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25+ Quick & Easy Healthy Eating Tips

25+ Quick & Easy Healthy Eating Tips

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Published by Vincci

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Published by: Vincci on Sep 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Be prepared!
Whoever said that there’s no free lunch is right, especially when it comesto healthy eating.
The biggest trick to making healthy eating quick and easy isgood preparation beforehand.
Plan a weekly menu
that works around your schedule so you can set asidetime for cooking and know when you’ll need to grab something quick. This willalso help you
plan a shopping list
so that you won’t be tempted to buy stuff  you don’t need.
Set aside time after grocery shopping
to prepare food before you put it inthe fridge—cut up and portion fruits and vegetables for snacks and/or salads,marinate meats, or mix up a salad or a sandwich filling. Your future self willthank you!
Give yourself a weekend cooking project
to make a big batch of food that you can eat over the week. Toss a salad, make a soup or stew, toast your owngranola, or bake a healthy treat!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 
, but a lot of people skip it because they “don’t have enough time in the morning.” Here’s how you can make sure you get your day off to a fresh start:
is a quick and easy way to start the day! Blend together fresh and/orfrozen fruit, plain yogurt and milk. Add a bit of ground flaxseed for extranutrition.
fruit, yogurt and granola parfait
is nutritious and easy to put together.Mix your favourite fruits with some plain yogurt and sprinkle some granola ontop. Read nutrition labels to help you choose a granola that’s higher in fibre andlower in fat or sugar.
Instant oatmeal
is a great way to get some fibre into your system. Make it with
and add extras, like
fruit, ground flax seed, nuts, and/or granola
ontop for extra nutrition.
Did you know that eggs could be microwaved?
Beat an egg together with asplash of milk and some dried herbs in a bowl and nuke for 2 minutes. Serve on apiece of whole grain toast (Remember, look for ones that have at least 3 g of fibreper slice!)
Two slices of toast only takes about five minutes to make
. That’s enoughtime for you to get out your favourite
nut butter
(Nuts to You makes great nutand seed butters that have no added sugar, salt or trans fat) and a
for aPBB sandwich.
Don’t limit yourself to “breakfast foods”!
It’s completely ok to heat up lastnight’s leftovers.
Lunch is one of the meals most people want to be quick and easy 
 because they are either making it along side breakfast to bring to work, or right when they’re hungry.
Plan ahead
. Make your lunch the night before so you can get those extraminutes of sleep, or better yet, make a big batch of food (soup, salad, or evensandwich toppings) at the beginning of the week so all you have to do is put it in a box.
Have leftovers.
If you’re making healthy dinners, then that means you’ll have ahealthy lunch too! This will also help with portion control for those two meals.
Sick of the same old salad?
Experiment with
different vegetables
spice up the dressing
by adding different herbs and seasonings or even a dash of mustard or honey.
Get an extra fibre and protein kick by making a
 bean salad
with canned beans, fresh herbs and different vegetables.
13.Sick of the same old sandwich?
Like the salad, experiment with
different vegetables
, like alfalfasprouts, cucumber, peppers, or even grated carrot or fruit.
sandwich fillings
like tuna or chicken salad, mix in celery, greenonions, apple, and/or cucumber for extra crunch and nutrition.
Spice itup
by adding a bit of curry powder or another favourite spice.
Bored with bread?
Use your toppings to fill a pita or roll it up in atortilla. You can try different flat breads like Indian naan, or even a biglettuce leaf!
Make a mini-pizza
by topping a whole wheat pita or tortilla with tomato sauce, vegetables, lean meat and low-fat cheese and popping it into a toaster oven oroven until the cheese is melted and bubbly.
Remember Lunchables?
Make your own healthier version by choosing a whole grain cracker (Dare grainsfirst and Multifibre Melba toast are my favourites), cooking your own meat (Deli meats are full of sodium and cancer-causing nitrates), and choosing a low-fat cheese.
. Instead of putting together a proper sandwich, fill your lunch bag with
flat breads and crackers, vegetables, fruit, cheese, and different dips (i.e.hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush, cottage cheese)
Doctor your soup
. Canned soup has WAY too much sodium, but you can makeit better for you by tipping in some cut vegetables (frozen is ok), lentils, or canned beans and then diluting it with water. Who wants to slave over a hot stove after a long day at work? These tips will help you geta
healthy dinner
on the table quickly so that you have more of your evening tounwind.
It’s BBQ season!
Fire up the grill and throw on some lean meat (chicken breastor fish) and vegetables (corn and peppers are great, or you can “steam” yourfavourite vegetables in a foil packet with a little bit of oil or margarine). It’s aquick, low-fat way to make a meal.
Cool down.
Make an entrée-sized salad or have sandwiches for supper.
If you have a
slow cooker
, put all the ingredients in the night before (don’tforget to put it in the fridge!) and turn it on in the morning so you can come hometo a delicious meal.
Whole wheat couscous
is a grain that takes almost no time to cook. Mix equalparts uncooked couscous and boiling water (or broth, for more flavour) in a bowland let it sit, covered, while you prepare the rest of the meal. When you’re done, just fluff up the couscous with your fork.
, like salmon or tilapia, can cook up really quickly in a 350° oven or underthe broiler. Rub it with your favourite spices, like lemon juice, pepper, mustardand dill before putting it in for about 10 minutes. It’s done when the flesh flakeseasily with a fork.
is always a great fallback dish, but it can get boring.
If you’ve done your post-grocery prep (see tip #2), you should have some
chopped vegetables that you can add to a ready-made tomatosauce
. Better yet,
freeze or can some homemade tomato sauce asa weekend cooking project
! (See tip #3)
If you haven’t done your prep-work,
frozen vegetables
are still great, or you can even by 
fresh, chopped “spaghetti mixes”
at the store.
Try pesto!
Store-bought is good, but you can make your own just by chopping up some basil (or another favourite leafy herb), olive oil, garlic,parmesan cheese and pine nuts in a food processor.
Plain yogurt makes a great sauce
. Heat some up on low (to avoidcurdling) with two cloves of minced garlic (Mince it fine! We want it like apaste here; a garlic press would be great.) and top with pine nuts.

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