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Bersham and Adwy Boys School Diaries , Book I , 1868 - 1879

Bersham and Adwy Boys School Diaries , Book I , 1868 - 1879

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Published by Annette Edwards
Day to life of the Penygelli School
Day to life of the Penygelli School

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Annette Edwards on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BOOK 11868 MAYThe Adwy Coedpoeth British School opened. May 6
 Number of scholars present = 97 boys. Visited by several of the managers. Examined the Boys andentered them into different classes. Continued the examination and found great difficulty, as thegreater number had never been to any school before.63 new scholars attended today. Found great difficulty in getting names and age of many of the boys. The school is in a very awkward state, as it is not supplied yet with proper books andapparatus. The children have to use their own books and slates as the Committee have not yet beenable to get any. Formed a timetable, my whole time is spent in the proper classification of theschool, and I feel great difficulty as the children have scarcely attended school before.
7 new scholars attend. The school is now in pretty fair working order, as we are suppliedwith apparatus and books. The standard reading books that we use are Murby`s Excelsior Reader.Promoted 3 to Standard 5 and 8 to Standard 2, John Thomas, Robert Roberts, and PhilipThomas Jones; Albert Williams, John Evans Talwrn, Thomas Hughes, George Belton,Edwin Gittins, Richard Griffiths, George Jones and Edwin Humphreys.
 Not many present as it being Wrexham fair day. The weather is very hot which makes the childrenvery restless. A Welsh `Cymanfa` held in Coedpoeth. Several of the chief ministers of theIndependents present. Visited by W John Griffiths, (Gohebydd) he examined the school and gaveseveral of the boys suitable prizesThe Masters wife left for Cardiganshire. The weather still continues very hot, and we find itvery difficult to interest the children in such a manner as to keep them attentive to their lessons. Theventilation of the school is not in very good order. Visited by Rev. Thomas Jones of Llangollen andMr Harrison, Minera Lime works.Ordinary progress. Two left school to work at the mines.The candidates for the office of Pupil Teachers attend lessons at half past six in the morning.Geography & History lessons given them. A committee of Manager is held this evening. Visited bythe Rev L. Ellis. The lessons given the candidates today were Arithmetic and Mensuration. Allattend at half past six. An examination held. 175 boys examined and the majority were in a very backward state.
The number in school today was very high, and a new song was taught the scholars. Standard 1 was particularly attended to as their Dictation and Arithmetic is very inferior. A night school held.
The school not so well attended, as there was an excursion to Bangor and a Ladies Club inthe village. 3 new scholars admitted, Boaz Jones, John Rees & William Oates.The attendance was very fair today. The weather has been very hot for several weeks andthe children are very restless. Visited by Mr Bowen and Mr Davies. One of the Candidates, EdwardMorris was not at morning lessons.Edward Morris absent this morning being poorly. Visited by a friend. The candidates have agrammar lesson at half past six this morning. A lesson in mental Arithmetic given the First Class.The whole school examined, found then rather backward. Home lessons given for the 2
Standard to be worked during the holidays. The school breaks up for 3 weeks.
The school reopens after the midsummer vacation. Not well attended as several children are kept athome to work. Visited by several men.Altered the Classification and Organisation slightly. Examined St 5, all present passedmoderately. Visited by Mr E B Ashley of Brymbo British School.The candidates have not worked their home lessons satisfactorily. Found it very difficult toteach Standard 2 the Multiplication table. Tried a new method of teaching the Multiplication table.Ordinary progress throughout the school. One scholar left the school to a situation in Llangollen.Visited by Mr Williams Chairman of the School Committee and W Daniels of Minera.Visited by Mr Boaz Jones, Vron. Visited by the Rev W Thomas, Wern.
The teachers are rather late coming to their work in the morning. 4 new scholars attend thismorning. Jesse and David Davies from Minera National School and one from Wrexham UnionSchool, Charles Williams.
Examined the whole school and found some progressing favourablywhile others seem very backward. Introduced a new dictionary (Collins) to school.
Visited by W Low Esq. Vron Colliery and W J Owen. W Low gave a present of a load of coal for school use and promises £1 toward giving presents to the best children in each class at Xmas.6 new scholars attended this morning, thought the scarlet fever is very prevalent in theneighbourhood. Edw. Jones, Adwy Clawdd, one of the schoolboys died of scarlet fever thismorning. A very nice little boy and very fond of his lessons.Edward Jones one of the school children buried at the Adwy cemetery this afternoon.Visited by W J Harris Esq. secretary of the managers. Not so well attended as usual as several of the boys were raising potatoes.
