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Published by Angela Michaels

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Published by: Angela Michaels on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kalashnikov AKS-74U (Krinkov)short assault rifle (Russia - USSR)
AKS-74U short assault rifle 
AKS-74U-UBN with the BS-1 "Tishina" 30mm suppressed grenade launcher (shown detached, along with special blank launcher cartridge and 30mmHE- DPgrenade)
: 5,45x39 mm
Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
Overall length
: 735 mm (490 mm with foldedbuttstock)
Barrel length
: 210 mm
Magazine capacity
, 30 rounds standard
Weight empty
: 2,71 kg
Effective range
: about 200 meters
Rate of fire
: 650-735 rounds per minuteThe AKS-74U short assault rifle (the "U" suffix means"Ukorochennyj" inRussian = "Shortened" in English) has been developed in the late 1970s from theAKS-74assault rifle. The AKS-74U was intended as a personal defense weapon fortank, gun, helicopter and other vehicle crews,and for the specialoperations forces, which required compact but relatively powerful individual automaticweapon. The AKS-74U has the size and effective range of a typical submachinegun, but has advantage of the general issue,assault rifle ammunition andmagazines, as well as the parts interchangeability with the general issue assaultrifle, theAK-74. Since its introduction the AKS-74U, unofficially known as a"Ksyukha" (variation of aRussian womanname) or "okurok" (cigarettestub),also had been issued to variousPoliceand other Law Enforcement forcesacres the USSR and the Post-USSR countries, including Russia.Interestingly,the AKS-74U is known in the USA as the "Krinkov" - a name,apparently devised by Afghani Mujaheddins during Soviet invasion to theAfghanistan in 1980s. The AKS-74U is somewhat popular among its users dueto its compact size,which allows it to be carried in the cars and even concealedunder the clothes.On the other side, its effective range of fire is greatly limitedby the poor accuracy at ranges beyond 150-200 meters, while the bullet itselfremains lethal at much greater ranges. The AKS-74U also known for itstendency for rapid overheating when firing in bursts. A special version of theAKS-74Uhad been developed for the Special Forces (Spetsnaz), which couldbefitted with quickly detachable silencer and a special 30mm silenced grenadelauncher modelBS-1 "Tishina"("silence"). The launcher uses special HE-DPgrenades, which are launched using special blank cartridges, stored in the

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