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Bugging of a Goddess: The Marilyn Monroe Tapes

Bugging of a Goddess: The Marilyn Monroe Tapes

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Published by MansonCaseFile

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: MansonCaseFile on Apr 25, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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Something I just have to add, which delves a bit more into the background of theKennedys political dealings and their involvement with the mob. Of course, this is whereMarilyn Monroe comes in:
Bugging of a Goddess, the Marilyn Monroe tapes
By John William Tuohy
Bernard Spindel was a legend in the twilight world of wire tapping. The military hadtaught Spindel his trade, and afterwards he worked briefly as a wiretap expert for the New York City Anti-Crime Committee, and testified before Congress as an expert.He also worked for the Trujillo government in the Dominican Republic, and when themoney was better, for the anti-Trujillo forces who wanted him to jam radar facilitiesalong a small strip of coastline long enough for them to fly weapons in. Spindel did his job and had himself placed on Trujillo's hit list as a result.Then, in 1953, he came to Jimmy Hoffa's attention, and the Teamsters hired Spindel tomake sure their phones weren't tapped. It turns out they were tapped. Not only were theytapped, including a pay phone in the lobby, Spindel discovered that they weregovernment taps and that someone on the Teamsters' payroll was a Justice Departmentmole. Whoever it was, they had told the Feds that Hoffa was shaking down themembership for kickbacks.Hoffa had Spindel plant tiny microphones, which were legal at the time, inside the officesof several suspects and had him install anti-bugging devices throughout the entire property as well. Lastly, Hoffa had him equip most of his upper staff with pocket-sizedmicrophones called Minifons, so they could record negotiations with management, a precaution, should the government ever accuse them of high pressure or illegal activitiesduring a strike.Bobby Kennedy, who had what can only be called an obsession to put Hoffa in jail, later had his Justice Department lawyers determine that arming his people with Minifons wasconspiracy to ensure loyalty.In 1959, Robert Kennedy, who was then with the McClellan committee, sent his staff investigator, James Kelly to Spindel's home. Spindel had known Kelly when Kelly was a New York City narcotics detective. Kelly invited Spindel to drive into Manhattan andmeet with Kennedy, which he did.Spindel ended up driving Kennedy and Kelly to the airport to catch a plane back toWashington. But, unknown to them, Spindel recorded the conversation in the car andcaught Kennedy saying thathe was eager to get Hoffa on "something, anything."Then he asked Spindel to testify against Hoffa. When Spindel refused, Kennedy asked,"Well then, what do you want to make that happen, what do you want to testify?"
Spindel jokingly said that he wanted an $850,000 loan to set himself upon the electronic business in Puerto Rico, to which Kennedy replied, "Well, if you testify to what I wantyou to...testify to, my brother will be the next President of the United States and you canhave any job you like."When Kennedy returned to Washington, he assumed that he had turned Spindel to hiscamp, and issued an expense check directly from an account maintained in Kennedy'soffice for friendly witnesses, whereas normally, payment from the government could takemonths to process.Things changed when Kennedy learned that Spindel had been hired by Hoffa to spy onthe McClellan committee. The checks for expenses stopped, and then somebody, Spindelthought it was RFK, set the IRS on him.In the hallway, outside the Senate hearings room Spindel asked Kennedy if the rumor was true that he had forwarded a file on him to the IRS and Bobby answered, "I sure didand I hope they get you. They certainly are going to try."Things grew so tense between them that at one point, after Spindel's testimony to thecommittee made Kennedy's chief accountant, Carmine Bellino look bad, Bellinofollowed the massive Spindel out into the hallway where he was talking to Teamster bossBert Brennan. Bellino was about to throw a punch at Spindel, whose back was turned,when Brennan yelled "Look out!" and Spindel turned and punched Bellino to the floor.Robert Kennedy was obsessed with bugging devices. Despite J. Edgar Hoover's longstanding orders that his agents were not allowed to plant illegal bugs without the Bureau'sokay, Kennedy ordered the FBI to install 75 to 100 bugs in several different Las Vegascasinos. Kennedy knew full well that the bugs couldn't be used in court because theywere installed illegally and without a court order. But Kennedy didn't care if the mobwere stealing, or who they were stealing it from. What he cared about was keeping track of his political enemies and about not being blackmailed. The bugs, if manned by theright people and without Hoover's knowledge, would see to it that his brother was never compromised.But of course Hoover did find out that Kennedy had his agents listening in on illegalwiretaps. Hoover and his deputies called in the special agent in charge of the operationand laid it out for him plain and simple. What he was doing, they said, was tantamount totreason within the FBI, and, outside the FBI, what the agent was doing was illegal andHoover felt it was his responsibility to expose what the agent was doing for the good of the Bureau.The agent went to see Kennedy who told him not to worry, that he outranked Hoover andif anything went wrong, that the White House would cover for the agent.Later on, Robert Kennedy would lie that he was unaware that the FBI was bugging the
mob illegally, furthermore he said, if he had been aware of it he would shut it down.Hoover went through the roof when he heard that one. He ordered all of the field agentsin Chicago, who had first-hand knowledge of Kennedy hearing the tapes from the illegal bugs, swear out affidavits stating as much.Kennedy had the IRS turn up the heat on Spindel after he became Attorney General. TheIRS assigned two of its top agents to dog Spindel day and night. The agents compiled athick dossier on him, mostly by watching him from a neighbor's home, intercepting hisutility bills and mail and investigating his tax records for the years 1957, 1958, 1959 and1960. Spindel was eventually prosecuted for criminal violation of the tax code.So, by 1962, Robert Kennedy had made an enemy of Spindel, so that when somebody,either Hoffa, or the Mafia or the CIA came to Spindel with a contract to bug MarilynMonroe's house and catch Bobby and the actress on tape, Spindel leaped on the offer.Spindel was regularly employed by the CIA to plant bugs for them within the UnitedStates, something they were prohibited from doing by law. However, if Spindel plantedthe bugs on his own, the CIA was in the clear. Also, it's now known, that in 1962, theCIA's chief of Counter Intelligence, James Angleton, had ordered the agency to placeMonroe on its watch list.It appears that everyone took a crack at bugging Monroe's place. At about the same timeSpindel was bugging Monroe's property, Carmine DeSapio, a New York politician withmob ties and contacts to Hoffa, called Arthur James, a real estate agent and told James toget Monroe out of the house for several hours.Otash recalled: "They wanted the place empty so they could install bugging equipment. Iknew about Marilyn's relationship with Robert Kennedy--she had told me--and that wasevidently the reason for wanting to bug her.""Later," Otash said, "when things started to develop with Giancana and Roselli and theKennedys, there were other electronic devices installed by other people for other reasons...yes we did have the place bugged, yes I did hear a tape of Jack Kennedy fuckingMonroe. But I don't want to get into any moans and groans of their relationship, theywere having a sexual relationship...period."By the time of Monroe's death in the summer of 1962, Jimmy Hoffa and the teamster hadMonroe's house bugged, the FBI had its bugs there as did the mob and, according to Peter Lawford, so did Twentieth Century Fox.According to Kennedy brother-in-law Peter Lawford, "Jimmy Hoffa wanted to gather information on Monroe and the Kennedys for personal use; the FBI hoped to find outwhat Marilyn knew about Frank Sinatra's connections to the Mafia; the Mafia wascurious as to what she knew about the FBI. As for Twentieth Century Fox who knowswhat they wanted?"

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