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Published by Shambhu Kumar

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Published by: Shambhu Kumar on Apr 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GRE Barrons Word List 4
Word Root Meaning Word Meaning
1 apothegm ------- ------- pithyapotheosis theo god elevation to Godhood2 appall ------- ------- dismay3 apparition ------- ------- ghost4 appease ------- ------- pacify5 appellation ------- ------- name6 append pendere hang.weigh attach7 application plica fold diligent attention8 apposite ponere place appropriate9 appraise ------- ------- evaluate10 appreciate ------- ------- increase in value11 apprehend prehendere to grasp perceive12 apprehensive prehendere to grasp fearful13 apprise ------- ------- inform14 approbation probare test approval15 appropriate proprius own acquire16 appurtenances ------- ------- subordinate possessions17 apropos ponere place to the point and timely18 aptitude aptus fit fitness19 aquiline aqus eagle hooked20 arabesque ------- ------- a style of decoration21 arable arabilis tree fit for growing crops22 arbiter arbitr to judge udge23 arbitrary arbitr to judge capricious24 arbitrate arbitr to judge act as judge25 arboretum arbor treeplace where different types of trees are grownand studied26 arcade arcus curve a covered passageway27 arcane ------- ------- secret28 archaeology archae ancient study of artifacts and relics of earlier mankind29 archaic archae ancient antiquated30 archetype archae ancient primitive pattern31 archipelago arch leader group of closely located islands32 archives archae ancient public records33 ardor ------- ------- passion34 arduous ------- ------- hard35 argot ------- ------- slang36 aria ------- ------- operatic solo37 arid ara land barren38 aristocracy aristo wealthy hereditary nobility39 armada arma weapon fleet of warships40 aromatic ------- ------- fragrant41 arraign ratio reason charge in court42 array ------- ------- marshal43 array ------- ------- adornWordoful@gmail.com www.wordoful.com

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