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Published by Shambhu Kumar

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Published by: Shambhu Kumar on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GRE Barrons WL-10
No. Word Root Meaning Word Meaning
1 collaborate labor work work together2 collage coller glue work of art put together from fragments3 collate latus brought arrange in order4 collateral latus side security given for loan5 collation latus brought a light meal6 colloquial loqu speak common speech7 colloquy loqu speak common discussion8 collusion ludere play conspiring in a fradulent scheme9 colossal ------- ------- huge10 colossus ------- ------- gigantic structure11 comatose komat sleep in coma12 combustible urere burn easily burned13 comely ------- ------- attractive14 comestible edere eat fit to be eaten15 comeuppance ------- ------- rebuke16 cammandeer mandere obey to draft for military purposes17 commemorative mem memory remembering18 commensurate mensura measure proportionate19 commiserate miser wretched express sympathy20 commodious modus measure spacious21 communal comunis common held in common22 compact pangere fasten agreement23 compact pangere fasten tightly packed24 compatible pati suffer harmonious25 compelling pellere drive overpowering26 compendium pendere weigh brief summary27 compensatory pendere weigh making up for28 compile pila heap assemble29 compiliation pila heap listing of statistical information in tabular form30 complacency placere please self satisfaction31 complaisant placere please trying to please32 complement plere fill complete33 complementary plere fill serving to complete something34 compliance ------- ------- readiness to yield35 compliant ------- ------- yielding36 complicity plica fold involvement in a crime37 component ponere place ingredient38 comport portere carry bear one's sel39 composure ponere place mental calmness40 compound ponere place combine41 comprehensive prehendere sieze thorough42 compress pressure press press together43 comprise prehendere sieze include44 compromise mittere send adjust45 compunction punct point remorsewordoful@gmail.com www.wordoful.com

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