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Relationships Ascending Together

Relationships Ascending Together

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Published by Melanie Moore Ph D
Relationships - Ascending together - Sacred sexuality - sacred marriage -
Relationships - Ascending together - Sacred sexuality - sacred marriage -

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Published by: Melanie Moore Ph D on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Via his loving Family from beyond the veils.
Ian was born on the 22
day of November 1957 in a little town in Cumberland UK. At the age of 21 hemoved to Holland and, apart from a few months spent abroad, has lived there ever since.Ian was enjoying his visit here on earth in this life time, so much so that he was refusing to remember hispurpose and task for this lifetime until 15 years ago when a series of tragedies started to change his lifedrastically.In 1997 the final straw happened that almost broke Ian. Looking back on it, it was his final wake up call or he might well have been called back home (back to spirit). Though the three years after that final wakeup call were extremely hard for him and on occasions we were concerned that he was choosing to returnto us. He eventually made the choice to start asking questions. He was a hard nut to crack because hedid not want anything to do with God, spirit etc… So we had to use tactics that did not use too many of those terms. We placed some friends on his path who were very excited about a particular book. Theyfelt bad for Ian because they could see he was often very down, depressed and sometimes even suicidal.We are happy to say it worked. He loved mysteries, fantasy stories and Science fiction and this booktriggered something within Ian whereby he started to ask questions. We knew then that he was going toawaken to us and the many wonderful souls that are now working with him full time. We can safely saythat he now loves us as much as we love(d) him.In the years that followed we placed many books on his path. We have also placed several wonderfulteachers on his path as well. It wasn’t difficult because he had become a willing and eager student. Weare pleased to say that he is now a Shambhala SMDH (Reiki) Master Teacher and also master teacher of the elements and elementals. We have also initiated him in the energies of the Elohim.After this we nudged him more and more into service. We are pleased to observe that he has been opento receiving a great deal of information from us which has culminated in a great variety of topics for beginners as well as advanced students of the spiritual journey you call “ascension”.The information you have in front of you now is one of those subjects. To prepare him we placed hisbeloved Twin Flame on his path so that he would experience the dynamics of the materials here. At acertain point we began to realize that his Beloved would not make the choice to leave the 3
dimensionalreality behind her, so we had to work fast to place another of our favorite students on his path.The culmination and expansion of much of what he had learned with his Beloved was now beingexpanded on with this new and wonderful being. As we observe them we can see that with a great deal
2of love, compassion and joy that the two of them are now ready to travel the world to share the insightsand wisdom contained within these materials and all we have shared with them. They truly are willingservants of the light and are a joy for us to behold as we continue to assist and guide them from our vantage point beyond your veils. We wish you great joy, growth, understanding and pleasure as you workwith the materials provided here in this gift to you.NamastéMuch Love and many blessings ALWAYS in all ways,The Team, communicated through Ian V. HendersonNote: Please understand that this love offering is a prelude to the main book that is to come and also theworkshops Ian is already providing.
The world around is changing rapidly, sometimes so fast that we can not keep up. The Organizations thathave wielded power for so long are now being faced with what they have done. As the financial worldcrumbles and falls apart, it will truly be up to us where we want to take our future selves. What ishappening in the financial world is having a roll over affect on the whole planet and it is only thebeginning. It is happening closer to home too
as your relationships are being tested to the max. If youwant your relationships to survive
this course will greatly assist by offering you insights and wisdom thatwill assist you to understand yourself and, therefore, all others around you in all walks of life.*Important note: This mini book is a prelude to the book I am writing on this subject and occasionally I dorefer to further writings and workshops. I have done it purposefully in this manner because it is my heartsdesire to share all of what you are about to read here and more and in person. It may well leave youasking questions. If that is the case then we have succeeded in our purpose. We have aroused your curiosity. We ask you indeed to see this gift as exactly that. We ask you to share this gift with others andwatch as the universe weaves its magic, I feel confident that I will be in your area some time soon.
RelationshipsAscending together 
3Definition of the word relationship:Noun: 1. a way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.2. the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other. 3. anemotional and sexual association between two people.In this collection of writings we will be dealing with the following
physical relationships, workingrelationships, recreational relationships and spiritual relationships. During the course of these materialsone will begin to understand that the most important relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.When that has become a loving relationship all others automatically follow.While you wander through the journey of experiencing life on this Earth, you may experience manydifferent forms of relationships. From your very first breath, there is the bonding of a relationship with your Mother and your Father. Often times it will depend on these two beings as to how you experiencerelationships for the rest of your life. The first question to be asked is: “Were your parents aware thatthey were spiritual beings having a human experience?” It is also important to remember 
whether youare aware of it or not
that you did actually choose your parents, the place and the time before youincarnated. We understand that for some this might be a hard pill to swallow, however, it does notchange the facts. There will come a time in your life (or after) that you will know/remember. For now itonly has relevance because this too is a form of a relationship. There are indeed a great many soulswhom you agreed to live out certain experiences with while incarnated and you agreed upon thisrelationship with each of them.
The following are general guidelines, though not set in stone. They will apply to most and  perhaps have more to do with the evolution of your soul while being incarnated than your  physical being.
As you grew through what we term the formative years (0 through 7 years), you probably experienced
relationships with siblings, other family members such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, and or play matesor relationships at school, etc. A great deal of what you experienced during this period formed your personality to a large degree and it may well have remained with you until this day. Remember how youmight have thrown a tantrum when you didn’t get your own way? Look around you
There are so manyadults that are still reacting from the experiences they had within these years. Yes! They are still throwingtantrums. Perhaps not the same way, but if you watch closely, you will see the patterns. Again
this alldepends on the family
circumstances and culture that
you were born into. Are you aware of all thesethings that you have either learned from your family, the school environment or your many experiences?
You may or may not have chosen to move past that young personality
This part of your life cycle isextremely important and we will relate to the inner child, the formative years, the subconscious mind andthe conscious mind as we move further into this writing as it will all relate to this period of your life.As you advanced in years, you experienced the period of 7 to 14 years which was mostly based ondiscovering who you are/were you are in your evolutionary process. Then there is the period between 14and 21 during which you discovered sexuality and the opposite sex. A whole new world of relationshipsprobably opened up for you during this period
A very important portion of our mission is to assist theworld of education to awaken to a whole different perspective of sexuality than what it has now.That is toperceive it as the powerful energy it is and teach it with the reverence that it deserves.Generally, we can accept that during the period between 21 and 28 years, many will have left theparental home and moved into a full time relationship with another. Or perhaps you moved away tofurther your education which brought you into yet other totally different environments, or perhaps you joined the world of employment which brought you into still different kinds of relationships. Each of thesebrings a different set of experiences with it. The point here is to allow you to see that no two individualswill ever be exactly alike because of all the differing experiences. As you go through the different phasesof life, your experiences form the person you become, how you relate to others, and how you continue togrow and experience throughout your entire life.

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