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JTNews | April 29, 2011

JTNews | April 29, 2011

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Published by Joel Magalnick
JTNews | The Voice of Jewish Washington for April 29, 2011
JTNews | The Voice of Jewish Washington for April 29, 2011

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Published by: Joel Magalnick on Apr 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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j e w i s h
 april 29, 2011 • 25 nisan 5771 • volume 87, no. 9 • $2
connecting our local Jewish community
@jew_ish • @jewish_dot_com • @jewishcal
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israel for the massesfamily historywomen to watcha heavy subject
Paul Malako, the oundin oranizer o the annual Paoverlunche at Hillel at the Univerity o Wahinton, take a breakrom reetin the nearly 400 hunry attendee on Thur., April 21or a piece o Leah’ Caterin’ chicken and ome roatedpotatoe.
Whit Hu:Pltinin unitygv’t mutrnunc trrr,ccpt Irl
JTA World NeWs service
(JA) — Reacting to news that rival Palestinian actionsFatah and Hamas had agreed to a reconciliation deal, theObama government said any Palestinian unity governmentmust accept Israel’s right to exist and renounce terrorism— conditions that Hamas does not meet.Te surprise deal to orm an interim government andhold general elections within a year was reached Wednes-day in secret negotiations in Cairo between the two sides,according to reports. A ormal announcement o the rec-onciliation reportedly will be made next week.“All points o dierences have been overcome,” saidaher Al-Nono, a Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip,according to Reuters.Te two sides have been at odds since Hamas violently ousted Fatah rom the Gaza Strip in 2007. Fatah, whichdominates the Palestinian Authority, rules in the WestBank, while Hamas rules in Gaza.Israel has a working relationship with Fatah but has nodirect contact with Hamas, a designated terrorist organiza-tion that remains sworn to Israel’s destruction.Reacting to news o the reconciliation, Israeli Prime Min-ister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel could not carry outpeace negotiations with a government that includes Hamas.“You can’t have peace with both Israel and Hamas,”Netanyahu said o the Palestinian Authority. “Choosepeace with Israel.”ommy Vietor, the U.S. National Security Councilspokesman, said the White House had seen news reportso the deal and was seeking more inormation.“As we have said beore, the United States supports Pal-estinian reconciliation on terms which promote the causeo peace,” he said. “Hamas, however, is a terrorist organi-zation which targets civilians.”Vietor reerred to conditions set by the Quartet, theU.S.-guided diplomatic grouping that also includes Russia,the United Nations and the European Union.“o play a constructive role in achieving peace,” he said,“any Palestinian government must accept the Quartet prin-ciples and renounce violence, abide by past agreements andrecognize Israel’s right to exist.”
Joel Magalnick 
JTN .
friday, april 29, 2011
For complete details about these and other upcoming JFS events and workshops, please visit our website: www.jfsseattle.org
Endless Opportunities
 A community-wide program offered in partnership with Temple B’nai Torah & TempleDe Hirsch Sinai. EO events are opento the public.
Issues of Democracy & PluralismThrough the Lens of Israeli Films
 Thursday, May 1910:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Me’am Lo’ez
The Ladino Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge
 Thursday, May 2610:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Ellen Hendin, (206) 861-3183 orendlessopps@jfsseattle.org regarding all
Endless Opportunities
1601 - 16th Avenue, Seattle
(206) 461-3240 • www.jfsseattle.org
Spring Family Calendar
Positive Discipline
May 4:
Reducing Power Struggles withPositive Discipline
June 1:
Family Meetings:Finding Solutions Together
 Wednesdays6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Series full; please contact about wait list.Contact 
Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or familylife@jfsseattle.org.
The Middah of Anger
Part of the
Parenting Mindfully: Drawing on Jewish Values through Musar 
 Sunday, May 1510:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or familylife@jfsseattle.org.
AA Meetings at JFS
 Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.
(206) 461-3240 or ata@jfsseattle.org
Mussar: Light of Torah
Practical Guidance for ManifestingOur Finest Selves
 Sunday, May 112:45 – 5:30 p.m.
Congregation Beth Shalom,(206) 524-0075 orregister at bethshalomseattle.org.
 Jewish Single Parent FamilyMini-Retreat
 Sunday, June 1211:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or familylife@jfsseattle.org.
How Jewish Tradition Can InformOur Caregiving Journey
Featuring Rabbi Richard Address, Founderof the
Sacred Aging Project.
Followed by
The Journey of Caregiving
panel with localguests. Don’t miss this exciting opportunityto learn from a nationally renowned scholar!
 Sunday, May 110:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Purchase tickets at brownpapertickets.com
Marjorie Schnyder,(206) 861-3146or familylife@jfsseattle.org.
Help! My Kid is DrivingMe Crazy
An opportunity for mothers to talk about theirSpirited Child
 Wednesdays, May 4 – 2510:00 a.m. – Noon
Elsa Nunes-Ueno, (206) 861-8794 orenunes@jfsseattle.org.
