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What is Laughter Yoga

What is Laughter Yoga

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Published by Hal Wechsler
If you choose to laugh for 15 seconds, you brain
receives a blast of oxygen for mental acuity.
If you are giving a presentation or trying to successfully persuade and influence, give
yourself the power of laughter.
If you choose to laugh for 15 seconds, you brain
receives a blast of oxygen for mental acuity.
If you are giving a presentation or trying to successfully persuade and influence, give
yourself the power of laughter.

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Published by: Hal Wechsler on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1What is Laughter Yoga, And Whats In It for Me?Imagine a baby-easy exercise to feel good for no reason at all, and to improve your immune system.Science believes stress is the major cause of most diseases, and laughter stomps out stress.Key Element: your body cannot differentiate between make-believe, pretend, and FAKE laughter, andthe genuine article. So what? You get the same physical and psychological benefits from phony laughing,as from watching a Broadway Comedy where the audience is falling in the aisle hysterically.But So WhatIt means you can choose to feel good any time you desire. If you fake laughing for even thirty (30)seconds, your body takes your behavior and turns it into genuine, authentic, real laughter. Rememberwhen you were a kid and looked into the eyes of your best friend, made a funny face and fell-down in afit of giggles?Sometimes it kept up for what seemed like an hour. What happened after that? You felt s-o-o great youwanted to do it all over again, right? What really happened was a flood of brain cells called Endorphins(neuropeptides), entered your mind-body connection. It contains a blueprint to give great pleasure toyour body, and you feel happy and delighted for up to 120-minutes AFTER a bout of laughter.OxygenDid you know that laughter increases your net supply of Oxygen? Each time you laugh you improve yourenergy level, and suck up more oxygen. Our brain uses 25% of the entire oxygen supply for our body.Laugh and you are invigorating your body and enhance your Attention Span.If your career requires persuading others, sales meetings, and making presentations, you want yourbrain acuity - to be sharp, focused and concentrated. Scientific research indicates concentrations levelsflop after the first twenty-minutes of a meeting. Laughter raises your state-of-mind for concentration upto 60-minutes. Then what? Laugh again.CortisolThe stress hormone is called Cortisol and it registers in our saliva. When we lose our emotional balanceand go ballistic, it is stress and in particular, Cortisol. Guess what? Five-seconds of laughter, false or real,and your body and brain begin balancing. In sixty-seconds stress is yesterdays news. No side effectsfrom this medicine.Mental MoviesHumans can create mental movies during the day. We call it Daydreaming, creative imagination, or lost-in-thought. A sense of playfulness stimulates our Right Hemisphere, which is your seat of creativity. Itallows us to be open to hunches, gut-reactions, and intuition. It is the trigger for new ideas and novelproducts.Secret of Laughter
2Ho-Ho-Ho, Ha-Ha-Ha, and He-He-He make us giggle and snort in just 5-10 seconds. It is the sound of thevowels. The sounds of A-E-I-O-U tickle our Primary Auditory Cortex. If you show your teeth and crinkleyour eyes into a smile, and give yourself permission to laugh, you are learning the secret code of healthyYoga laughter. A smile turns into a giggle, and soon you are snorting laughs from your nose non-stop.Laughter becomes contagious when you see how silly you look, or even better, someone else lookinggoofy. Start by faking your first smile; now give a little giggle (like a child), & intentionally do a slowlaugh. Remember, you control your laughter from a single Ha to a flood of Ho-Ho-Ho, by choosing toraise your tempo and volume. Dont be afraid to fake it until you make it - real.Its S-O-O Easy And FunGet the sound of the A in hat  E in he. Next is I in hiccup. Now do the O in Otto, andend up with U in soul. Whisper to yourself it is OK to break-up laughing, it is not just OK, but greatfor your mind-body connection. Healing and repair by your leukocytes, phagocytes and lymphocytesimprove with laughter and deep relaxation.How Do We Feel After LaughterLight-as-a-feather, ready to apply for the Santa Claus job. And? I feel totally relaxed, calm, vibrant,new-as-a-baby, joyous, warm, and fresh.Three Laughing Myths1.
