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Published by baroReader

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Published by: baroReader on Apr 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The gentle evening sun, descending softly behind the oak and sycamore trees, leant an odd and entrancing glow to the emerald meadow; now coming in to season and preparing to bloom like no other time. The sky and surrounding land found itself painted in the most beautiful blushingamber hue, and as the architect of light itself stole away to some unknown land, a new life had been delivered to the meadow. This life was of amost mysterious and rare kind, having flown on some obscure wind and, perhaps by chance, found its home beneath the lone sakura tree; the jewel of the meadow. This rare and precious life was little but a seed, and yet it quickly thrived and, before long, became a flower, both timidand fair.
 As spring began to find its feet and the meadow, too, came into its beauty; a strange and wonderful visitor appeared in the distance. Merrily making her way towards the cherry tree, this outsider found herself at home amongst the beauty of the flowers in bloom more swiftly than any other. In fact, her very gaze seemed to lift the spirits of every living thing around. She moved like none before, with steps more akin to agraceful skip than a walk of purpose or solemnity. Her arms, too, moved with an individual elegance, slowly stretching out as if to greet the new, verdant world in which she, alone, seemed to belong. Beneath the tree, now in all its glory, blossoming for all to see with tender, silken bloom,the young woman found something to be out of place. Proud and alluring beneath the mighty sakura, a lone flower refused to blossom. Refusedto show the world how beautiful it was made to be or, perhaps, knew not how.
The girl sat beside the naïve flower and watched it remain still. In truth, it was her desire to entice life from its dormant state and, yet, nothinghappened. She lay in the sunny, spring grass for hours on end, closing her eyes and resting in the shade; Looking up from time to time to see the white, secluded flower, remaining still and infantile. With the night approaching, the girl gazed at her floral companion and wished, silently, forit to bloom, yet it remained as still as ever. The girl traced her finger across the bud and smiled, before softly sighing and ascending to her feet.Before she departed, the maiden of the flowers turned towards her new companion and made her vow; ‘Don’t worry. I’m like you, you see? And you don’t have to be alone’. As the same strange and wonderful visitor made her way back into the distance, fading, like the land itself, to thehorizon, the pseudo-night of spring descended on the meadow. When the sun’s gaze turned away from that place, only one exotic flower stood,shaded and forlorn beneath the delicate cherry blossom.
amily: Georgia; color: #333333; font-size: 10.5pt;"> The following afternoon, as the sun had once again began its slow and gradualdescent; a newly familiar figure appeared in the distance. Beneath the cherry tree, however, was not the lone flower as expected,but a new companion. A young man who was to find unparalleled grace in the flower of flowers. Turning towards the midday sun,this new companion caught a glimpse of white and tender life, blossoming before his eyes. The figure approached and feature byfeature, the gravity of her beauty was revealed. Beneath the old sakura, the boy sat, transfixed, in awe of this maiden. Withoutcomprehension of how such a tender, pure bloom could be without ties to the earth, to walk and breathe and love. Her skin, like thewhitest rose of Eden, was enough to steal his heart and instil in him a yearning like no other. Her hair, the deepest and most pureebony; held in place with a simple sapphire ribbon that allowed no more hair to fall across her face than would accentuate her beauty. Her lips themselves were a mirror to the process of his heart, the most profound and charming scarlet ever to honour theeyes of man, or so it seemed to him. Above all else, her beauty, her grace, her virtuous, loving nature was to be witnessed throughher eyes. To say that no sea, nor sky had ever been more blue; to say that the sight of any mortal or god had never been set upon atone more rich or deep; to say that grace had never before been carried as it was by those two angelic eyes would be to render allthe beauty of heaven itself as little more than fleeting. 
Once again, the figure approached the tree, gracing every plant with her gaze as she passed, before that same gaze settled on a half empty bench beneath a cloud of blushing blossoms. Looking up, the boy questioned himself, trying to disguise his wonderment and confusion, trying to provethis beautiful dream as something more. The sun above lit her completely and yet in the softest, most intricate manner possible, as if the aura of amber-rose was a gift to her, alone. Around her, the smallest of flowers and the grandest of trees united in their display; to him, now so muchmore alive than they had been just moments ago. He recognised those same angelic eyes, now honouring his own with their joyous gaze. Thosesmall, yet striking lips widened into a delicate smile, before carefully issuing the words; ‘do you mind if I sit here?’ The boy had no breath left with which to reply and so simply smiled and nodded sincerely.
The pair remained silent for some time, cautiously looking around for fear of catching the other’s eye. In truth, the young lady used this time togain some insight into the welcome stranger sat next to her. In her mind, there was no accounting for the way he had watched her, the way hehad taken to reverence as she approached. The sweet young maiden turned to her companion, with an inquisitive smile, eager to understand his wonderment. ‘My name is Aimi’ she said, attempting to look into his bewildered eyes. The boy blushed slightly and smiled back with his reply;‘Nice to meet you’. Aimi looked patiently back at him, before requesting his name. The enamoured young man had been too overwhelmed toreply in kind and now seemed to blush even more. ‘My name is Haru’ he said, commanding himself to look away, and towards the single whiteflower in front of him.‘It’s a strange flower, isn’t it?’ Aimi said, trying to distract him from his clear discomfort. Haru smiled again, thankful for this diversion and, with gaze firmly fixed on the closed flower, sighed ‘both strange and beautiful.’ The maiden applied herself to the task of drawing him from hisshell, speaking in a language that neither could, yet, understand. ‘I dare say that, when it blooms, it shall be the most grand in all the meadow,don’t you think?’ Haru, determined to affirm himself, turned his body towards Aimi in such a way as to make the meeting of their gazeinevitable. With an honest smile and attentive eyes, he declared proudly ‘Certainly. When this flower blooms, it shall outshine all others in its brilliance’. Aimi found herself more puzzled than ever. Haru’s sudden alteration had served to both surprise and please her. With a warm smile,she looked into his eyes and seemed to find the answer she desired. Looking back at her was a young man, tender and coy, startled by the

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