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Published by: SaptarishisAstrology on Sep 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Un-Crowned KingC.S.Patel
BySishya, India.
(As written on 20
Aug 2007, upon request of Mr. K.N.Rao for Journal of Astrology,published in Oct 2007. This article has been further edited & updated. )ord Brahma said to Kali
‘Alphabet (GU) means Siddha and (R) and (U) imply ShriGanesh who is Guru. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma & Parents are all Gurus of this Earth.Knowledge imbibed with devotion and rational thinking (vivek) is seen in the heart of theGuru. Study of Dharma and Shastras without Guru is futile. He directs in action, thought,devotion and disintegration. One cannot surpass worldly miseries without the help and guidance of Guru. He throws a flash light on the dark illusionary path. Service to the Guru makes one pure inbody, speech and thinking’
. Chapter 2, Shri Guru CharitraShri C. S. Patel (Chandulal Sarkarilal Patel) whom we loved and respected expired on 14
Aug 2007 at age of 92. He was more than a Guru and more than a father.Scribe could learn hardly any jyotish from him but could get so much love that it isindescribable. The deep love & fondness for each other was so immense that though scribeused to call him ‘Chandubhai’ (C.S.Patel:ChandulalSarkarilal Patel) his daughter once said
that he should be now called Dada (grand‐dad) by me as our relationship had changed.Though he passed away at the age of 92, scribe felt betrayed by him for going so early.From the moment the news of his death has come in, all the old timers in astrology havewritten and paid tribute to the marvelous & most important ‘Pioneering Work’ he did inNavamsa, Nadi Jyotisha, Ashtakvarga & Arudhas. How he taught us to use Navamsadispositors in transits, 64
Navamsa, Pushkara Navamsa etc was path breaking to say theleast. Even Bhrigu Bindu that was mentioned in an English translation of Bhrigu NandiNadi, no one knew how to apply it. When Patel Saheb wrote about how to use it, he becameso famous that in the West & certain parts of India they called it the
Patel Bindu
(instead of Bhrigu Bindu). It was in 2006 I realized that what he had written about this Bindu in hisbooks was far less than what he knew about it when he taught few new methods on itsapplication.He had a trademark, he would only write on such topics in astrology which were unknownor no one had ever written on it, always the 1
to venture. This is a dangerous pattern & onlyfew masters have exhibited this trend. He took only those works of Nadi which none beforehim had worked on. This earned him the awe feeling of genuine respect from even hisseniors. One may call it that he marketed himself well but scribe sees that his mission in lifewas to unearth secrets for us. Before his book on Ashtakvarga was published (1957), thegeneral populace did not even know how to calculate and use Ashtakvarga effectively. Thisalso warrants a special mention on his work on Nadi Jyotisha which remains unparalled; tilldate no astrologer has removed so many verses from rare manuscripts practically unheard of and taught us their applicability. Patels standing as a scholar is so genuine that when aChennai based astrologer recently wrote a book on nadi jyotisha and made a one line remarknegatively on Patels work, thereby his manuscript has been rejected by all publishers. Finallyhe was forced to go to an astrologer publisher whom he bad mouthed for years & beg to printhis work.He could orally calculate and announce SAV bindus just by seeing chart in 2 secs. Scribewould feel that’s miraculous but he would shout back saying that it means I have not readhis work properly. He often would repeat, to understand his work one must re‐read itminimum 3 times. Later when scribe travelled over India it was realized even big timescholars had this same view that to understand the depth of Patels work minimum thricereading is essential. At times one would find that even singular verses in his book deservedmore thought & hard work. In 2004 we worked on few verses fromPatels works and realizedthat many of them had potential for a full fledged system. Scribe secretly worked on this andshared it with his personal friends. The worst part of his life was he never got the fullrecognition that he deserved, many current breed of authors wrote articles on those methodsfirst expounded by him e.g. ‘Rasi Tulya Navamsa’ ‘64
Navamsa’ ‘Pushkara Navamsa’‘Bhrigu Bindu’ but never gave him due credit. This kind of plagiarism is often found in anunregulated industry like Indian Astrology, though the same astrologers fail to under howcome Mercury is troubling them in certain periods when it should be a good period instead.Many of us do not even know that R.Santhanam’s translation of Devakerelam (ChandraKala Nadi) would not have been possible if not for Patel Saheb who gave him the Part 1 of Devakerelam. Before Patel Saheb could finish the edit of the translation by Santhanam ithad already gone into the press. Patel Saheb was one of the first people who taughtDevakerelam in his classes, decades back; even the legend of legends Narendra Desai had
learnt it from him. Many decades later Santhanam translated this epic work wherein Patel’ssoul was there. Often scribe had to face disgust when scribe asked his Guru Shri Patel toteach him Dhruva Nadi, Budha Nadi & Guru Nadi, Patel would say first masterChandrakala Nadi (Devakerelam) it is the best, the best & the best.Let us take Patel Sahebs chart and see few events of his life from some different not so usedmethods. We shall stress more on the event of his death from a liberal point of view andhere we would notexpoundfrom the traditional angle of yogas etc:‐
Brief Salient Features:‐
Long Life:
8L Saturn is retrograde; this is what he attributed to his long life. ThisSaturn is 4
from 9H of father denoting his father’s mother; his grandmother also livedabove 90 (writing from memory). Later we would see that this retro Saturn which gave himhis long life was also to the one who would take it away. It’s obvious the hand who feeds hasthe ability and more so right to take it away too. By the way of oblique reference it can besaid that 8L Saturn ‘Retro’ in 12H would indicate that this knowledge of astrology isspecifically coming from previous life & it being retro would mean it was a specific karmathat he had to pay back a debt to the astrological society.2)
Unearthing Rare Knowledge:
We would look at Jupiter & Rahu.
 Jupiter is AK (soul significator) in the 8H, shows that his Atma (soul) is here for SpecificOccult Work (8H); also Jupiter in 8H is known to give ability of ‘Mining Out HiddenKnowledge to Light’. Now this Jupiter is in Aq which is noted as a very special sign for Jupiter. Aq is the sign of the Kumba (overflowing pot) in the hands of a maiden; it was thevery presence of his daughter (unmarried ‐ maiden) that facilitated him to concentrate onwriting so many books even at such an old age of 92. Without his daughters (Kailashben’s)motherly love he would not have completed so many books after the death of his wife. Hiswife had died many decades back whom he missed quiet a lot and would often tell scribehow great she was. No doubt on 19
of March 2007 when his daughter died, he shouted ‘My

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