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Piggy's Pig Farm and Snuff Films (Child Traficking in Canada)

Piggy's Pig Farm and Snuff Films (Child Traficking in Canada)

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Published by MansonCaseFile
The connections between the Picton case, snuff films, the Hell's Angels, the mafia and child trafficking in the Canada explored.
The connections between the Picton case, snuff films, the Hell's Angels, the mafia and child trafficking in the Canada explored.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: MansonCaseFile on Apr 25, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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Senior Member Join Date: Jan 2008Posts: 1,549
Piggy's Pig Farm and Snuff Films
http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin...es;read=164676By Kevin D. Annettwww.hiddenfromhistory.org “Ten of the last dozen women to be taken to the killing site at Piggy’s Palace were accompanied by Mounties or regular cops. You think it was just Willie Picton who was killing them?” Marion, sex trade worker, downtown eastside of Vancouver , May 10, 2006In October of 1992, when I was still a United Church clergyman, I was approached by a colleague at my first Presbytery meeting in Nanaimo .The topic of child abuse came up, and after a few moments, the other man, a retired minister, smiled and gave me a sort of insider’s look. Helowered his voice and said to me, “It’s easy to get a child in this town.” I must have looked shocked, for his smile faded. “What do you mean?” I said. “Nothing” he replied. “Some people are, you know, interested in that sort of thing.” It all felt like an offer, masked but real, like a sort of masonic handshake: something known to insiders only.The same man had worked in the United Church ’s Alberni Indian residential school for years, and piloted one of the “mission boats” thatvisited coastal Indian villages. One of my native parishioners later accused him of raping her as a child, but the RCMP threatened her not topress charges.Later, after I was fired from the church for asking too many questions, I learned of the well-protected child trafficking network that linked thecoastal residential schools with wealthy men and clubs in Vancouver . Just how many children disappeared into those clubs and neveremerged is unknown; but they are among the more than 50,000 residential school children who cannot be accounted for. “No crime ever disappears; it just adapts” a journalist once told me. And in British Columbia, the crime of abducting people is rampant, on therise, and very lucrative, since it is part of a deadly international network in human trafficking.George Brown is a retired aboriginal RCMP officer who was part of a community-based “Missing Persons’ Task Force” in Vancouver . His groupdocumented hundreds of missing people until their work began to identify the complicity of local police, politicians and businessmen in thedisappearances. At that point, George’s group disbanded. “We didn’t want to get killed” George told me during a videotaped interview in the summer of 2005. “I was called up by a senior officer in the force and told, ‘George, the number of disappeared women is nine, and it’s going to stay at nine.Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong or you may lose it.’ The fact is I personally know two fellow Mounties who were linked withPicton and making money by bringing girls out to his place. None of the girls ever came back. Everybody knows about it.” I asked George who “everybody” was. The world-weary man shook his head sadly. “The Mayor. The Chief of Police. All the senior press people. Hell, you can’t get into those positions without making a deal with the drug lordswho run this town. The days of organized crime as a separate thing are over. It’s all business run and legit now. It’s organized corporate crimenow – the drug importers from Asia and the real estate developers and the off shore investors, they’re all part of the same gang. The cops allwork for them. And body snatching pays well.” George Brown’s group documented a link between the disappeared women of the downtown eastside and the trans-pacific organ traffickingnetwork based in China . According to sources within the network, at least a dozen women and men are abducted and murdered every monthin Vancouver , their bodies disposed of in protected grave sites on the north shore, and their organs shipped overseas.Most of the disappeared are homeless men, transient youth or sex trade workers.A year after I interviewed George Brown, I was given more confirmation of his groups’ claims. I received a message to meet a woman namedAnnie Parker at Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver ’s downtown eastside. Annie was a short, timid woman with haunted eyes and scars alongher neck and arms. “I got these by threatening to go to the press with what I knew” she said matter of factly, pointing to the scars. “Who did it to you?” I asked.She told me the man’s name, a senior RCMP officer, and then said, “Who doesn’t matter. They’re all doing it. It’s called the ‘hooker game’. The Vancouver cops will pick up girls off the street, drug them withscopolamine and film them as they fuck them, in a cop club downtown on Georgia street . Then sometimes they kill the girls and film that too,and sell it for $25,000 as a snuff film.” I asked her what happens to the bodies. “That was one of Steve Picton’s specialties. I met all the Pictons. Steve runs a snuff film operation in Coquitlam and then he dumps the bodiesat a hunting camp about ten miles up from Horseshoe Bay , near the Sea to Sky highway. There’s a special grave site there with sealedcontainers in a metal cistern. I was