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Wave Star - The World's Strongest Wave Power Concept

Wave Star - The World's Strongest Wave Power Concept

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Published by RushmereBaptist

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: RushmereBaptist on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The world’s strongest wave power concept!
Wave Star Energy has developed a sustain-able wave energy machine, which is tosecure all of us a new unlimited, green energysource. Within the near future, commercial500 kW Wave Star machines will be ready forthe open seas.
Since 2003 Wave Star Energy has been dedica-tedto the development of a reliable, commercial waveenergy technology. With the new 500 kW prototype, thecompany has stated its position among the leadingwave energy developers in the world.
Commercial machines ready in 2011
In September 2009 a research section of the commercial500 kW wave energy machine was installed in the NorthSea in Denmark. It is impressive 40 meters long - withfloats of a 5 meter diameter. It is a shortened version ofthe complete machine which will be 70 meters long. Theresearch section is located 300 meters off Hanstholmin the North Sea at a water depth of 7 meters. It isconnected to the grid.After the testing and optimization on the researchsection, the complete 500 kW machine will be producedand ready for sale in 2011/12. With this technology WaveStar Energy offers a real opportunity to diversify theelectricity generation capacity and ensure continuousproduction of clean energy.
Reliable production of green energy
The Wave Star system will be able to offer productionof up to several Megawatts per installation, which isequivalent to off-shore wind turbine farms. Wave Starhas a significant higher output than other wave energysystems and produces power already in small waves.Waves are predictable 24 to 36 hours ahead andthe production continues 6-8 hours after the windsettles. This makes wave energy an ideal complementfor wind turbines – and is of vital importance when itcomes to meeting a continuously increasing demand forrenewable energy in the grid.
Proven concept
After more than 3 years of constant operation in the sea,Wave Star Energy has proved the patented concept withthe scale 1:10 test machine. Day in and day out the ma-chine has been working - through more than 15 stormsand with a minimum of maintenance. This is, in itself, amilestone in international wave energy.
How it works!
The fundamental basis of Wave Star differs markedlyfrom that of other wave power concepts. The WaveStar machine does not form a barrier against thewaves - with a view to harnessing all their energy – but cuts in at right angles to the direction of the wave.In this way the waves run through the length of themachine and the energy is utilized in a continuousprocess.On each side of the oblong Wave Star machine, thereare a number of hemisphere-shaped floats, which arehalf submerged in the water. When a wave rolls in, thefloats are pressed up – one after the other – until thewave subsides.Each float is positioned at the end of its own arm.Every time a float is raised, a piston presses oil intothe machine’s common transmission system at apressure of up to 200 bars. The pressure drives ahydraulic motor, which is connected to a generatorthat produces the electricity. As the machine is severalwave lengths long, the floats will work continuously toharness energy and produce a smooth output. The machine has an efficient storm protection concept,which has been documented. When the waves reacha certain height, the floats are automatically lifted up.The machine is based on standard offshoretechnology.
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