Ghazalah)62Jamal Jarbu'iDaraa(Alhrak)63Moataz Abu Zayed KurbetDaraa(Kherbet Ghazalah)64Munzer KunbosDaraa(Alhara )65Sameer KunbosDaraa(Alhara )66Ayman QutaifanDaraa67Khalil Ayman ZatimaDaraa
25 March
68Sabta Akrad Daraa
17 years old
69Qassem Mohammad AlatmehDaraa(Alsanamen)70Mohammad Mo'ammar AlhamoudyDaraa(Alsanamen)71Sameer AllabbadDaraa(Alsanamen)72Ashraf Almasalmany**Daraa(Namer)73 'Orwa AlshareefDaraa(Alsanamen)74Mohammad Hossayn AlshareefDaraa(Alsanamen)75Ahmad Alzou'biDaraa(Alsanamen)76Mohammad Jalal Alzou'biDaraa(Alsanamen)77Mohannad Ibrahim AlzyabDaraa(Alsanamen)78Kamal BardanDaraa(Tafs)79Anwar ShattarDaraa(Alsanamen)80,,,,,Alburhan*Damascus(Alzabadani)81Yasser Alrifa'y Damascus(Alzabadani)82Issa HijazyDamascus(Tal Mnin)
Stabbed and beaten by police
83Ibrahim SakerLatakia(Alziraa)
26 March
84Adel Fandi Homs85Wael Abdulkader Al'akLatakia(Mashrua Alkalaa)86Mustafa Abdallah BayazeedLatakia(Bestan Alsamke)
17 years old
87Mohammad Yassin IsfenjehLatakia(Alharsh)88Ali JamusLatakia89Talal JamuzLatakia(Alsalibe)90Hani Ahmad KarbujLatakia(Knines)91Osama MayhubLatakia(Mashrua Shretah)92Ibrahim Mohammad QabarrouLatakia(Mashrua Alashrafye)

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