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Action Check - Starships

Action Check - Starships

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Published by shadrenae8200

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Published by: shadrenae8200 on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Action Check Disclaimers
Action Check is an on-line elec-tronic magazine dedicated tothe Alternity Science FictionRoleplaying Game.This work is offered free of charge to all interested partiesand is not to be sold in anyform. It may be printed if dis-tributed free of charge.This work supports the Alternityroleplaying line, specifically theAlternity Players Handbook andGamemaster Guide. In additionis supports the Campaign Set-tings Star*Drive, GammaWorld, Dark*Matter, and Tan-gents by Wizards of the Coast,Inc. Alternity is a registeredtrademark of Wizards of theCoast, Inc.The staff is not associated withWizards of the Coast, Inc.Wizards of the Coast, Inc.:http://www.wizards.comSTAFFSTAFFSTAFFSTAFFPublisher/Layout: Jeff IbachEditor: Jim SharkeyCover Design: Daryl BlasiHOW TO SUBSCRIBEHOW TO SUBSCRIBEHOW TO SUBSCRIBEHOW TO SUBSCRIBEE-Mail: actioncheck@hotmail.comWEB SITEWEB SITEWEB SITEWEB SITE&&&&BACK ISSUESBACK ISSUESBACK ISSUESBACK ISSUESwww.alternity.net
Wizards of the CoastWizards of the CoastWizards of the CoastWizards of the Coast hasgranted up permission toreprint selected AlternityDragon, Dungeon, andAmazing Stories articles ona strictly non-profit basis.
Copyright Wizards of the Coast, 2001. All rightsreserved. Reprintedby permission.
Table of Contents
Starship articles for the Alternity roleplayinggame from Dragon Magazine
Page 3 Starship Perks & Flaws[David Eckleberry and Andy Collins]
Customize your cruiser!
Page 8 The Quicksilver[David Eckleberry and Andy Collins]
Deckplans (by Rob Lazzaretti) and stats.
Page 10 The Skykomish[David Eckleberry and Andy Collins]
Deckplans (by Rob Lazzaretti) and stats.
Page 12 The Starrunner[David Eckleberry and Andy Collins]
Deckplans (by Rob Lazzaretti) and stats.
Page 14 CSS Nomad[Gary R. Boylan]
Deckplans (by Rob Lazzaretti) and stats.
Action Check On-Line Magazine is published monthly by the New JerseyRole-Playing Game Association Network sanctioned club“The Third Floor Fellowship”. http://www.thirdfloor.8m.comDragon Magazine Reprints Issue.
Action Check Magazine is not a publication of the RPGA Network.
Special Thanks to Johnny Wilson, WotC Group Publisher & DaveGross of Dragon Magazine without whom this wouldn’t have beenpossible.Special thanks to www.alternity.net, our gracious host.Visit Dragon Magazine online:Visit Dragon Magazine online:Visit Dragon Magazine online:Visit Dragon Magazine online:http://www.wizards.com/dragon/article.asp?welcome,3Visit Dungeon Adventures Magazine onlineVisit Dungeon Adventures Magazine onlineVisit Dungeon Adventures Magazine onlineVisit Dungeon Adventures Magazine online:http://www.wizards.com/dungeon/ Visit Star Wars Gamer online:Visit Star Wars Gamer online:Visit Star Wars Gamer online:Visit Star Wars Gamer online:http://www.wizards.com/starwars/article.asp?x=gamer,3&c=gamerWatch for more WotC Alternity reprints coming soonfrom Action Check!
   T   A   B   L   E   O   F   C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S
Starship Perks & Flaws
By David Eckleberry and Andy CollinsCopyright Wizards of the Coast, 2001. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.
The ALTERNITY game lets you playin any science-fiction setting you canimagine. One of the first things thatcomes to mind when most peoplethink of science fiction are epic paceoperas--
Star Wars, Star Trek, Baby-lon 5
, and now the STAR*DRIVE set-ting. What is space opera withoutstarships? Here are new rules, op-tions, and accessories for your AL-TERNITY space vehicles, as well asthree new starships. To use the mate-rial presented here, you'll need acopy of the
 ALTERNITY Gamemaster Guide
; Chapter 11 of that book pre-sents the rules for constructingspaceships and running ship com-bat. While not required, the