taken there, I seen it. It’s watched over by the Mounties.” Les Guerin is an aboriginal man who lives and works as a maintenance man on the Musequam Indian reserve near the University of B.C. Heclaims that the reserve holds at least two body dumping sites from which he personally has excavated human remains, and had themforensically examined. “As far back as 1989 I saw a man who I later identified as Willie Picton drive onto the Musqueam reserve and bury several large bags. Laterwhen I saw his face on the news, I dug up the bags and had them examined at a lab at SFU. The report says they contain human and pigbones remains, including the humerus, pelvis and skull pieces of a young woman in her twenties. “The weird thing is I told the Vancouver Police, the press, everybody about this, and nothing was ever done. I sent the police the forensicreport, me and my buddy Jim Kew, I told the CBC and even the lawyers for the families of Picton’s victims. Nothing. The cops roped off the sitein 2006 and that was that.” A signed letter from Musqueam Band Housing Officer Glenn Guerin dated October 29, 2004 indicates that Dave Picton was employed by theMuseum Indian band for a three month contract during 1990 to provide land fill for local street construction.Frustrated by the lack of police response, in December of 2005, Les Guerin mailed the bone fragments he obtained from the Picton deposit,along with the forensic report, to Amnesty International’s head office in London , England. The package was returned unopened the followingmonth.Next month, the eyes of the world will be on British Columbia and its Olympics. But will those eyes perceive the missing men, women andchildren whose remains lie scattered in hidden graves – and the authorities who put them there? Will the visiting world media record the truthof those who continue to disappear?
Cobain murdered by CIA - Page 288 - David Icke's Official Forumshttp://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3097&page=2881 van 325-06-2010 09:03
Most important, will the killings be stopped?That depends on us.………………………………………………………………………………………….Rev. Kevin Annett is a community minister, educator and award-winning film maker who lives and works in Vancouver ’s downtown eastside.He is a member of the revived Community Task Force into Missing Persons. For more information on this Group, and for a copy of their recentreport on which this article is based, contact Kevin at: hiddenfromhistory@yahoo.ca or 1-888-265-1007 (messages). 
15-02-2010, 03:12 PM #
Senior Member Join Date: Jan 2008Posts: 1,549
Child Trafficking in Beautiful British Columbia
– Kevin AnnettIn April of 1994, two lawyers, Renate Auger and Jack Cram, are dragged from a Vancouver courtroom, assaulted, and eventually disbarredafter naming two Supreme Court judges as participants in a child prostitution ring based in the elite Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastingsstreet.A 1998 report by UNESCO on International Child Trafficking names Vancouver as one of three major centers for child prostitution in theworld, along with Bangkok and Rotterdam.In the early hours of October 14, 2000, an aboriginal reporter named Noel watches as two children no older than eight are loaded into astretch limousine on the Squamish Indian reserve and driven to the back door of the Vancouver Club. Noel waits for hours, and when thechildren emerge, he tries to speak to them, but is assaulted from behind and his tape recorder disappears.In the fall of 2001, an investigator named Rob Nicholson publishes a book entitled “Stolen Innocence”, in which he documents extensive childtrafficking and pornography by social workers, lawyers and policemen connected to the Ministry of Children and Families (MCF). Nicholsonproves that the MCF continually places foster children in homes of known and even convicted pedophiles.On March 12, 2006, a woman named Annie Parker tells the author that she had been abducted by Vancouver policemen and used insomething called “The Hooker Game”, in which both women and children are drugged and filmed while being sexually assaulted andsometimes even killed.A war of terror on the innocent is going on as you read this, not far from your home, under the trendy façade of Vancouver’s happy image. Yetit is a war hidden from most people, and nowhere to be seen in the consciousness and agendas of “progressive” minded people in Vancouver.Carol Martin is an aboriginal woman who works as a crisis counselor at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver. To her, theabduction and trafficking in children is just an extension of what her people have been suffering for centuries. “More of our children are being taken from us every day, and put in white foster homes where the abuse is just as bad as it ever was inresidential schools. Every day we hear cases of the government placing little kids in homes of pedophiles and abusers. Nothing’s ever doneabout it. And even our own kids are being criminalized by the system at a young age, to give cops the excuse they need later to pick them upand abuse them. That’s all got a name: genocide.” Rudy James is a Tlingit native elder from Alaska who helped preside at the first independent Tribunal into Indian residential schools, held inVancouver in June of 1998. At this event, Rudy heard first-hand testimonies from survivors of child trafficking in B.C. “I was shocked when I heard how widespread the child trafficking is in many of the northern Indian villages” Rudy described shortly after theTribunal. “We had two separate groups of Indians tell us that their chiefs and councilmen at two villages near Bella Bella and Powell River were activelytrafficking local children to wealthy Americans and
Canadian military personnel.
