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Technology Plan Update

Technology Plan Update

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Published by tiana_tibbs

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Published by: tiana_tibbs on Apr 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Technology Plan UpdateTiana TibbsStephanie McCoyQiana WorldsFRIT 8132
Part 1: Narrative
The Bibb County school district serves approximately 25,276 students. That breaks down toabout 73% black, 22% white, and 5% of a combination of other ethnicities. In addition, about73% of the enrolled students participate in the free/reduced meal program. Students withdisabilities population is 2,570. (These numbers are based on the 2007-2008 Bibb County scorecard which is the latest year with available data.)
Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths of the Bibb County Technology plan are as follow:
Executive Summary
The executive summary explains the major themes that thecounty is aiming to address easily for the readers.
The goals answered the questions of who, what, when, how much andaccording to which instrument. The goals were comprehensive and realistic.
The objectives were very thorough and several strategies were listed foreach objective.
Acceptable Use Policy - The Acceptable Use Policy is detailed including appropriatedefinitions. It covers all areas that it should cover.
Technical Support - The role of technical support is articulated both in terms of schoolbased and system based responsibility levels.
Clarity of Writing
The writing was clear and concise. Formatting and the organizationof the plan made it easily readable.
Weaknesses of the Bibb County Technology plan are as follow:
Vision Statement - The vision statement was rather lengthy with no emphasis on howtechnology will impact student learning.
Conclusions and Recommendations
There was not a complete list in the document.They should be listed along with appropriate detail.
Technology and Learning Statement
There was no technology and learning statementpresent in the technology plan.
Proposed Changes
Proposed changes to the Bibb County Technology plan are as follow:
In general, the plan is too vague for anyone to grasp the district’s purpose for using
technology. It should be more specific and stress how it will impact student learning. Itappears that it is geared toward the benefit of teachers instead of students. Studentlearning should be the main goal in the vision and mission.
Some sections of the plan should have some specifics of clear and measurableobjectives that are realistic to the current state of the district.
Section Changes
Vision Statement
This section should be short but specific with some emphasis on howthe technology will impact the student learning.
Conclusions and Recommendations - This section should have a list of needs andchallenges that will improve Bibb County overall with recommended projects along withsome specific, clear, and measurable goals.
Technology Learning Statement - A technology learning statement needs to be presentand stated with clear specifics.
Resulting Improvements
With the changes that we are proposing, Bibb County school system will be able to showhow much progress they made with the use of technology and show how it benefits studentlearning. Not only will it show benefits to student learning, but it will also show the overallbenefits in the different areas of the county that helps lead to achievement for everystudent. The technology should be used in all aspects of the education system realisticallyto show measurable and consistent success in all levels.
 Part 2: Create/Update the Technology Plan
Broad Based Support 
School Administration - Serves as a communication liaison between the teachers and theTechnology department and are responsible for monitoring local technology issues at theschool level.
Technology Department - Responsible for all technology issues at the district level. Dutiesinclude installation and maintenance, purchasing, hardware/software approval, and monitoringassets. They also have to keep up with the trends in the industry that dictates educationalchange.School Board - Responsible for allocating funds and provides support for the technologydepartment.
Needs Assessment 
After reviewing school inventories, and compiling data, the district found that computers
were modern adequately distributed in all schools. Although some computers are over five
years old, these units still fit the definition of modern and have enough RAM to adequately
run the application currently in use. The district has replaced all operating systems with
Windows 2000 or XP however Vista must be rolled out by the end of 2009 to support the new
version of Office. Funding the upgrade from Office 2003 to 2007 will be a huge expense but
it mandatory as students and employers continue to use the new version. Training will also
need to be addressed in 2008 since the changes are so drastic. In the meantime, the district
has installed the compatibility module on all computers.Media centers are quickly becoming the hub for technology integration in the schools. Mediaspecialists have been working tirelessly to provide research skills at all grade levels. The districtneeds to make all book collections available to all schools for intra-library loans. There is also aneed for audio enhancement in each classroom. New technologies such as pod casting andtablets will be placed in media centers for checkout until the technology becomes main streamat the school.Employee access to technology at the school-level is sufficient. Custodian and campus policeofficers use computers regularly to check email and enter time sheets. The technology availableto the Central Office support staff is outdated and needs to be replaced in many departments.Employees also need access to the student information system and human resources/financeapplication 24/7/365. Establishing this employee portal is scheduled to be complete in Augustof 2009.

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