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As Media Course Work Evaluation

As Media Course Work Evaluation

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Published by abigailsarahh

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: abigailsarahh on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 AS Media Coursework Evaluation
 Abigail Henderson
n what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
My front cover uses a fairly large masthead situated at thetop left of the magazine. The particular font usedrepresents a grunge look;
used this font as my magazine is a punk/rock themed live magazine; itfocus¶ mainly on live bands. The image behind themasthead represents energy as if is pushing µL
E¶ off the page; the reason being for this is it complimentsthe genre of the magazine, as my magazine focus¶ onlive bands, live bands require energy on the stage andin the performance,
thought that the logo wouldportray this. Colour coding my anchorage andheadlines µquote¶ with my kickers and cover linesµquote¶ the reason being is that it makes the front coverlook organised. To help further organise the magazinethe grid system is applied and the rule of thirds is oftenused; magazines cannot suffer from dead space,therefore
used a large main feature article photosituated on the right to dominate the page of the coveras the left space is used for display purpose.
n orderto draw my audience in
placed graphic featuresoffering freebies. Also, by adding a menu strip with various bands that comply with the genre of themagazine .
used the colours yellow and red to make itmuch more brash in order to catch the targetaudiences eye. Adding a bar code, issue date and price tag makes the coverseem more authentic. The price being µ£1¶ is an averageprice as it would compete successfully with othermagazines on the shelf as opposed to magazines pricedmuch higher.
Front cover -
Contents page -
The rule of thirds grid system still applies in the contentspage; it is much more obvious on a contents page ascontents pages need to be organised to make theinformation more clear for the reader to follow. By placing a image of the front cover on the contents ithelps the reader as they do not have to flick back tofor reference. Stereotypical magazines tend to juststate µcontents¶
wanted a more diverse option andused µwhat¶s in the cover L
made this sectionfairly big and situated my front cover at the right sideand the main information at the left side maintainingthe usual convention of a magazine and the rule of thirds grid system. Also, the using columns and page numbers this organisesthe contents page further making it more easier forthe reader to understand.
ncluding a Editorial makesthe contents page seem more authentic and to anextent creates a rapport with the reader.
kept the same colour scheme (blue, orange, black and white) throughout the magazine as
thought this was becoming the magazines style.

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