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"Light" Ch. 7: The Depths

"Light" Ch. 7: The Depths

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Published by MarcusTanthony

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Published by: MarcusTanthony on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Light” Ch. 7: The Depths
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 www.22cplus.blogspot.com Life is like the ocean. It has depths that are rarely seen, let alone experienced. The thingis, do you
want to see what lies at the bottom of the ocean? Or even what lurks below the first few metres that visible light penetrates? Who knows what terrible, dark leviathan lays waiting behind the veneer of the eye, ready to engulf us? Or perhaps it isnot so much the monster that lies beneath, but the vast emptiness within that fills thespirit with dread.My vision was beginning to penetrate the depths, but I did not know what to make of it.Perhaps if I had understood what was happening, I would have been less afraid. All Iknew that I was starting to experience things that I had never dreamed existed, let alone believed in. And once I
see that there was a deepening process, I didn’t really stop to
Marcus T. Anthony 
(PhD)Email: mindfutures at gmail dot com
think how deep it might go. All I knew was that I was going to places that I’d never been before, and it was both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.Part of the problem was that I had no one to talk to about these things. But that was allabout to change.It should have been me that leapt into the meditation room, bravely leading Paul. Butalas, it was not so. Two weeks after my first meeting there, I was returning at Paul’sinsistence. Paul bounded through the door as if he owned the place. He was a man on amission. I had a fair idea what that mission was, but I didn’t care to dwell on it. Isuspected that it had something to do with the male to female ratio I had previously mentioned. Paul was a lot more upfront with the ladies than I. That’s not much of acompliment to him though.Geoff Masters was there, and he greeted me with his Buddha-like smile. We were a littleearly, and there were only two students in the room. Much to my shock, one of them wasa guy. Not that I have anything against males, of course. It was simply that I wasn’texpecting any, well, competition.Paul took a seat precisely 180 degrees opposite the unknown male, sat down with a huff and crossed his arms and sat there with his legs splayed out like he was a gigalo trying todrum up business. I genuinely wished he wasn’t wearing shorts.That should have sounded a warning to me.“G’day”, the other guy said to us with a nod of the head, and Paul and I returned hellos.He had red hair and a ready smile.Paul leaned over to me and whispered. “Three males to one female. I make that to be aratio of three to one. You were bullshitting me, dude. I want my money back.”“No problem. The cheque’s in the mail.”Paul smiled despite himself, and went back to the opening and closing of the legsroutine. The other guy seemed unmoved by it all, and was flipping through one of thecounseling department newsletters.The male-female factor soon improved as another half a dozen or so girls walked in.There was no sign of Amanda though, and I was surprised to find my heart sinking. It was after Geoff had begun to make his introductions that she stumbled in lookingslightly flustered.
“Sorry I’m late.” She looked at me and smiled as she took her seat across from me. Icould feel my face flushing.Paul was up on it right away. I didn’t say anything. Honest.“Not bad,” he said leaning towards my ear. I elbowed him in the ribs hard enough forhim to make an audible grunt.I was dreading Paul’s self-introduction, but it turned out to be quite respectful. He may have been a bit of a clown, but he knew when to cut the act. Well, most of the time. A few turns later, it was the red-haired fellow’s turn.“I’m Michael,” he said with calm confidence. “Saw the light on, thought I’d drop in.”He got the intended laugh. I made a quiet comment to Paul that his job as the localcomedian might be under threat. After the introductions of new group members, Geoff invited group members to sharetheir experience of meditation since the course had started. There wasn’t ancompulsory “homework”, but Geoff had been encouraging people to meditate for at leastten minutes a day. I had been doing just that first thing in the morning.I kept my mouth shut. I wasn’t going to bring up any of the weird stuff that I had beenexperiencing. No way.I didn’t have to.Jane, the plump student from the first meditation class, raised a hand. Like someoverweight people, she had a smooth baby face, and this, combined with her diminutiveheight made her look no more than about 14 years old.“I’ve been having some strange things happening when I meditate,” Jane said in hersqueaky, Minnie Mouse voice. “I see all kinds of stuff in my mind. I think I might bepsychic.”Paul leaned over to me again. “What do you know? A psychic munchkin.”“The Lord works in mysterious ways,” I returned.

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