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How FK Lost His MOJO -- A story of pure speculation

How FK Lost His MOJO -- A story of pure speculation

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Published by brianadrian
Internet marketing legend FK roasted for your pleasure.
Internet marketing legend FK roasted for your pleasure.

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Published by: brianadrian on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The FK Prophecy: Internet Marketing by DivinationA.K.A.How FK Lost His Mojo – A Story of Pure Speculation
byI.M. JesterA.K.A.Mini FK(Every King needs a jester, every villain needs a Mini Me)Copyright © 2011 I.M. Jester -All Rights Reserved
You have permission to share this document providednone of its contents are changed and no money is charged.
NO...you WILL NOT make a million dollars because you possessthis ebook, although, you may make a million dollars
in the longterm
if the intended “victim” finally
it, though no guarantees and/or warrantiesare expressed or implied. So share. It's free. 
Once upon a time
...just the other day (2 + years ago!) FKand JR fed themselves on the grass of the field. It was anynormal day. FK, as usual, was on his rear; JR, as usual, was onhis feet. FK, chewing with a grind, moved forward – dragging hisbutt – slowly, and only when his neck could stretch no further.JR's movements more resembled Achilles, his chewing done withintent, his mind impetuous and ready for immediate action..1
Through his peripheral view JR glimpsed a vast mountain in thedistance; his head swiveled, “Hey, where did that come from?Wait a minute, I think I've heard of this...this must be the fabledmountain of seven sacred social stones.”  “FK! Look!” JR motioned towards the mountain. “It is fablednear the top of that mountain are seven sacred social stones, andatop the mountain peak itself, hidden in those clouds,” JR pointedwith a finger, “sits the hidden social guru.” “Myth.” FK snorted, then made funny noises children often doto ridicule their friends. “Social fairies have come to save us, pft!HOGWASH.” JR continued on without even giving FK the satisfaction of seeing any effect from his ridicule of JR's obvious learning inthese areas. “It is also said everything the hidden social gurusets his eyes upon...IS.” “More Myth.” FK grunted, bored and clearly uninterested, “Poppycock.” At that moment JR decided to scout ahead alone, “It will takeme a month of sundays if I try to convince FK, then it will takeme another month of sundays dragging him along...FK will befine.” After one final glance back at all his friends in the herd, JR sethis sights for a new adventure and with swiftness was soon atthe base of the mountain. Others were waiting, not for him, justwaiting. Sitting around in small groups. Sitting around alone.Some were on their feet and milled about aimlessly. Othersgently grazed. A few whispered of a hidden guru they could notdescribe, a few others spoke of mystical powers acquired byreaching the very top of the mountain. Still others discussed.2
what this wonder was or if it really was anything at all. JR wasflabbergasted by their ignorance. “It's the base of a mountainyou silly people!
And mountains are for climbing!
” For seven days and seven nights JR journeyed, and seventimes seven. The path began to thin as did the air. Onward andupward. Up and up JR pushed forward. The view indescribable.He could feel something in the very wind. Something magical. “FK has to see, feel, think, know this. Between the two of us thismountain doesn't stand a chance.” And back down the mountain JR went. For seven days andseven nights JR journeyed, and seven times seven. Downwardand ground word. Down and down JR went. Past the people atthe bottom of the hill. “Hey, some enterprising individuals built asmall town, I didn't notice that on my way up.” JR found FK right where he left him, but was so winded by his journey and excited by the possibilities dancing in his mind, hecould only push out a few words which fell on FK in hypesounding chunks. “He drank the __-__,” was one of FK's thoughts, “Fantasticdelusions,” was another, “Look around. All this is ours. I'm FK,why do I need to go galloping around chasing clouds and pipedreams? This is my domain, no one can challenge me.” “What about the future? I hear those who climb the mountainof the seven sacred social stones acquire mystical powers.” “But we already have mystical powers.” “Couldn't we just add these new mystical powers to our currentwizardry?” .3

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