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Published by Shambhu Kumar

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Published by: Shambhu Kumar on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GRE Barrons WL-9
No. Word Root Meaning Word Meaning
1 champion ------- ------- support militantly2 chaotic ------- ------- utter disorder3 charisma ------- ------- divine gift4 charlatan pretender of knowledge5 chary ------- ------- cautious6 chase ------- ------- ornament a metal suface by dentin7 chasm ------- ------- abyss8 chassis ------- ------- framework and working parts of an automobile9 chaste castus pure pure10 chasten castus pure correct by scoldin11 chastened castus pure humbled12 chastise castus pure punish13 chauvinist blindly devoted patroit14 check stop motion15 checkered ------- ------- marked by changes in fortune16 cherubic ------- ------- angelic17 chicanery ------- ------- trickery18 chide ------- ------- scold19 chimerical highly unrealistic20 chisel ------- ------- wedge like tool for cutting21 chisel ------- ------- cheat22 chivalrous caval horse courteous23 choreography graphein write art of representing dance in an written form24 chortle chuckle with delight25 chronic chrono time long established26 chronicle chrono time report27 churlish ------- ------- rude28 ciliated cilia hair having minute hair29 cipher ------- ------- worthless person30 cipher ------- ------- secret code31 circuitous circum across roundabout32 circumlocution circum across unnecessarily wordy33 circumscribe circum across limit narrowly34 circumspect circum across cautious35 circumvent circum across baffle36 cistern ------- ------- water tank37 citadel civis city fortress38 cite ------- ------- quote39 civil civis city having to do with citizen or state40 clairvoyant clair clear having foresight41 clamber ------- ------- climb by crawling42 clamor clam shout noise43 clandestine ------- ------- secret44 clangor noise45 clapper ------- ------- striker of belleponymGreek mythologyportmanteautoponymfrom Persion king checksound imitationwordoful@gmail.com www.wordoful.com

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