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A Thin Place - Screenplay written by Jason D McIntosh

A Thin Place - Screenplay written by Jason D McIntosh



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Published by Michael J Massey

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Published by: Michael J Massey on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- 2 -© 2011 Jason D. McIntosh
A Thin Place
 By Jason D. McIntosh
(Nightmare sequence)
SHORT SERIES OF PHOTOGRAPHS INTERMINGLED WITH CLIPS OF FILMFULL SCREEN PHOTOGRAPH 1 -A small, happy family of three – Dad, Mom, and 6 year old Daughter are arranged in atypical family portrait.INT. KITCHEN OF THE FAMILY’S OLD HOUSE – DAYThe family is packing up to leave as if for a vacation. THOMAS and EMILY are holdinghands and ready to go while JILLIAN is still fussing with a few loose items.THOMAS(to Jillian)We’d better hurry…we don’t want to keep Grandpa waiting…FULL SCREEN PHOTOGRAPH 2 -Thomas and Jillian embracing in an impromptu, yet intimate hug, Jillian is laughing.INT. KITCHEN OF THE FAMILY’S OLD HOUSEThe family is finally walking out the door to leave for Grandpa’s house, but Jillian’s beeper suddenly goes off.JILLIANOh noooo…Thomas and Jillian exchange glances. Thomas sighs disappointedly. It looks like Jillianwon’t be able to go away with her husband and daughter this time.FULL SCREEN PHOTOGRAPH 3 -A picture of Emily lovingly embracing POOTIES, her new kitten - complete with a bowaround his collar, as a beaming Thomas hands him to her.INT. DOWNSTAIRS OFFICE OF THE FAMILY’S OLD HOUSEJillian hangs up the phone as Thomas and Emily wait for the verdict.
- 3 -© 2011 Jason D. McIntosh
JILLIANThat was the Research Center. Molly can’t cover it for me. I have to go intomorrow.Jillian strides across the living room to the kitchen to kneel in front of a disappointedEmily. Jillian reaches out a hand and tenderly caresses Emily’s sad face.JILLIAN
I’m sorry sweetie…give Grandpa a kiss for me, k?EMILY
(brightening a little at mommy’s touch)
Okay.Emily wraps her arms around her mother’s neck. After the embrace, Jillian stands up togive Thomas a hug and kiss goodbye.JILLIANIf I can get away I will…I promise…You’d better get going.THOMASWe can stay…maybe we can do this next weekend, or…JILLIAN No, that’s okay…you go ahead.
Just tell them I’m sorry.Jillian gives Thomas one more big hug and an endearing kiss.JILLIAN
(smiling dreamily)
I love you.THOMAS
(returning the kiss)
I love you back.Emily, still holding her father’s hand looks up at the two and rolls her eyes. Thomas andJillian catch the look and laugh.THOMAS
(still laughing)
Okay, okay…we’re
!Thomas scoops Emily up in one arm and grabs the last suitcase in his free hand.
- 4 -© 2011 Jason D. McIntosh
(to Jillian)
I’ll see you in a couple days. I’ll call you tonight.Jillian closes the door behind them and sighs. She then turns and walks out of view.SERIES OF PHOTOGRAPHS – MOVINGThe scenery grows a bit darker. Chaotic. Images begin to blur.Several photographs of family outings, Thomas and Jillian’s wedding day, Thomas andJillian bringing Emily home from the hospital on the day she was born, etc.INT. LIVING ROOM AT GRANDPA’S HOUSE – NIGHTThomas is on the phone trying to call Jillian, but no answer. The unanswered RINGINGcan be heard through the receiver.Emily is asleep on GRANDPA’S lap in an easy chair nearby. A large antique clock on thetable nearby shows that it is nearly 11:30pm.THOMAS
(hanging up the phone, concern in his voice)
That’s strange. There’s still no answer.GRANDPA
(whispering so as not to wake up his granddaughter)
Maybe she’s out with the girls.THOMASTrust me, Dad. Not
late. And the answering machine should have picked up.She’s not even answering her cell.SERIES OF PHOTGRAPHS – MOVINGMore family photos. Highlights of happy moments in their last few years together. The photos and erratic display of them still indicates chaos and uncertainty.INT. LIVING ROOM AT GRANDPA’S HOUSE – MIDNIGHTThomas is trying to call Jillian again. Still, there is no answer. Grandpa and Emily havegone to bed. The old clock shows that it is nearly midnight. Thomas is obviously growingmore and more concerned.THOMAS

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