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2009- Access to Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants in 11 European Countries

2009- Access to Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants in 11 European Countries

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Published by Vytautas Visinskis

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Published by: Vytautas Visinskis on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   S   e   p   t   e   m   b   e   r   2   0   0   9  -   m   é   d    c   i  n  s   d  u   m  o  n   d     e  u    o      a  n   O     s      v  a     o    y  o  n   A  c  c    s  s     o   H    a   l      h  c  a    
   A   c   c   e   s   s   t   o   h   e   A   l   t   h   c   A   r   e   f   o   r   u   n   d   o   c   u   m   e   n   t   e   d   m   i   g   r   A   n   t   s   i   n   1   1   e   u   r   o   p   e   A   n   c   o   u   n   t   r   i   e   s
evn as y ay was ing on,hy w asking  fo docunsand o ay 2,800 uos.”
F., Ugandan woman, in London
 Access toheAlthcAre forundocumentedmigrAntsin 11 europeAncountries
Médecins du Monde europeanobservatory on access to HealtHcare
September 2009
We are grateful to the 1,218 individuals in 11 countries who agreed to take part in our survey. This meantanswering difficult questions which brought back their pain and difficult journeys. They told us abouttheir daily lives, and the drama, fears, rejection and survival inherent within them. This report is dedicatedto them.We are also very grateful to the survey investigators (around 100 volunteers and staff) who, despite theiralready busy schedules, agreed to help develop the questionnaires, carry out the survey, input data, ana-lyse data and translate texts. We thank the 11 Médecins du Monde associations for their political supportin carrying out this joint project.We thank readers for paying attention to these snapshots of lives. Together, let’s fight to ensure that the fun-damental rights which today are denied these children, women and men are finally recognised.
ISBN- ISBN 978-2-918362-01-2 // Legaldeposit:september 2009 CREDITS// Photos:© Jobard /SIPA // Cover art :les-eclaireurs.com //insideart :JérômeGuibourgé // Printing :CLUMIC,contact@clumic.com
 with input from
Félix Wanga and Sara Collantes for the description of the legal situation; Nadège Drouot and Anne Tomasino throughout the survey; the European Observatory second survey working group (MarionChenevas, Jérôme Pfaffman, Olivier Ricard, Christos Velissaropoulos, Ramon Esteso, Jose Maria Atienza);Michel Verdier for the design of the data capture tools; Juliette Poirson for finalising the report; ThérèseBenoit for proof-reading; Alejandra Garcia Paton for co-ordinating the translations; Karen Mc Coll andJohnathan Mair for the English translation (except for the questionnaire).
 with support from
the French ministry of health (Direction Générale de la Santé), the French ministry of social services(Direction Générale de l’Action Sociale), the European Commission’s DG SANCO (Directorate-General forHealth and Consumer Affairs) and the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM). (French national institute of health and medical research — Inserm)(French national centre of scientific research — CNRS),Members of the Social determinants of health and health service useresearch team UMRS 707 -Inserm — UPMC, Paris.Médecins du Monde Observatory, www.mdm-international.org
Report of the European Observatory – Médecins du Monde1
 The 14 organisations within the
Médecins du Monde
international network work with the most vulnerable populationsthroughout the world and in their own societies. Through our national programmes we meet people in Europe who have fled extreme poverty, violent armies and policeforces, conflict areas and disasters. A tiny minority of the children, women and men whom we try to support when wework in their countries end up coming here. After migration journeys which are very often long, dangerous andexhausting, many find themselves without permission to stay in the country, forced into the shadows of our towns andcities. At home, as abroad,
Médecins du Monde
aims to provide some support and tries to help this population protectwhat is often the only thing they have left—their health.With this study, we show how undocumented migrants’ living conditions are harmful to their health and prevent themfrom building, or rebuilding, their lives. This is despite the fact that these children, women and men are in particularneed of support, given what they have lived through and the migration journeys they have undertaken.Even worse, our own health systems often exclude them from healthcare. Serious health problems receive little medicalfollow-up, sometimes none at all.Because healthcare sometimes becomes a trap—due to the fact that people are being encouraged or required toreport undocumented migrants—we urge that
health policy must remain completely independent fromimmigration policy, respecting the obligations of health and social care professionals in terms of patientconfidentiality.
Because, in Europe, children can go untreated and women can be denied ante-natal care or be hassled until the momentof childbirth, we call on the relevant national and European authorities
to ensure the right to access healthcare for all,irrespective of immigration status.
Because sending seriously ill undocumented migrants back to their countries of origin—even though they won’treceive healthcare there—can be a death sentence, we call for
these vulnerable people to be granted regularimmigration status.
 Professor Michel DEGUELDRE, Chair MDM BelgiumDr Pierre MICHELETTI, Chair MDM FranceProfessor Wilfried SCHILLI, Chair MDM Germany Dr Nikita KANAKIS, Chair MDM GreeceDr Françoise SIVIGNON, Chair MDM NetherlandsDr Abilio ANTUNES, Chair MDM Portugal Dr Teresa GONZALEZ, Chair MDM Spain and Italy Professor Anders BJÖRKMAN, Chair MDM SwedenProfessor Nago HUMBERT, Chair MDM Switzerland Ms Janice HUGHES, co-Chair MDM United KingdomMr Roo ROGERS, co-Chair MDM United Kingdom

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