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Narconon Drug Rehab Reviews the Actual Habit Forming Character of Antidepressants 4-27-11

Narconon Drug Rehab Reviews the Actual Habit Forming Character of Antidepressants 4-27-11

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Published by Vista Bay
Vista Bay Rehab reviews the dangers associated with addiction to antidepressant medications. For more info on prescription drug abuse, visit us on the web.
Vista Bay Rehab reviews the dangers associated with addiction to antidepressant medications. For more info on prescription drug abuse, visit us on the web.

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Published by: Vista Bay on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Narconon Drug Rehab Reviews the Actual Habit forming Character of AntidepressantsWorking with people regarding addiction from antidepressants is extremely difficultconsidering that antidepressant addiction can be quite discreet in nature. Narconon DrugRehab has found that most people don't take into consideration treatment programs designedfor antidepressants, mainly because information on the true habit forming qualities regardingthese prescription medications is so misunderstood by the population. This false impression arises chiefly from the reality that addiction to antidepressants does notdemonstrate the equivalent properties as addiction to various other narcotics, for instancecocaine, methamphetamine or even other prescription drugs including tranquilizers andpainkillers. Those that use antidepressants usually don't receive a rush or an instantaneouspleasure that many other types of prescribed drugs supply. In spite of this, antidepressants dodevelop an addiction that could be quite challenging for the individual to overcome and justlike narcotics, the more you take, the more difficult it will be to quit.Antidepressant dependency is already very commonplace, mainly as a result of the relativeease with which, unfortunately, health care professionals recommend such drugs. Individualsare placed on antidepressants for numerous factors, stemming from depression symptoms tostopping smoking. Plenty of people who have been prescribed antidepressants tend not toactually need them and for whatever reason, health professionals are not willing to look atdifferent solutions available for major depression and other psychological problems prior toadvising a treatment of antidepressants. If you intend on using antidepressants, based on themultitude of problematic side effects and habit forming characteristics of these prescriptionmedications, it's strongly suggested for you to check out alternate solutions prior tocommitting to these particular prescription medications.Antidepressants, in some circumstances, have proven helpful for short-term treatment options. The troubles with these medicines commence in the event that the individual attempts to stoptaking the medicine. There have been problems with people out of the blue, stopping themedication just to be sent straight to outbursts of considerable depression and psychologicallack of stability that have caused suicide attempts. Besides that, these kinds of prescriptiondrugs may have formidable effects for those who are using them and can induce wildlyunpredictable and psychotic behavior.A number of cases of antidepressant use or dependence gone awry are highlighted below:
A businessperson from Indiana who had been using antidepressants for depressionfound himself in a standoff with law enforcement that carried on for several hours.
A woman from Australia who had been undergoing treatment for depression by usingantidepressants stabbed her daughter to death claiming that she was ordered to do itby God.
A gentleman from Mississippi was taking Celexa and Zoloft. He went to his work andfired on and murdered five of his co-workers and seriously injured nine other individuals just before turning the firearm on himself.
Once again, in Australia, a woman who was being treated with Zoloft and Prozacattempted to kill her two daughters as well as herself using tailpipe exhaust from hercar.
A hospital staff member in Massachusetts killed her doctor and herself while on Zoloftand Wellbutrin.
A man in Oregon who had stopped using his antidepressant medications threatenedpeople with a handgun and was in the end shot by police officers. This is brief example of occurrences that have happened due to antidepressant use anddependency. Naturally, these types of persons quite possibly experienced a propensity towardemotional instability; nonetheless, that lack of stability has been significantly amplified by

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