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Published by Shambhu Kumar

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Published by: Shambhu Kumar on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No. Word Root Meaning Word Meaning
1 conglomeration glomerulus ball mass of material sticking together2 congruence gruere together harmonious relationship3 congruent gruere together agreement4 conifer ferre to carry pine tree5 conjecture ject throw surmise6 conjugal ugum marriage pertaining to marriage7 conjure ur swear summon a devil8 connivance ------- ------- pretense of ignorance of something wrong9 connoisseur ------- ------- expert of art10 connotation notare write suggested or implied meaning of an expression11 connubial nubere marriage pertaining to marriage12 consanguinity sang blood kinship13 conscientious sci to know careful14 conscript scribere write person forced into military service15 consecrate sacr sacred dedicated16 consensus sentire feelings general agreement17 consequential sequ follow self important18 conservaory servare to preserve school of fine arts19 consign signus sign deliver officially20 consistency sta stand absence of contradictions21 console solari comfort lessen sadness22 consolidation solidus firm unification23 consonance sonos sound harmony24 consort sors fate associate with25 conspiracy spirare breathe treacherous plot26 constituent sta stand supporter27 constraint stringere bind compulsion28 construe struere build explain29 consummate summa highest point wholly without fault30 contagion tangere touch infection31 contaminate ------- ------- pollute32 contempt temnere to despise disdain33 contend tendere to stretch struggle34 contention tenere to hold claim35 contentious tenere to hold quarrelsome36 contest testis witness dispute37 context texere weavewritings preceding and following the passagequoted38 contiguous agere to drive adjacent to39 continence ------- ------- self restraint40 contingent tangere to touch dependent on41 contortions tort twist twistings42 contraband contra opposite illegal trading43 contravene venire to come contradict44 contrite ------- ------- penitent45 contrived ------- ------- forcedwordoful@gmail.com www.wordoful.com

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