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Awp Syllabus

Awp Syllabus

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Published by Lovneesh Jain

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Published by: Lovneesh Jain on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Symbiosis Institute of TechnologySIT
Batch: 2008 - 2012 Branch: Information Technology Semester V
Course Code
Course Name
- Advanced Web Programming Lab
 Credit Points Teaching Hrs/WeekPractical Hrs/Wee0322Objective
Explore the use of video conferencing, White boardingand application sharing.
Explore the use of e-learning in the workplace.
Use a variety of online tools and services to solve a problem.PrerequisitesIntroduction to ITUnitTopic NameDetailsHrs
1 Introduction2.The Syntax of XML3.XML Document Structure4.Document Type Definitions5.Namespaces5
1.XML Schemas2.Displaying Raw XML Documents3.Displaying XML Documents with CSS4.XSLT Style Sheets5.XML Processors5
IIIIntroductionto ASP.NET-IIntroduction
Introduction to .NET framework 
Need for this.NET Framework ArchitectureVersions of Framework 
Introduction to ASP.NET
Basic PrinciplesCoding TechniquesASP.NET PagesASP.NET Page syntax
Standard Controls
Introduction To Control ClassIntroduction To System.Web.UI.Webcontrol classTextbox & Password ControlButton control5
07213504 Advanced Web Programming Labver- 1.201005221/ 5
Symbiosis Institute of TechnologySIT
Label ControlLiteral ControlImage ControlImage Button ControlImage Map controlDropdown List ControlCheckbox ControlCheckbox List controlRadioButton ControlRadioButtonList controlTable controlPanel controlAdRotator ControlCalendar ControlHyperLink controlFileUpload ControlHidden Field Control
IVASP.net-IIValidation controls
IntroductionBase Validator ClassRequiredFieldValidator ControlRegularExpressionValidator ControlCustomValidator controlRangeValidator controlCompareValidator controlValidationSummary ControlValidationGroup Property
Login Controls
Creating User AccountsLogin controlLoginName ControlLoginStastus ControlLoginReview ControlPasswordRecovery Control5
V ADO.netIntroduction to ADO.NET
An Overview of ADO.NETPerforming Common Database TasksImproving Database PerformanceAdvanced Database Topics
Binding Data to Web Controls
Overview of Data BindingBuilding a Server Control to a Data SourceCreating Master/Detail Forms5
07213504 Advanced Web Programming Labver- 1.201005222/ 5
Symbiosis Institute of TechnologySIT
Data Binding without Data Binding Expressions
Using the DataList and DataGrid Controls
Overview of the DataList and DataGrid controlsUsing the DataList ControlUsing the DataGrid Control
Working with DataSets
Understanding DataSetsUnderstanding DataTablesUnderstanding DataViewsUsing DataSets with ASP.NET Pages
VIIntroductionto PHP
Install, Syntax, Variables, PHP String, PHP Operators,PHP If..Else,PHP switch,PHP While Loops,PHP For Loops,PHP functions,PHP $_GET,PHP $_POST,PHPfunctions5
Lab/ Term Work 
Term work shall consist of a record in the form of a journal consisting of 
assignmentsset by the lab in-charge. Sample list is given below. However staff members may modifythem and produce a varied list of programs based on the sample list if required. For eachof the following programs, student should write a
Source code for the program (followin-charge’s instruction)
. The student has to take the
printout of the programs alongwith the input/output.List of Lab AssignmentLab 1:
Create the layout for one page of your HTML (or a Web page) that includes thefollowing: Place a title at the top of the Web page (title bar, not the page area).Background color. At least 2 different Font/Heading sizes. A Numbered or Bulleted Listwith at least 3 items. A Horizontal Rule. In a brief paragraph, describe the theme, andcolor scheme for the site and why you have made such choices. Add a background image.Create links for your listed items. Use the Font tag to change color, size, and face of text.Insert an image. Add alt tags to any and all images.
Lab 2:-
Before starting this lab, do a rough pen/pencil draft of your table. Insert a tableinto your Web page that includes the following: Background color at the table, table row,or table cell level. Background image in one of the cells. Change the border color. ACaption. Table Headings. Change cell padding and/or cell spacing in table. Adjust heightand width for table, cell, or row. Change alignment of cell contents in at least one cell androw. Merge cells in row or column. Insert the same image in two different cells. Modifysize. Change alignment. Link image to an external site. Add vertical and horizontalspacing to image. Optional challenge: Insert a nested table. Using any previously createdlist, create a nested list.
07213504 Advanced Web Programming Labver- 1.201005223/ 5

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