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Michael Maxwell - Planning Documents

Michael Maxwell - Planning Documents

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Published by Michael Maxwell

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Published by: Michael Maxwell on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michael MaxwellITEC 7230/Planning Documents – Photo-story
The purpose of this presentation will be to instruct students abouthow to calculate percentages and discounts. The presentation will demonstratehow mathematics is utilized outside the classroom. The presentation will engageand motivate the students to grasp and understand mathematical concepts withinreal-life situations. In addition, the information will help the students as they begin to prepare for a trip to the mall.
The following Standards will be addressed:
Information Literacy Standard 1:
The student who is information literateaccesses information efficiently and effectively.
Information Literacy Standard 2:
The student who is information literateevaluates information critically and competently.
Information Literacy Standard 3:
The student who is information literateuses information accurately and creatively.
Students will further develop their understanding of the meaning of multiplication and division with decimals and use them.
Students will understand the meaning of percentage.2.
Learner Analysis:a.Age/Gender:
The target audience is students in the 5
grade. The ages of the studentsshould range from 10-11.
b.Cultural Background:
 This lesson will apply and appeal to various cultural backgrounds and socio-economic levels.
Educational Level:
Students should have successfully completed the 4
grade, with anunderstanding of 2-digit multiplication and division.
Academic Summary:
Reading Levels:
Students should be reading at or above a 4
grade level.
Math Levels:
Students should have mastered 4
grade mathematics, with the abilityto solve problems involving multiplication of 2-3 digit numbers by 1-2digit numbers.
Students should have a basic understanding of the decimal and how todo basic computations utilizing decimals.
d.Gardners Multiple Intelligences
This lesson will appeal to each of the 8 different intelligences. Although thelesson is geared toward logical-mathematical intelligence, the lesson will becreated to appeal to the other 7 intelligences. It would be beneficial for theteacher to survey the class regarding other intelligences. The teacher can add asupplemental lesson to enhance understanding by the students who haveanother primary intelligence. .
3. Objectives:
1.Students will be able to convert percentages to decimals.2.Students will be able to compute 2-3 digit multiplication and division problems.3.Students will be able to determine how to evaluate the percentage of awhole number 4.Students will be able to compute the sales price of an item.5.Students will be able to compute sales tax6.Students will be able to compute the final price of an item advertised onsale.4.
Theory of Instruction:
 Cognitivism is the theory of instruction and learning that will be incorporatedin the presentation. Within Piaget’s stages of cognitive development theory,most of the students will fall between the concrete and formal operationalstages. This stage is characterized by logical thinking and the beginning of complex classification. In addition, students have the ability to consider many possibilities for a given condition. They are able to deal with propositions thatexplain concrete facts. They have the ability to use planning to think ahead.This will be addressed by using age-appropriate math problems andshowing students engaged in actual investigations and computations.Problems will be presented that require students to combine several conceptsto achieve the correct answer. In keeping with the Cognitivism belief thatrules involve actions, students will have the ability to purchase items only if they are able to correctly compute the final sales price, including sales tax. By participating in this activity, students will begin to understand sales and thedetermination of the best deal.
5.Content Outline:The content of the presentation will follow the steps of finding the salesprice and sales tax amounts.
Converting the sale percentage and sales tax percentage into a decimal.
Multiplying the sale decimal by the original item price
Subtracting the product from the original price to obtain the sales price
Multiplying the sales tax decimal by the sales price

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