Parenting Support Group
A six session parenting support group formoms who have experienced intimate partnerviolence or a controlling partner.
 Mondays, May 9 – June 206:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Project DVORA, (206) 461-3240
Baby Boomers: Getting the MostOut of Getting Older
May 18:
Aging Gracefully
June 1:
Becoming Your Own Health Advocate
June 15:
Financing Your Future
 Wednesdays7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Emily Harris-Shears, (206) 861-8784or familylife@jfsseattle.org.
First Comes Love, Then ComesCommitment
Cultivating Relational Strength for All Times
 Monday, May 237:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or familylife@jfsseattle.org.
Bringing Baby Home
For New and Expecting Parents
Thursdays,June 16 – July 216:15 – 8:30 p.m.
Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or familylife@jfsseattle.org.
Monday, May 9, 2011
Westin Seattle Hotel
Chair: Donna Benaroya
To register, please contact Gail Pollack:(206) 861-3151 or gpollack@jfsseattle.orgAll guests must pre-register
friday, april 29, 2011 .
JTN OpiNiON
“Quote of the week.” — Quoter name here
WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We wold love to hear from yo! Or ide to writi aletter to the editor a e fod at www.jtew.et/idex.h?/letter_idelie.html,t leae limit yor letter to aroximately 350 word. The deadlie for the ext ie iDATE. Ftre deadlie may e fod olie.
“This is a heritage project. This is a business model that is about community.” — Chef Robin Leventhal on the impending opening of the new Jewish delicatessen on Mercer Island.
WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We wold love to hear from yo! Or ide to writi aletter to the editor a e fod at www.jtew.et/idex.h?/letter_idelie.html,t leae limit yor letter to aroximately 350 word. The deadlie for the ext ie iMay 3. Ftre deadlie may e fod olie.
Dr. Baskin believes a fair peace between Palestinian Arabs and Israel is best achievedby arguing equality and the two-state solution (“Encountering peace: The bombs burstingin air,” April 15). However, when I read his articles, I notice that he focuses more on whatIsrael is doing wrong and what it must give up to make peace. The reality is that Palestin-ians in Gaza have voted Hamas in as their government. Hamas is much less interested inestablishing a nation and a state and more interested in its Muslim aspirations to estab-lish a caliphate. Palestinians want nothing to do with those pesky “colonial Jews” occupy-ing their land, such that the present two-state solution is a metaphor for the obliterationof Israel by simply making Israel give up more land until it ceases to exist altogether.Frankly, if the Palestinians wanted a Palestinian state living next to Israel, they wouldhave agreed to one long ago. They were given that opportunity in 1926 with the BritishMandate based on the 1922 League of Nations partition; in 1947 with the UN partition of 
Palestine; and nally with the Oslo Accord in 1993. They could have recognized Israel and
its right to self-determination. And in turn they would have had a Palestine state.In the latest round of agreements, each side would have to agree to the “Road Map” and the contingent 14 “reservations” sent to the Americans by the Israelis. These areviewed as “red lines beyond which Israel cannot and will not withdraw.” It is beyond thisrebuttal to list them all, but needless to say terrorism is not tolerable and terrorist orga-nizations are to be dismantled.Dr. Baskin’s point of view is best stated as “Israel is the bad guy,” and were it notfor its war-mongering and aggression, there would be peace. Never mind the “few scat-
tered occasional rockets and mortars red into Israel” and in the meantime, until there
is peace in Palestinian hearts and minds regarding Jews and Israel, Dr. Baskin’s pointof view miserably fails to persuade me that his plans for peace are appropriate, fair andeven-handed.
Roy silvermaseattle
TAkIng sIDEs
Re: Rochelle Kochin’s letter, (“A Moral Compass,” April 15): Thanks.If Ms. Kochin cannot see any moral wrong in the 1948 displacement of 750,000 Pales-tinians from their ancestral and modern homelands, towns, villages, cities and farmlandsthen “she must have no moral compass.” And yes, Jews were displaced from North Afri-can and Mid-eastern countries, but don’t languish intergenerationally in camps.Israel occupies or controls the lives of over 1 million Palestinians mired in despair,poverty, serious mental health illnesses (and yes, hatred of Israel). Yet the lack of prog-ress toward the realization of a Palestinian state is a moral bankruptcy for all of us. Bothsides (and supporters) blame the other, yet feel smug their side is the only moral side.Thankfully, Mr. Goldstone’s “retraction” has been refuted by other panelists. I stand
rm on my views regarding the stupidity of the winter 2008-09. Contrary to Ms. Kochin’s
baseless claim that I have a “blind defense of terrorists,” I have been outspoken in notonly criticizing Israel for settlements (in the
since my rst teaching trip to Israel,
1999) but in criticizing Hamas and Palestinian terror groups for ongoing war crimes andcrimes against humanity.We who are strongly pro-Israel (including those of us who visit Israel regularly) mustcontinue to publicly air to all Americans that war crimes and crimes against human-ity must be publicly spoken of wherever and whenever perpetrated. Comparably, if weremain silent regarding Palestinian war crimes and Israel’s self-destructive West Bankoccupation, we defeat the numerous moral and ethical lessons that we engage children,youth and young adults about when we teach the Shoah and its lessons for today’s world
and conict-ridden world.