This was happening apparently with the full knowledge of the local RCMP detachment in both towns, and in one case, even clergymen from the United Church were involved.” The word on the street is even more explicit. Marion is a middle aged sex trade worker who is a veteran of “the stroll” along east Hastingsstreet, where disappearances are a common occurrence. For years, she has watched as children are procured according to a well-organizedand protected system involving wealthy predators. “The going rate for a young child is $1,500 these days. Foreign tourists will ask for a young virgin, of either sex, and the younger the age, themore they’re willing to pay. It’s watched over by the Vancouver cops, who get a cut. But it’s run by an international network; Vancouver’s justone spoke in the wheel. I hear it’s got a direct tie to Thailand and the child sex trade there.” Don’t expect any police or legal intervention to stem or even investigate such child abuse and trafficking in B.C. According to Rob Nicholson,the Attorney General’s office is itself implicated in this organized pedophilia. “In the case of two convicted pedophiles, a Dr. Gossage and a Mr. Benest, a school Principal, the B.C. Attorney General’s office through aspecial prosecutor, Peter Leask, protected these child rapists and ensured that compliant judges imposed a media ban to protect theiridentities and reputations. Leask had also served as the attorney for Gossage. Such direct collusion between pedophiles and the governmenthas gone unchallenged.” (August 2002)According to a retired RCMP special investigator in Vancouver who requests anonymity, child pornography and trafficking is continually on therise because of judicial toleration of violence against children, as indicated by constantly minimal prison sentences for convicted child sexoffenders. To quote the RCMP official, “The unofficial policy and official practice is to look the other way when children are raped. It’s just not considered much of a crime to violate achild. That climate encourages pedophiles to act with impunity.” With the approach of the Olympics and the influx of wealthy tourists into Vancouver, the trafficking in children will only increase. According toCarol Martin, “We’re not only going to see 5000 people made homeless by the Olympics, but a lot more women and kids disappear. Whenever the touristsshow up, our people go missing.” What is to be done?In a culture like ours, where people are commodities and children are traditionally seen to be originally sinful, child abuse cannot help but beendemic. But what is less obvious is the fact that pedophilia in Canada is actually being organized and protected by the very institutions of state and church that pose as protectors of children.The Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, for instance, have been legally absolved by the government of any wrongdoing for thetorture and death of more than 50,000 children in their Indian residential schools: a travesty of justice that nevertheless has proceededwithout protest or comment from most Canadians.Such mass indifference to a crime against humanity in our midst is more than telling. For one wonders how child prostitution, trafficking andmurder can ever be eradicated from our midst when the foxes are still in charge of the chicken coop; and while the right of adults andinstitutions to violate and destroy innocence continues to go unchallenged and unpunished.
Cobain murdered by CIA - Page 288 - David Icke's Official Forumshttp://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3097&page=2882 van 325-06-2010 09:03
A Cowichan native on Vancouver Island whom I’ve known for years once told me that, before the coming of the whites, his people had asimple way to deal with anyone who harmed a child in their village. “A group of warriors assigned to the job would take the offender out into the forest, and you’d never see him again. For us, our children weresacred, and we had a zero toleration for whatever might harm them: because we knew that if the next generation was crippled, our peoplehad no future.” Perhaps it’s time for such simple tribal wisdom to prevail in “Beautiful British Columbia”, where men with money and power continue to runamok over the lives of the innocent.
Cobain murdered by CIA - Page 288 - David Icke's Official Forumshttp://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3097&page=288van 325-06-2010 09:03

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