The first divisiontaught Composition. Gave them words to be formed into a sentence. They also had to write severalsentences of their own, together with writing an account of a horse. The parts of speech were to be pointed out in the above - found the same to interest them, and the method will be accepted infuture.The Master very poorly with sore throat. The school given up in the afternoon on account of the Masters illness.
2 new scholars attend school. William Jones and Robert Jones Coedpoeth. Visited by Rev HughHughes the Calvinistic Methodist Minister Coedpoeth.The school money amounted to a great deal more than usual today as it was a Pay Day at the Vronand Minera Works.A little boy named Enoch Hughes died of the Scarlet Fever. Several boys continue ill. TheScarlet Fever has been very prevalent in the neighbourhood during the last 4 months. The coldweather has just commenced and several of the youngest children are kept at home for the winter.This locality is a cold and stormy place. Great inconvenience arises from the fact that we have nofireplace in the classroom. 3 new scholars admitted Richard Davies, Thomas Jones and RobertCotgreave. A lecture delivered this evening by the Rev John Thomas,Wern on ³ Water, it¶s properties and use ³Arrived in school about ten o clock in the morning having been to visit Bangor NormalCollege. Found a great number of the children following the procession to meet Osborne Morgan
 Esq. the Liberal candidate for the County of Denbigh. The elections are affecting the number inattendance at the school. Polling takes place at Wrexham and the school is not so well attended.
Examined Standard 4 in Arithmetic. Gave them sums of this sort to work out. Subtract 1000 pencefrom £1000. £1-10-9
a week, what is that per annum. Very few able to work themFound it rather difficult to keep the children from copying. Gave each a different sum. Iintend following the recommendation of D R Fearon Esq. and make it impossible for them to copy.Payments of the children amounts to a good sum as it was a Payday at the Minera Works onSaturday. Scarlet fever is still prevalent in the neighbourhood and one of the boys died this week.One of the schoolboys died this morning. Thomas Williams of Wern. He died of Scarletfever. He belonged to Standard 1.Visited by W Lester Esq. Bron Offa and Miss Gee of Denbigh.The school not so wellattended as usual, great many children being preparing for Xmas.The school breaks up this evening for Xmas day, no other holidays allowed for this year An examination held today. Each class examined individually in the morning and a publicexamination in the afternoon. Messrs Fyfe and Son of Wrexham British schools attended.Prizes given to the best two in each class by Mr Low of Wrexham. The amount given by Mr Low being £4. Rev W Bartley and Mr Roberts and a great number of the boy¶s parents attend.
A new song taught´ God bless the Prince of Wales ³ One of the boys named George Edwards diedthis morning of Scarlet Fever. One new scholar attends, David Charles Roberts of Adwy`r Clawdd.2 new scholars admitted, Samuel and Owen Williams. The Grammar class on Saturday wasattended by 7 boys. Appointed a number of boys as curators for the week, to give out and collectslates in each class. Henry Jones, Thomas Rogers, Wm Hughes and Charles Williams.To look after the fireplace = John Davies.In future the teachers of each class will have to be careful with the order and discipline of their classes, allowing the curators to find anything that will be required for them.
Visited by W Low and several others. W Low delivered a lecture in the evening upon his proposedscheme of a Submarine Tunnel from England to France.Several boys kept at home owing to a fair being held at Coedpoeth. Some parents seem tocare very little about sending their children regularly to school. The same boys are generally absentevery week while others scarcely ever lose a day. Several boys belonging to Standard 2 have left for the Vron Colliery though some of them were very young.Many boys that have been at home for some time return this morning. The Bell has been putup today. It had been taken down for some time and sent to Birmingham, which was a very greatinconvenience for the school, as the children could not be sure of the time of opening.
The school very well attended though the weather is cold. A little boy belonging to the Infant Classdied last Saturday.The school is carried on with great energy as all it¶s teachers are working as hard as they possibly can. Found out that a boy had been writing with a black lead pencil on a door, and I punished him well. Gave the whole school a lesson on Good Behaviour. Standard 2 taughtnumeration as they are very backward. The discipline in this class is not good and I urge upon itsTeacher the necessity of observing order with the greatest care.

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