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Technology Plan Update FRIT 8132 4

Technology Plan Update FRIT 8132 4

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Published by Michael Maxwell

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Published by: Michael Maxwell on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Technology Plan Update
FRIT 8132
Educational Institution
Clayton County Public Schools is a county-wide system centered in Jonesboro, Georgia20 minutes south of Atlanta. The system¶s area is made up of several suburban cities andunincorporated areas within the boundaries of Clayton County and is made up of approximately49,000 students in 63 schools. The student demographics are as follows: 73% black, 16%Hispanic, 4% White, 4% Asian, 3% Other with 85% being economically disadvantaged. ClaytonCounty PS is considered a Title I school system and receives federal funding through this program.(8) 
Strengths and Weaknesses
The following information addresses the relative strengths and weaknesses of theClayton County Public Schools Technology Plan as evaluated by our group. The information isdivided into the content sections that were highlighted in the rubric that was used. In addressingthe executive summary, the vision is clearly stated in section I at the beginning of the document.Inside the vision is the mission of CCPS in relation to its technology use. The Goals andobjectives are quite extensive with 7 goals each with many objectives. There is not a sectionspecifically for conclusions and recommendations; they are addressed as a part of the other sections and in the Strategic Action Plan. Though there is not a section that lists all stakeholdersspecifically, most stakeholders and their roles are included in the vision statement. The visionstatement is comprehensive and covers technological as well as instructional factors, identifies
the users of the technology and indentifies the benefits of use as keeping the students globallycompetitive. The TP does not include a separate mission statement and instead has mixed themission statement with the vision statement. The mission statement is very broad with itsstatement about why the plan is in place.The goals are categorized into instructional, administrative and parent and communityfocus and each have several very specific objectives. Though the goals do not contain all of thecriteria for 3 points the objectives are broken down by the indicators listed. The objectivessection is hard to complete because the goals in the Technology Plan for CCPS are broken downinto strategies and benchmarks and not necessarily pure objectives. Within the strategies and benchmarks, the information is measurable and clearly delineated from the goals. The steps for completion are listed in the benchmarks and the overall objectives are clear and realistic. Also a part of the Objectives are the evaluation method to be used to assess progress, the source or sources of funding and the person that will be responsible for the implementation of thestrategies.The Needs Assessment was not a separate section of the Technology Plan but most of theinformation that would fall into this category was addressed in the Gap Analysis for Instruction,Administrative and Parent and community. I did not observe any information about a technologyassessment or extensive survey that was administered. In the redevelopment of this plan it will benecessary to more clearly define what needs are being addressed through the updated technology plan.In dealing with general issues, the Technology Plan does an excellent job of discussingstaff development and technology standards in a thorough manner. The plan certainly addressesthe issue of student access and has a plan that ensures student access to computers and new
technology for years to come. The plan does address the integration of new technology with oldtechnology, as the school system makes plans for purchasing new technology on an annual basis.The breakdown of the plan includes the funding source and amount. The plan is missing howthey will handle students with limited English proficiency.The Technology Plan does an excellent job within the conclusions and recommendationssection. I found it interesting that this is done toward the beginning of the plan. The planidentifies needs and challenges and thoroughly outlines the steps taken to achieve the vision.The acceptable Use Policy contains general guidelines for proper use and outlines what isexpected for use of county software. It also includes statements about the confidentiality of student data and the proper uses of electronic mail. The policy does not include any informationon facilities use.Within the technology and learning statement section, the plan incorporates a good background on how technology is currently used and how it will assist n achieving instructionaloutcomes. A thorough basis is provided on how technology will enhance the current curriculum,along with teaching and learning strategies. The plan does not talk about other reform efforts or what students will do within the environment.As it pertains to Technology Standards, Requirements, and Models for Technology andLearning, the plan includes a comprehensive section devoted to the capabilities of hardware andlearning environments. It includes a thorough review of minimum standards and requirements of current and proposed hardware, software, and connectivity. Also included are current and proposed learning environments.

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