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WTE Writing Logs

WTE Writing Logs

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Published by qrice9635

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Published by: qrice9635 on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rice 1Quentin RiceProfessor Jan RiemanEnglish 1103-006January 27, 2011
Writing Logs
After keeping track of my writing, in all forms, for one week I learned that I really dowrite a lot more than I ever thought I would. Prior to this assignment I really thought I wrote alot less than most people. I really don¶t usually enjoy writing so I never would think that I write alot. Through my logs I learned that even though texting is fun, and helps time go by faster in anycircumstance, it is still a form of writing. It is the same thing as typing an instant message tosomeone or passing a note to them in class. I text a ton, which showed me that I really do write alot in this form alone. Additionally I have many classes that are note taking intensive. In one dayI wrote 4 pages in one class, 3 in two, and one in another. That adds up to 11 pages of writing inone day alone! I never would have thought that I did that much writing in one day if it weren¶tfor this writing blog. All of the writing that I do in one day really adds up. Without even thinkingabout it people write all times of the day, just about everything you do revolves around writing.Through doing this prompt I learned a lot about my writing. The biggest thing that Ilearned was that regardless what type of writing I am doing, I use a lot of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, where most people ignore the rules. The biggest example of this is inmy texting. Usually when people text they use a lot of shortcuts like ignoring apostrophes,ignoring spelling rules, and using multiple fragments. After analyzing my writing I noticed that I

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