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Published by Aksendro Maximilian

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Published by: Aksendro Maximilian on Apr 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Semantics and Language Teaching
by : Aksendro Maximilian
A.The Notion of Semantic
In order for language fulfill its communicative function, utterances mustalso convey a message or content; they must have content. We call this message or content the utterance’s meaning.Semantics is study of meaning in human language (O’Grady, et al,1997:245). Semantic has been one of the most neglected areas in linguistics, because many serious difficulties arise in discussing semantics. Shortly, Semanticis study of meaning.Consulting the dictionaries, Alwasilah (1987) gave the meaning of meaningas: 1) Meaning is the thing that is conveyed especially by language, 2) Meaning isthe thing one intends to convey especially by language, significantly quality;especially implication of a hidden or special significance, 3) Meaning is the logicalconnotation of a word or phrase.
B.Semantic Areas
1.Semantic Relation among Wordsa)SynonymSynonyms are words or expressions that have the same meanings insome or all contexts. For examples:
Automobile = Car 
Big = Large
Purchase = Buy, and etc. b)Antonym
Antonyms are words or phrases that are opposites with respect to somecomponents of their meaning. For example:
Dark >< Light
Boy >< Girl
Up >< Down, and etc.c)Polysemy and HomophonyPolysemy occurs when a word has two or more related meanings. For example:
Bright = shining, intelligent;
A deposit = minerals in the earth, money in the bank, etc.Homophony exists where a single word form has two or more entirelydistinct meanings. It is assumed that there are two (or more) separate wordswith the same pronunciation with different meanings. Some homophones inEnglish:
Bank = “ a financial institution”, ‘ a small cliff at the edge of theriver”
Club = “ a social organization”, “ a blunt weapon”, and etc.
HyponymyIt is the inclusion I the domain of another word. The inclusionrelationship is paradigmatic. For example:
Dog is a hyponym of 
Red is a hyponym of 
and etc.e)Idioms

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