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The Anti-Mormon Predicament - Part One

The Anti-Mormon Predicament - Part One

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Published by Ronnie Bray

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Published by: Ronnie Bray on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Anti-Mormon PredicamentBy Ronnie Bray
Preface from “Images of Haste – Ministers of Fear”
 – an unpublishedMS by Ronnie Bray
In an age that takes a certain pride in its tolerance andrespect, it is something of a tragedy that this unashamedlyapologetic work is necessary. Succeeding generations of Latter-day Saints have explained themselves, their doctrine,practice, teaching, and history to armies of hostile critics.Have they listened? There is no evidence that they have. The shelves of Christian bookshops groan under a welter of anti-Mormon materials. The purpose of these materials is tostrike at the foundation of the Restored Gospel. Theultimate aim is the discomfiture and destruction of TheChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Apart from thisobjective being unattainable, it is darkly grim in its essence. That a Christian ministry should be engaged in no betterpursuit than destructive attacks on another Christian groupis an extreme tragedy. The Church grows from strength to strength. Much of thisgrowth it owes to the very forces that seek to weaken it.Persecution to convince the persecuted that they are right intheir belief system. It serves to entrench the harried in theirpositions with greater determination. Disagreeing with aparticular religious belief is not persecution, or all would bepersecuted. Persecution is any activity that is intended tocause harm to another. The harm intended may be to areputation. This is in order that it becomes difficult to takethe maligned reputation seriously, or to reduce the person sotravestied to a joke which makes it unlikely that his or herclaims will be taken seriously enough to be even listened to.Persecution does not address itself to scientific description.Rather it distorts science - usually history - to present animage which, it is claimed with gravamen, represents thereality of the subject.
Ronnie BrayMesa Arizona – April 2011
The actual number of Anti-Mormon organisations is difficult to quantify because new ones spring up all the time, while the traditional ones continueto operate. The term ‘Anti-Mormon’ is applied only to those groups thatconsistently attack Mormonism and Mormons on the broad generalisationthat Mormonism is a false religion and must be countered with all possibleresources including the generation of falsehoods that contravene the ninthcommandment,
“The shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”
[Exodus 20:16].This charge is rejected as a matter of course by severe critics that explainthat they only use material from Latter-day Saint publications, scriptures,and Journals. In such cases, it is evident that while they use these sources asreferents, they fail to understand what they read and re-interpret the writtenword in ways that do not represent normative, experienced Mormonism fromthe insider’s perspective. Their conclusions are, therefore, divorced from thereality that Latter-day Saints encounter from the same sources.The predicament faced by Anti-Mormons is that there is no single schoolof thought among them that is shared by all, but many schools of thoughtthat have become fragmented to such a degree that few if any Anti-Mormongroups will agree with each other as to the origin or Mormonism, or, asLatter-day Saints hold it to be, ‘The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.’There is no general agreement as to Mormon theology, MormonChristology, Mormon ontology, the branch of metaphysics dealing with thenature of being; Mormon epistemology, the nature of knowledge, its presuppositions and foundations, and its extent and validity; eschatology;Mormon doctrines concerning the end times of the earth’s existence as ahabitation for humanity, or final, matters, the nature of death, Judgement, thefuture state, resurrection, salvation; and so forth.This in brief is the situation in which Anti-Mormons flounder likedrowning men each by his flailing preventing others to board the life raftthat bobs about on the choppy waters of their self-imposed shipwreck. It isanticipated that this short work will illuminate the major quandaries inwhich these hapless mariners find themselves in danger of drowning in thechurning waters of the Sea of Confusion that they have made their homes.
The Predicament

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