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Gopd Service

Gopd Service

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Published by ujangketul62
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Published by: ujangketul62 on Apr 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Introducing the Automated Registration System as a means to improvepatient access and convenience for GOPD services
Mr. Steve CHAN Chi KeungKwong Wah HospitalHong KongIntroduction
Information technology is not a new topic in nowadays world. We haveadvance computer system for diagnosis purposes as well as for treatment purposes. Asa layman of advance technology, I am not going to discuss about the technicaladvancement of information technology. Instead, I will demonstrate how technologycould facilitate process re-engineering exercise which could improve patient access andconvenience for General Outpatient services.
The Environment
Kwong Wah Hospital is one of the acute general hospitals of HospitalAuthority serving Kowloon West Region. Hospital Authority is a statutory bodyestablished on 1 December 1990 under the Hospital Authority Ordinance to manage allpublic hospitals in Hong Kong. It is an independent organization which is accountableto the Government through the Secretary for Health and Welfare, who is responsible forthe formulation of health policies and monitoring the performance of Hospital Authority.The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals founded Kwong Wah Hospital in 1911. Itcame under the management of the Hospital Authority since 1991. The hospitaloperates 24-hour Accident and Emergency services, and provides a full range of general,specialist and allied health services to the population of the Mongkok and Wong Tai Sinareas. Kwong Wah Hospital is the major acute hospital in the Hospital Authority’sKowloon West Hospital Cluster which also comprises Wong Tai Sin Hospital and OurLady of Maryknoll Hospital. The serving population of Kwong Wah Hospital is aroundto 630,000.The Kwong Wah Hospital General Outpatient Department (GOPD) is locatedat the ground floor and first floor of Tsui Tsin Tong Outpatient Building. As of 1999/2000, the total number of patient attendance is 203,776. It is the largest GeneralOutpatient Clinic in Hospital Authority and represents 26% of Hospital Authority totalGeneral Outpatient attendance. Prior to the introduction of Automatic RegistrationSystem, patient registration was done manually.
The Problems
With over 800 patient attendances, the manual registration process has manyproblems. First of all, the queuing time for quota is long. Patients would have toqueue up for General Outpatient registration done by counter staff. For registration,patients would submit their identification documents and counter staff would thencomplete the registration procedures by writing down their names, General Outpatientnumbers in a form. Then, the counter staff will assign consultation rooms and queuenumbers accordingly and all these information will be put down in a queue ticket.Since the manual registration is not efficient and the patient load is high, especially in themorning, the queuing time may take as long as 4 hours.Secondly, patient is unclear about the quota status and queue status inconsultation room. Since the quota is limited for both the morning and afternoonsessions, patients at the waiting hall and at the end of the queue would not know thequota situation. They could only line up to see if they could obtain a queue ticket.Moreover, after receiving the queue ticket, patients did not know the serving number atconsultation room. As such, patients are crowded in the waiting area waiting for thenurses to call them.Thirdly, the patient list is required to send by facsimile to the medical recordstore located at another floor for records retrieval. As the patient volume is as much as800 per day, the counter staff member has to repeat the facsimile process frequently.Fourthly, there is lack of management information for service monitoring andreview. Since registration was done manually, it was not easy to obtain patientsattendance records. As such, it was difficult to conduct utilization review.Furthermore, queuing time information was not available for future planning of services.
The Solution
Taking into consideration of the above problems, we analyzed the workflow of GOPD registration. After the study, we found that the registration process can bere-engineered in such a way that application of computer can replace manual work (Appendix I). After re-engineering the registration process, we introduce a simplebarcoding technology so that patients can make registrations by themselves.In order to cope with the functional need for the benefits of patients, theAutomated Registration System is designed to streamline the registration process,provide more user-friendly information to patients both waiting for the quota and waitingoutside the consultation rooms, and finally, to provide management information forservice review. The logical connection diagram is showed below: -
After the re-engineering process, we designed the Automated RegistrationSystem consisted of 4 major components.1) Patient Registration CardAll existing and new patients will be issued new patient registration card containingbarcode, patient name and GOPD number. All patients can then register forGeneral Outpatient services simply by placing the cards into the slot of TicketingPrinting Kiosk. This streamlined the manual registration process by counter staff with a new do-it-yourself automated process.
Queue Ticket and Patient Registration Card
Logical Connection Diagram of Automated Registration System (ARS)
Data Capture
TerminalsControl PC
Plasma Display Panel
Local Area
Registration Processing PC
Waiting area
Registration area
(room no.)
Automated Registration System
Ground Floor
First Floor

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