Lastly, Ms. Kochin questions why the
 “found it necessary” to print my letter.Thankfully, the
editors and publisher show great respect for dialogue and an openpress. It remains unfortunate American Jewry lags far behind Israel in publicly airing dis-agreements of opinion about what Israelis call “The Situation.” Here in the Diaspora, thatcan change.
Aiva key seaseattle
Is it senseless hype or civilheresy? Simple celebrity stalk-ing or something deeper andmore disturbing? oday’s(as o this printing) nup-tials o Britain’s Prince Wil-liam to Kate Middleton havesent the dream-weavers andlotus-eaters o pop cultureinto unprecedented states o intoxicated bliss. Te joiningo the inaccessible to the unat-tainable used to warrant a large piece inthe Style section, a pre-dawn broadcast orthe bizarrely dedicated, or at most, a Bar-bara Walters post-Super Bowl special tooccupy sports widows while they clearedaway the detritus o the Big Game.Something else is going on here, some-thing attributable to more than the ubiq-uity and demands o the 24/7 mediashark siing through the chum o thenew and notable. A Lietime movie aboutthe couple is preceding the actual eventit gauzily ctionalizes, begging the philo-sophical question: Does lie imitate nichewomen’s programming?Every major V “news” outlet (not-so-ironic air quotes becoming more neces-sary with each passing, trivializing story)plans lengthy proles in advance o theirull-day, real-time coverage, rom dawn’srst ufng o the Grenadier Guard’s hel-mets to the shoveling o the royal car-riage’s monarchical manure as it ades intothe waning twilight.It’s one thing or the British and theirremnant o a kingdom to embrace thismoment in the imperial liecycle. But why are so many Americans jonesing or thisx o antasy? Despite a collective nationalmemory bounded by the span betweenLady Gaga’s tweets, was it so long ago thatwe threw o the yoke o our redcoat-wear-ing, tea-swilling oppressors to embark onthis exemplary experiment in indepen-dence and democracy? Don’t we celebratethis triumph every summer, albeit oenwith less pride and principle than with adubious mix o reworks and alcohol thatbears out Darwin’s case?We ought against the very elitism andexclusivism that this event embodies, andsought to create an egalitarian meritocracy that still rankles the landed gentry o thataloo isle. Are we so enamored o spec-tacle and pomp, so sick and tired o theplodding sausage making that passes ordemocracy in our current Congress, thatwe’ve regressed into playing a vast, cul-ture-wide version o Pretty, Pretty Prin-cess?Perhaps our current, and oen literal,idolization o celebrity expresses a longingor romanticism. Te near-deiication o the Kennedy dynasty, and its identicationwith the mythical Camelot,relects this cultural quirk.But maybe there’s somethingmore telling and more trou-bling going on. Despite ourprotestations or reedom andrepresentation, and despitethe sacrices we’ve enduredto achieve them, is theresomething in us that compels an attach-ment to royalty?Tis ambivalence is as old as the Bible.Te Book o Samuel recounts the tensionbetween a longing or concentrated, den-itive leadership and the perils o investingpower in a single individual. Te disorga-nized and diuse Israelites needed a com-pelling gure to rally them against thePhilistine threat. As his tenure draws to aclose, the prophet Samuel hopes his spe-cial brand o leadership, as God’s agent,will continue through his sons. Toughthey are morally unsuitable or the job,there is something more to the Israelite’sinsistence on a monarch. Tey aspire tobe like other peoples, with a king to leadthem into battle and serve as object o their pride.Samuel admonishes the people orcompromising their delity to God as soleleader, and he lists regal excesses and therights and property that the people wouldconcede. It reads like the middle sectiono our Declaration o Independence, withits litany o royal abuses. Still, the peoplepersist in wanting a king, so strong is theirdesire to be led and to adore a humansovereign. Te succeeding history o theJewish monarchy is lled with concessionand consequence. Even the iconic Davidand Solomon demonstrate the railty andailures o esh and blood, despite theirselection and ordination by God.Te lesson seems clear i not trite: Becareul what you wish or! As is so oenthe case, Judaism inspires and guidesus to transcend what is easy, obviousand impulsive toward embracing whatis challenging, afrming and empower-ing. It may be easier to project our ears,needs and longings on an overly idealizedperson, but the costs o such an invest-ment in lost reedom and opportunity aroutweigh the temporary quelling o ourexistential angst.So while today’s royal wedding may tap the wellsprings o nostalgia, it is alsoa reminder o how ar we’ve come in ournational enterprise, and how ar we’ve yetto go.
Ryally luh
rAbbi dANiel A. WeiNer
Tmpl D Hirsh Sii
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