 accessory can also add diversity tothe starships in your universe.New Hull TypesNew Hull TypesNew Hull TypesNew Hull TypesThe standard configurations of shiphulls--cutters, traders, etc.-form onlythe bare bones of what ship design-ers are likely to create. To begin de-signing your new vessel, you mustfirst choose your hull. Table 1Table 1Table 1Table 1 showsa selection of new hull types with oddnumbers of compartments.Once the hull is purchased, use thenormal rules for purchasing and in-cluding systems and compartments.
. indicates the number of com-partments in the ship.
isthe total number of durability pointsto be divided among the ship com-partments to form their individualdurability rating.
includes onlythe empty hull, without any compart-ments or systems. K stands for thou-sands of Concord Dollars, and Mstands of millions of Concord Dollars.Gamemasters running non-STAR*DRIVE campaigns should sub-stitute the appropriate currencies.Alien VesselsAlien VesselsAlien VesselsAlien VesselsThe rules for designing vessels in theALTERNITY game are based arounda humanocentric model. The crew of the vessel is assumed to function andbehave much as the crew of a mod-ern naval vessel. However, this mightnot be true for nonhuman vessels.Consider the following modificationswhen designing a vessel for an alienspecies:Allow a compartment to contain upto 15 or even 20 durability points. Thisshould create the feel of an ad-vanced, open-worked vessel withfewer individual compartments, bulk-heads, or corridors. It might be ap-propriate for species that prefer wideopen spaces or those to whom sepa-ration is distasteful. Conversely, youmight allow additional compartmentswith fewer durability points each. Forexample, increase the number of in-dividual compartments in a scoutfrom 6 to 10, reducing the averagenumber of durability points per com-partment from 5 to 3.Allow for new compartment types.The current compartments, and thesystems they contain, fit typical hu-man engineering patterns, but theymight not fit others. See Table 2Table 2Table 2Table 2 foran example.Consider altered life-support sys-tems and internal ship environments.An aquatic species that ascends intospace won't be concerned as muchabout inertial effects but will be con-cerned about salinity, oxygenation,and temperature. A species thatsomehow evolved in space mighthave none of the concerns of terres-trial sentients.Vary the experience of differentspecies through Progress Levels.One kind of system might have ahigher or lower rate of development.For example, one species might haveadvanced antimatter control andcontainment while still mostly in PL 6,but they might never have developedother hallmarks of PL 7, such as ad-vanced computer systems, AIs, orgravity technology.Perks & FlawsPerks & FlawsPerks & FlawsPerks & FlawsMuch like player characters, eachstarship is a unique entity, with itsown quirks, idiosyncrasies, and per-sonality--not to mention the possibilityof an onboard artificial intelligence.Not every spacefighter, trader, orscout has the same configuration;sometimes even vessels of the samemodel perform differently. In addi-tion, every heroic group wants to feelthat their vessel is special and dis-tinct.Some vessels exemplify smooth run-ning elegance; others seem to bebuckets of bolts barely holding to-gether. The starship perks and flawsdescribed below allow Gamemastersand heroes to add individuality totheir starships.
Table 1: New Hull TypesTable 1: New Hull TypesTable 1: New Hull TypesTable 1: New Hull TypesCivilian HullsComp. Durability Cost3 12 75K5 20 150K7 28 250K9 36 400K11 44 750KMilitary HullsComp. Durability Cost3 15 200K5 25 400K7 35 800K9 45 1.5M11 55 3MType Systems Types Allowed CostPrimary Engine, power, weapon, command deck 200KSecondary Computer, communications, defense, drive, sen-sor, support150KTertiary Cargo, crew 25KTable 2: New Compartment Types ExampleTable 2: New Compartment Types ExampleTable 2: New Compartment Types ExampleTable 2: New Compartment Types Example
 S AR S HI  RK S  &A W S 

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