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River Cities' Reader - Issue #777 - April 28, 2011

River Cities' Reader - Issue #777 - April 28, 2011

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Published by River Cities Reader

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Published by: River Cities Reader on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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     R     i    v    e    r     C     i     t     i    e    s     ’     R    e    a     d    e    r
   •     V    o     l .     1     8     N    o .     7     7     7   •     A    p    r     i     l     2     8  -     M    a    y     1     1 ,     2     0     1     1     B    u    s     i    n    e    s    s   •     P    o     l     i    t     i    c    s   •     A    r    t    s   •     C    u     l    t    u    r    e   •     N    o    w      Y    o    u     K    n    o    w    •     R     i    v    e    r     C     i    t     i    e    s     R    e    a     d    e    r .    c    o    m
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----ILL--_-I---I---I---I--___ __L_
 B   u  s  i     e  s   s  • P   o l    i     t   i     c   s  • A  r   t    s  •  C   u l     t    u r   e • N   o w Y   o  u K   o w • R  i     e r   C  i     t   i     e  s  R   e  a  d   e r   . c   o m
R  i     e  r   C   i     t   i     e   s  ’    R   e   a  d    e  r  
• V   o l     .1   8  N   o  .7  7  7  • A    p r  i    l    2   8   a   y 1  1   ,2   0  1  1  
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), theEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA), themilitary (DOD), the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Department of Science &Technology (DST). The stated purpose is toeffect weather, slowing down global warmingby blanketing the atmosphere with “pollutionparticles” (MSNBC.MSN.com/id/30112396/)and/or micro-scopic shardsof aluminum toreflect the sun.Sadly, preciousfew studies exam-ining the fallout(literally) fromthese programshave been con-ducted relative tonegative impacts.It gets worse.According to the documentary, in 2009,the U.S. Patent Office granted patent 7582809(Patents.com/us-7582809.html), amongothers, jointly to the USDA and the Brazil-ian Enterprise for Agriculture Research. Thispatent protects genetically modified seedsthat are resistant to massive levels of alumi-num. The composition of materials coveredin the patent, and others like it, matchinduced compositions of aluminum, barium,and strontium found in the soil and watersources in numerous locales nationwide.These toxic levels have only occurred in thepast five years, coinciding with the onset of the geo-engineering’s chemtrails.The pH balances of the soil necessary forgrowing food around Mount Shasta, andnumerous other sites, including the Hawaiianislands, is slowly being neutralized, losingforever the requisite acidity for proper farm-ing. Naturally, whoever owns the patents forgenetically modified seeds that resist alumi-num will have control of a significant portionof the world’s food source.This fits perfectly with the newly passedFood Safety Modernization Act of 2010,mandating the use of specific seeds for foodproduction. As hard as this is to believe,dismissing the possibility that the nation’snatural resources are deliberately being com-promised is far more dangerous. Not only areour leaders crushing the financial stability of the world’s economies; they are destroyingour ability to survive on our own.Don’t take my word for any of this. Inves-tigate for yourself. Begin by watching
What on Earth Are They Spraying? 
Read the FoodSafety Modernization Act of 2010. Do a Websearch for “chemtrails,” “geo-engineering,”and “weather manipulation.” The amount of evidence is overwhelming if you just peek, letalone research in earnest.
by Kathleen McCarthykm@rcreader.com
ake a second look the next time yousee jet-streams way up in the atmo-sphere. Are they lingering for a longtime? Do you see a pattern or grids forming?These are not commercial airlines creatingthese trails in the sky.Geo-engineering programs that claim toprevent global warming by spraying toxinsinto our atmo-sphere are com-monly referred toas “chemtrails.”Most people as-sume the white,fluffy trails beingemitted from some jets as they fly across the sky arecondensation trailsfrom exhaust, or“contrails.” But common sense informs usthat contrails do not occur in crisscross gridsacross the sky, remain overhead long afterthe plane(s) have left the sky, or continue toexpand throughout the day, culminating in a veil of fog that eventually falls to the earth.Chemtrails have become a common occur-rence both nationwide and around the world,delivering massive doses of toxic materialsover not just our farmlands and homesteadsbut also over some of the planet’s mostpristine environments, including MountShasta in California and remote areas of theHawaiian islands.Testing of soils and aquifers, includinglakes, ponds, and streams, conclusively proves that the chemtrails are composed of toxic levels of aluminum, barium, and stron-tium, impacting negatively on every livingbio-system exposed. The EPA declares 1,000parts per billion as an unacceptably toxiclevel of aluminum. Testing of soil and watersources on and around Mount Shasta shows61,000 parts per billion of aluminum, 3,090parts per billion of barium, and 375 parts perbillion of strontium.The pH balance of the soil in this region isbeing dramatically compromised as a resultof chemtrails, including the poisoning of thesnow that covers this glorious mountain,contaminating the myriad water sources themelted snow supplies.G. Edward Griffin’s documentary 
What inthe World Are They Spraying? 
(RealityZone.com/whatspray.html) is perhaps this topic’smost compelling and exhaustive film. It pres-ents information that is must-see, if we haveany hope of saving our natural resources,including our ability to grow organic foodthe way God intended. And therein lies thehorror.The geo-engineering programs appear onthe surface to be a partnership between the
What in the World AreThey Spraying? 
: AMustS Dcumnta
Skies above Iowa, north of Waterloo, March 1, 2011

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