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Geometry Std Ix Lesson Plan

Geometry Std Ix Lesson Plan

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Published by shaheen ansari
a very brief lesson plan on geometry
a very brief lesson plan on geometry

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Published by: shaheen ansari on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MONTHCONTENTMETHODTEACHING AIDS JUNE1)LINES AND ANGLESRevision of point, line, ray, line segment, plane and properties related to them. Co-ordinates of points and distance,betweenness. Angles in term of rotation, measuring angle, zero angle, straight angle, co-terminal angle.Perpendicularity of segments and rays, congruent angles, properties of congruent angles, inequality of angles, pairsof angles. (contd)Explanation Self study JULY 1)LINES AND ANGLES (contd)Axiom , theorem, corollary and proof. Theorem on vertically opposite angles. Parallel lines, tranversal, angles formedby the tranversal, Tests for parallel lines(Alternate angles test, corresponding angles test, Interior angles test andtheir converses.2) TRIANGLE Types of triangles , cevians, properties of triangle, theorem on sum of measures of the angles in a triangle, exteriorangles of a triangle, theorem on remote interior angles, similar triangles, test of similarity of triangles and theirconverses.(contd)ExplanationSelf studyAUGUST2)TRIANGLE(contd)Problem set 23 ) CONGRUENCE OF TRIANGLESDefinition of congruent triangles, properties of congruent triangles, tests of congruency of triangles, Isosceles triangletheorem and its converse(contd)ExplanationSelf studySeptember3 ) CONGRUENCE OF TRIANGLES(contd) Theorem on 30
- 60
- 90
triangle, perpendicular bisector theorem, angle bisector theorem, locus, properties of triangles based on inequalities.4) CIRCLEIntroduction, points in a plane of a circle, concentric circles, congruent circles , intersecting circles, tangent andsecant to a circle,theorem on chord of a circle and its converse.ExplanationSelf studyNovember6)CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRYDistance formula, section formula(internal and external division), Area of a triangle.ExplanationSelf studyDecember7) GEOMETRIC CONSTRUCTIONBasic constructions, circumcircle and incircle, one tangent and two tangents.ExplanationSelstudy/geometry box January8)TRIGONOMETRYIntroduction, trigonometric ratios(sin, cos,tan, sec, cosec, cot),inverse ratios, ratios of 0 to 90, ratios of complementary anglesExplanationSelf study

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