You have to have a good reason to laugh. We have been taught that laughing people aresomehow suspect of not being serious or diligent. The most successful executives givethemselves permission to laugh at almost anything. They know it feels good and keeps themhealthy, and in the flow. Follow their example.2.
You and I do need to be HAPPY to laugh. No, we can instantaneously laugh on command. Welive in a FEAR and in a RULE based society that hates seeing folks happy. We usually laugh atother peoples mistakes or accidents. How funny, she slipped on a banana peel and broke herhip. Now learn to laugh for the sake of feeling good and being healthy.3.
You and I do require a sense-of-humor to have a belly-laugh. Not! Just use your will-power anddecide you want to feel good this minute, and stress disintegrates and your life improves.Laughing is about our INTENTION to feel good. We already know how to diaphragmatically(belly) breathe through our nose, and release our exhalation from our mouth. Now decide to doit for the benefit of your mind and body.Google: Laughteryogaamerica.com and watch the teaching laughter video.StudentsWhen students from sixth grade to graduate school (law school) take an exam, they automatically stressout. Their hearts are beating excessively, blood pressure is high, and their state of mind is negative. It iscalled fear and causes our Central Nervous System to shift to our Sympathetic Nervous System.Adrenaline pours out and we are ready for the Fight-or-Flight reaction.
3The balancing nervous system we really require is our Parasympathetic Nervous system because itrelaxes our mind-body connection by the neurotransmitter  acetylcholine. A peaceful, non-emotionalmind tests much better than the emotional Sympathetic Nervous System. So? Go somewhere privateand spend 2-3 minutes practicing how to laugh. It will permit you to ace the exam.GamblersWhat if you are about to play Poker in the Bellagio casino in Vegas? What would be your winningmindset? The more emotional you are in attempting to win, the worse your decision-making power. Doyou need to be comatose? Play to win, but without emotionalizing it. Wait  there are strategies.Snapping StrategyThe secret of winning is deep relaxation with a powerful INTENTION to reach your goals. So?Mentally imagine sitting with your cards in front of you, and now close your eyes and mentally visualizeplaying out each hand. Tiger Wood does just that before his golf tournaments. See yourself throwing inhands that suck, and winning the jackpots when you hold strong hands.Now make a snapping sound with the fingers of each hand, as you bring them up to your ears. Do oneset of three snaps, left-ear, right-ear, left-ear, right ear, left-ear, right-ear. Do another set, and a finalset. This activity triggers your nervous system for attention and deep concentration. Takes 60-seconds.Second Act, TappingKeep your eyes closed; this entire strategy requires only 60-seconds. Now, still mentally visualizing thepoker game process, with you winning the jackpot, TAP your left-hand to your left-ear, and right-handto your right ear, simultaneously. Do a set of three, and second set of three, and a third set of Tapping.Now take a deep diaphragmatic inhalation through your nose, and exhale slowly through your mouth.When the time comes to play in the actual tournament, you will feel totally relaxed using self-control topick and choose which hands to play and which to fold. The secret of winning is a powerful INTENTIONand following your intuitions and gut-instinct.One last thing  it is a secret. It is called the BAGHA, keep the tip of your tongue touching and pointingto the roof of your mouth. Why? It keeps you focused and in-the-flow. When? Answer, during the entiretournament. This strategy comes to us by Mad-Mike, Casino Poker Tournament Boot Camp EndwordsLaughter releases your stress, and Snapping and Tapping maintain your Parasympathetic NervousSystem in deep relaxation. Does it really work? Do a Mind Experiment and find out.See ya,Copyright © H. Bernard Wechsler P.S. Ask us about our free Speed Reading report, it helps triple (3x)your learning speed and double (2x) your long-term memory. -----------------------------------------------------

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