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The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come

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Published by T M Copeland
A call for a National reconciliation and Atonement Day.
A call for a National reconciliation and Atonement Day.

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Published by: T M Copeland on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The appointed hour has arrived. Of course, this is not the "appointed hour" in any but a cosmic sense. No committee composed of responsibility non governmentalorganization officials have, sitting in an emergency
ad hoc
body, set the day and the hour.But, it is really way past time. Since no one else will do it, it is left to me.I always get the crap jobs. It is me who has to take the garbage out. It is me whohas to unplug stopped drains in sinks and toilets. When the children were young, it wasme they waited for to get home and "deal with it." When my youngest daughter was stilla toddler, I was the one made to clothe her in the one-piece jump suits she loathed. Madeto do it by her mother, who thought the child looked "so cute" in them. Never mind thatevery damn morning I would force my darling daughter into these hateful garments. (Iknow for a fact, though now twenty-one, she's never forgiven me.) Never mind that myefforts went daily for naught as the angle child would go downstairs and pitch such a bloody hell fit that her mother would bring her back upstairs, while I was in the shower,and change her into a blouse and skirt.Like I said, I always get the crap jobs.It is happening again. No committee of responsible NGO officials is stepping up.All our elected officials are hopeless whores and/or ideological dimwits. Religiousleaders occasionally do take a run at this from time to time but they are so discreditedform years of blather and superstition, not to mention pedophilia scandals and such, thatno one can pay any attention to them.So, God help us all, we are down to me.Here goes.We need a National Reconciliation and Atonement Day. We need a NRDA andwe need it badly. Like a teenage couple on a hot summer night by the lake, we need somerelief. A little bit of instant gratification would not be out of line. Our broken, beaten and
 busted nation deserves a bunch of apologies. Our public and private sector leaders andour media moguls need to apologize. "We, the people," deserve some healing. Thespecific healing we need is an acknowledgement that damn near everybody that wassupposed to be watching our back was sticking it to us instead. We need thoseresponsible to own up to it, accept a little public humiliation and retribution so we cancorrect the course and move on.Where to start? I suggest that every President of the United States from McKinleyforward, excepting John Kennedy and Gerald Ford, be made to publicly apologize for "free trade." I mean it, living or dead, if dead dig the bastards up, they should apologizefor destroying, systematically destroying, the most vibrant and creative economy in worldhistory. This policy was pursued by well meaning men, men like Carter, the first GeorgeBush, Bill Clinton, long after it was obvious the pursuit of this policy was destroying us.There is no excuse for it. They sold us out and they should apologize.The members of the "permanent" Democratic Congresses that held sway, almostuninterruptedly, from FDR's first election through 1994 need to apologize. Toward theend, though out the seventies and eighties and into the nineties, they were all a bunch of arrogant jackasses and they conspired against the American people with the real permanent government of federal bureaucrats. They went for decades refusing to listen toanybody who had no government title and created such anger among the people mediocreofficials like Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay and the ilk were given power. This anger lastedthrough the nineties and into the new century and bequeathed us more mediocre officials,less than mediocre officials, like the second George Bush, and criminal and venalofficials like Cheney and Rumsfeld, men who cannot now leave the country for fear of arrest.Again, thankfully, many of the leaders of this Democratic hubris festival are nowdead, so they too will have to be exhumed. Never the less, it is necessary. They willfullycreated an environment where horrible people could be elected to govern us and theyneed to apologize.
The entire Republican Party needs to apologize. What the Republicans have doneto America and the world since the rise of Reagan is simply criminal. Who knows howmany millions of people, mostly perfectly innocent people, have lost their lives, beenmurdered, raped, butchered, tortured, etc., due to the reckless, cowboy military andeconomic policies of the Republican leadership over the past third of a century. The warsthey have had us fight are bad enough but these pale in comparison to the civil warscaused by their unfailing support of international corporations' extraction efforts in"nations" like the Congo, Anglo, Nigeria and Bolivia. The civil wars are particularlyhorrible but these too pale in comparison to the lose of life and the lose of liberty and thediminished lives hundreds of millions of people have suffered and continue to suffer dueto our nations' support of multi national corporations' desire to secure various naturalresources cheaply and "efficiently." No human sacrifice, as long as it is not their humansacrifice, is too great to secure corporate return on invested capital. But, this is anapology they owe the world. Perhaps they owe us an apology for claiming to facilitatethese crimes in our name.The Republicans need to apologize for destroying the public education systemeverywhere but specifically in California. When Reagan became Governor, the publiceducation system in California was the light of the world. From K through Ph. D., it wasthe golden door, the real golden door. Reagan set the wheels in motion to destroy it and,using its glorious destruction as an example, Republicans copied the model to destroyother such systems throughout the entire nation. Not satisfied with this bit of dark science, Republicans have also presided over thedestruction of the middle class and the concentration of wealth in to the hands of the topone percent of wealthy Americans. There is no longer any doubt about the outcome of Republican tax policy. There is no longer any doubt about the outcome of Republican policies of deregulation. There is no longer any doubt about Republican policiesregarding "privatization." There is no longer any doubt about Republican social service policies. These policies are destroying the social and economic fabric of the nation. These

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