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Published by Karan Mangla

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Published by: Karan Mangla on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Section - A
1.A quadratic equation whose one root is 3 and the sum of the roots is 0, is(a)x
+ 3 = 0(b)x
+ 9 = 0(c)x
- 9 = 0(d)x
- 3 = 02.The next term of the AP
is(a)65(b)60(c)50(d)553.The distance of the point (3, -4) from the y-axis is(a)7 units(b)6 units(c)3 units(d)4 units4.To draw a pair of tangents to a circle which are inclined to each other at an angle x°, it is required todraw tangents at the end points of those two radii of the circle, the angle between which is(a)90° - x°(b)90° + x°(c)180° - x°(d)180° + x°5.The sum of n terms of the series
+ + + +
6.The famous mathematician associated with finding the sum of first 100 natural numbers is(a)Euclid(b)Newton(c)Gauss(d)Pythagoras
Sample Paper
(Based on CBSE CCE SA - 2)
[Time allowed: 3 hours][Maximum marks: 80]
General Instructions:
1.All questions are compulsory.2.The question paper consists of 34 questions divided into 4 sections, section A, B, C, and D.3.Section A contains 10 multiple choice type questions of 1 mark each. Section B contains 8 questions of 2marks each, section C contains 10 questions of 3 marks each and section D contains 6 questions of 4marks each.4.There is no overall choice. However, internal choice has been provided in 1 question of two marks, 3questions of three marks each and 2 questions of four marks each. Attempt only one of the alternativesin all such questions.
Section - D
6500 were divided equally among a certain number of persons. Had there been 15 more persons, eachwould have got
30 less. Find the original number of persons.OROne fourth of a herd of camels was seen in the forest. Twice the square root of the herd had gone to themountains and 15 camels were on the bank of the river. Find the number of camels.30.Find the sum of all natural numbers between 200 and 1502 which are exactly divisible by 3.31.Prove that the lengths of tangents drawn from an external point to a circle are equal.32.A hemispherical depression is cut out from one face of a cubical wooden block such that the diameter ‘a’of the hemisphere is equal to the edge of the cube. Determine the surface area of the remaining solid.
ORA shuttle cock used for playing badminton has the shape of a frustum of a cone mounted on a hemisphereas shown in the figure. The external diameters of the frustum are 5 cm and 2 cm and the height of theentire shuttle cock is 7 cm. Find its external surface area.
5 cm7 cm2 cm
33.The middle portion of a wooden rolling pin (belan) is a cylinder of diameter 6 cm with hemisphericalends of same diameter. Two cylindrical rods, each of length 9 cm and diameter 2 cm are attached oneither side of the hemispherical ends. If the total length of the rolling pin is 42.5 cm, find its volume.Also, compute its mass if 1 cubic cm of wood has a mass of 0.9 grams.
   6  c  m
42.5 cm9 cm2 cm
34.The angle of elevation of the top of an unfinished tower at a point 120 m from its base is 45°. How muchmust the tower be raised so that the angle of elevation at the same point be 60°?

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