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contact - the day Everything will change

contact - the day Everything will change

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Pat Condell for human emissary to ET
Pat Condell for human emissary to ET

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Film
Published by: sam iam / Salvatore Gerard Micheal on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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contact - the day Everything will change
Contact is the word we use to describe the moment when an 'alien' civilization communicateswith our Earthly one. The reason i put alien in quotes is because they may have been here before,interacting with primitive Earthlings. They may have even contributed to our DNA. If so, thiswould make them more of a 'parent civilization'. We'll revisit this concept later in the essay.i'd like to run through what i call 'likely scenarios' by examining various 'contact concepts' asillustrated in film, book, and word-of-mouth. The first that usually comes to mind is the movieContact (book written by Carl Sagan). Ellie, played by Jodie Foster, is a kind of 'rabid SETIenthusiast' (uncommon in the professional world). She's absolutely confident contact will happenand when it does, it will transform the world. She doggedly pursues contact until one day, ithappens. The aliens, in this case, are advanced technologically and spiritually. They transmitconstruction documents for humans to build a machine. This device essentially opens a door intoa transit system (which was constructed by an ancient alien race, now disappeared) that allowsEllie to travel to various places that would normally take thousands of years (based on aspeculative physics making the film science-fiction at best). There are various subplots in thefilm: romantic, ideological, spiritual, religious, philosophical,.. and so there are various iconiccharacters representing themes / discussions in each area. There are five discoveries relating tothe original alien message: Ellie detects the signal, Kent (he's blind for a reason - more on thislater) detects a data stream, Kent detects a data stream within the data stream, Hadden finds the'primer' (data key unlocking the rest of the message), and Hadden discovers it's a transport(leaking the information to the public spurring President Clinton to make it). Kent representsgifted individuals within the scientific community. Being blind, he's developed his hearing /listening skills to almost magical levels. Ellie represents individuals with unshakable professionalconvictions. Her boyfriend, Palmer, represents religion, spirituality, and those of profound faith.Drumlin represents the unscrupulous scientist, taking advantage of Ellie's temporary lack of faith.He was selected to pilot the first machine, declaring his faith in a final interview where he waschosen based on his professional capacities/credentials but more so - based on his declared faithin God. "You told them exactly what they wanted to hear." Jodie confides to him after hisselection. Drumlin was killed later by a 'religious terrorist' who destroyed the first machine bywearing a 'body bomb' pretending to be a staff technician - placing himself strategically duringthe first machine test. Ellie's morale was crushed. Soon after, Hadden reveals to her a secondmachine and the government's desire for her as pilot. Notice how Sagan rewards Ellie'sunshakable accurate convictions - she's chosen as first machine-pilot after all. On Ellie's journey,she discovers the aliens are friendly, compassionate, and value 'human connection' over all else.(Sagan used characters in his book to display various concepts and discussions he had with hiswife, Ann Druyan, and with himself.) Ellie returns to Earth all the wiser confessing to all the
aliens' values and 'agenda' ("Small moves Ellie, small moves." (Good things take time to build.)).Sagan had a hopeful view of aliens, but it was gauged/metered/careful. He didn't believe alienswould 'save us' (from ourselves); he believed aliens would help
elevate our awareness
.Riley Martin, in his book The Coming of Tan, is at the other end of the spectrum: his aliens aremore like the parents mentioned above. He's sure the 'end of the world' is coming very soon andsince humans must be saved/rescued, his 'alien friends' will spacelift some to safety. Rael, in his book The Message Given by Extraterrestrials, describes 'alien parents' much like Riley interactingwith human prehistory:destroying dinosaurs (giving humanity a chance to arise (got mixed upwith the two here, but who's counting;)),.. and will reveal themselves when 'the time is right'(after we build a spaceport welcoming them). They both give reasons why they've been contactedover contacting human leaders or the general population. Essentially, human leaders are too vainand self-centered - not really caring about 'us plebians'. If they contacted the general public,there'd be chaos and rampant fear (really?). More on this later..At this point, we've introduced contact from two ends of the spectrum: a kind of aloof gradualness Sagan proposes vs parental involvement Riley and Rael propose. i'll briefly discussmalevolent involvements. If aliens wanted to invade Earth (to dominate us - for whatever reasons, perhaps slavery,perhaps as food-stock,..), they would have done so
long ago
. Perhaps this hasalready happened. Perhaps Jehovah was an 'evil alien' who wanted to dominate human society,chose a particular group to endorse (the Jews), and coddled them until we developed rudimentarytechnologies. Jews do dominate certain sectors of our society (some financial and politicalmarkets). There is automatic condemnation for 'anti-Semitism'. The holocaust was played up to be the worst / most tragic event in human history (even when much larger populations aredestroyed in recent times). It's possible we've been manipulated through Jews by aliens.This isthe worst case scenario. If aliens were hell-bent to dominate/destroy us, they would have done solong ago .. Riley's scenario (he claims Jews dominate, subjugate, and destroy blacks) looks more possible considering the realistic worst case alien contact scenario.Before we continue with that tack, ineed to mention one other more optimistic scenario presented in the film The Lathe of Heaven. In the movie, there's a boy who has a God-like power to 'change the world' during his sleep. A 'bad man' (his psychiatrist) tries to use the power tocontrol everything but in doing so, all hell breaks loose. Only the boy with his naturalcompassionate tendencies can mend the world. In the process, aliens get naturally integrated intohuman society. The movie was aired many years ago but left an impression on me. It speaks of human tendency to over-control things to the point of self-destruction. (What are we doing now?)i've infrequently considered "What sci-fi movie, if i could 'make it reality', would i choose?" For some reason, The Lathe of Heaven automatically comes to mind. So does The Hitchhiker's Guideto the Galaxy. Doug Adams presents a universe where humans (on Earth) are somewhat trivial 'inthe big picture'. We
have a tendency to overstate our importance .. For some odd reasons, mymind wavers between these two scenarios as preferable. Doug's universe is Fun. :) And if therewas ever a human with God-like powers, i hope they'd be something like George Orr .. One morecomment and i'll return to Riley's scenario .. "But human beings are already legendary throughoutthe cosmos of consciousness. The little bitty human being of Earth/Gaia is legendary. One of thethings that we are legendary for is dreaming. We are legendary dreamers. In fact, the wholecosmos has been looking for the meaning of life, the meaning of it all. And it was the littledreamer who came up with the best answer ever. We dreamed it up. So dreams are important."(taken from http://www.near-death.com/experiences/reincarnation04.html )

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