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The Strange Case of the Tully Archive - Spring 2011

The Strange Case of the Tully Archive - Spring 2011

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Published by Prologue Magazine
Trace the 65-year journey of a treasure trove of FDR documents from his secretary's desk to the National Archives.
Trace the 65-year journey of a treasure trove of FDR documents from his secretary's desk to the National Archives.

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Published by: Prologue Magazine on Apr 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When Gen. John J. Pershing asked “very strongly” that Col. George C. Marshall bepromoted to the rank o brigadier general in 1936, President Roosevelt recordedhis agreement and intent to instruct the Secretary o War accordingly.
 wa ly a mall pi  pap m aly 1936, wih m pidial   i, b i wa hlg had  hiy—h pa pig i amp  h .I wa a “hi,” a hadwi  m Pid Fakli D. Rvl  hi ai. Hdi hm  ppa a mmadm  h Say  Wa akig ha a ai Amy ll bp  h x li  pmi  bigadi gal.Rvl had ivd h pmi mmdai m  h ha Gal  h Ami Jh J. Phig, wh had ld Amia p i Ep i Wld Wa I ad wa idd a aialh. Rvl w  h hi: “G. Phig ak vy gly.” T 54-ya-ld ll had wkd Phig a aid-d-amp ad i h pii dig ad a h wa, ad h gal wa impd.
 tully Aiv
 the StrAnge cASe of the
How a Treasure Trove of Previously Unknown FDR Documents Came to the Roosevelt Library 
By Bob Clark 
President Franklin Roosevelt in his study with his three secretaries: (let to right) Marguerite A. LeHand, Marvin McIntyre, and Grace Tully, November 4,1938. Tully maintained several thousand presidential documents—primarily drats o correspondence and handwritten notes—until her death in 1984, acollection later known as the Tully Archive.
Cl. Gg C. Mahall wa bqly pmd  bigadi gal i Ob 1936.T ya la, h Pid amd Mahall Amy Chi  Sa, makig him a -agal ad jmpig him v dz  hmlia . H wa   FDR’ md ad idipibl miliay advidig Wld Wa II. Ad i wa Mahall wh, i , pd ah pmiig yg ad qikly pmd him v mi : Dwigh D. Eihw, wh wld la lad h D-day ivai  wEp i 1944.Ti hii “pi  hiy” wa   hm iig dm divd amgh pap lld by Ga lly, piipalay  Rvl dig Wld Wa II.T pap maid i lly’ pi ilh dah i 1984, wh hy diappad val ya. La la ya, hwv, hy ally dd p wh hy hld hav ball alg—i h hldig  h Naial Ahiv, pially h Fakli D. RvlPidial Libay ad Mm i HydPak, Nw Yk.B h jy  h Naial Ahivak by h Ga lly Ahiv, a av  Rvl-a dm, had may myi wi ad . T Nvmb 15,2010, pig wa h lmiai  a v-ya  by h Naial Ahiv  h maial m h bik  piva al adbig hm hm  h Rvl Libay—a  ha lially k a a  Cg.T al  hw h lly Ahiv am  hRvl Libay i ll  iig, ad,bakpy, ad pliial mavig—a ally why  h myy vl  blvdby Fakli Rvl.* * * * *T y  h Ga lly Ahiv ally bgi  J 4, 1941, h day ha Magi A. “Miy” LHad d a dbiliaig kad llapd a h d  a Whi H di.Miy LHad had b Fakli Rvl’pal ay, da, l id, adadvi  21 ya.N   h Whi H a wa l FDR ha wa LHad. Sh had b wih himi h lly a  h vi pidy i 1920. LHad, alg wih Ela Rvlad Li Hw, hlpd him hgh h dak ya llwig h dvaaig aak  plii 1921. Sh livd i h gv’ mai i Albay wh FDR wa gv  Nw Yk,ad h mvd i h Whi H i 1933 wh h wa ld Pid. A FDR’ piipal pal ay,LHad m wih him i h mig ah bakad i bd. Sh ad h migwpap wih him ad ppad him h day’ hdl. I bh Albay ad Wahig, h vd a bi h aial v i M. Rvl’ ab. Sh wa a vald mmb  FDR’ i il,ad h pii  ma  a ad  plii wa gh ad idd. I addii h ial di, LHad hld pw  ay  FDR ad maagd hi bak a, ildig payig hi bill by hk.Miy LHad wa dvd  FDR. Sh vmaid ad had  hild.Wh LHad d h k i 1941,h vid h l a Rvl’ pal ay  wa lld by Ga lly, wh  may yahad b d i li  LHad. lly hlda mh m adiial aial l i hRvl il. Ulik LHad, h had b wih FDR dig hi  aiwidampaig i 1920  hgh h ai  hpli ya, ad h h did  hav al a pal i  FDR   hRvl amily. B lly wa a d adpd mmb  FDR’ a hl.Ga lly wa b i 1900 i Bay,Nw Jy. H ah did wh h wa vy yg, ad h ad h w i ad bh w aid by a dv Cahli mh. Gaadd pahial ad v hl bllig i aial hl. Sh wkd 10 ya a a ay  Cadial Paik Hay i Nw Yk b kig mplym wih h Dmai Naial Cmmihadqa i 1928. lly wa aigd ai Ela Rvl, wh wa gaizigpp  pidial mi Al Smih. Wh Fakli Rvl wa miad h gvhip la ha ya, lly w  wk  Rvl’ aial a aiigLHad. lly vd wih FDR i Albay   ya, ad h mvd  Wahig wh Rvl wa ld Pid.I gal, lly pmd i ypigad diai di  h Pid. Shmaagd hi mail ad vd a pimay lmaag  h Whi H, pailaly h maia  h Pid’ ph
Marguerite (Missy) A. LeHand in her White House ofce, ca. 1940. LeHand was the President’s personal secretary,confdante, close riend, and adviser or 21 years, until her stroke in 1941. Her papers orm part o the Tully Archive.
Spring 2011

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